Chiefs OL: Building The Juggernaut p. II

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OT D.J. Humphries

Right Tackle: Jeff Allen

This is Jeff Allen’s fourth year in the league. He played two years at LG and last year started at RT only to suffer an elbow injury requiring surgery. Allen had spent last off-season at LeCharles Bentley’s camp for wayward linemen to see if he could take a major leap forward in his performance. When he went down with his injury in game one the answer to that question went totally unanswered. Allen should be all the way back from his injury in 2015 and he may be an improvement at Right Tackle over Ryan Harris who the Chiefs chose not to resign. Then again, Jeff Allen was a Left Guard in 2012 and 2013 for the Chiefs and wasn’t very good. In 2012 he was ranked #79 out of all Guards with only two Guards in the league finishing worse (Mike McGlynn being one of them). In 2013 Allen jumped all the way up (sarcasm intended) to #60 overall among Guards.

Allen was never impressive when he played Guard. There’s no reason to expect him to be dominating this season. Could he be? Yes, but not likely. A member of the juggernaut club? Highly doubtful.

Right Tackle: Donald Stephenson

Oh you Donald. He really helped gum up the works on the OL last preseason by getting himself banned for the first 4 games and essentially removing himself from the RT position battle which appeared to be his for the taking. Head Coach Andy Reid said recently that Stephenson is currently the starting RIght Tackle so that settles any inquiries about the job during the off-season… so it appears that once again the job is his to lose… and since he’s shown he’s good at that, then that is probably the more likely scenario moving forward.

I’ve been interested for the past two years to see how Stephenson would handle the starting assignment at RT. In 2012 Donald played in 7 games at LT and 3 at RT finishing with a + 3.4 in run blocking… but not so good in any other department. Nevertheless, his outings were good enough to warrant a shot at a starting position and we’ve been waiting ever since to see what he could do.

Donald Stephenson could turn out to be a solid NFL starting Guard. However, that’s not exactly what we’re looking for here. We’re looking for players who can dominate. Juggernauts. That’s not going to be Stephenson… because there’s just no proof of life.

Right Tackle: La’el Collins or D.J. Humphries or Ereck Flowers or Cedric Ogbuehi or Cameron Erving

At Right Tackle that leaves a drafted player to step in and make an impact. There are several OTs who I believe could actually step in, start in their rookie season, and make a positive impact right away.

Here’s tape of La’el Collins (#70) vs. Wisconsin which has some of the best coached linemen in the nation. Collins may not be as athletic as some other OTs but he is big and powerful. Plus he looks every bit the part of a juggernaut. Cross your fingers and legs that he is a Kansas City Chief in 32 days.

Here’s tape of D.J. Humphries (#70) vs. Florida State. He’s so athletic, I just love this guy overall game and think he’s as good as anyone in this draft. If it can’t be Collins then Humphries is choice 1B.

Here’s tape of Ereck Flowers (#74) vs. Nebraska and Randy Gregory (#4)… yes THAT Randy Gregory… and he gets the best of him for the most part. He lumbers at times but is such a road grader, he should be able to eventually dominate most competition in the bigs.

Here’s Cedric Ogbuehi (#70) vs. Mississippi St. and you’ll immediately notice his feet are better than any other OTs. In fact his piston feet rival Peyton Manning’s. He tore an ACL in their bowl game but will be full strength by the draft and OTAs. I’m a big fan.

I mentioned Cameron Erving earlier so here’s tape of Erving (#75) vs. Virginia and Eli Harold (#7). That was a big time battle but Erving came out on top against an NFL caliber rusher.

I’d take any of these gentlemen just mentioned over the choices that are currently on the Chiefs roster. In fact, I believe the Kansas City Chiefs need two of these players and I’d like to see them use two of their first four picks on these offensive linemen to make it happen (even if they have to trade up using those picks to get their man). Anything less will not allow the Chiefs to make the moves necessary to establish a juggernaut OL in the coming year.

Since I realize the team has many other needs, I’m predicting this will most likely be a two year process and they’ll take an OL with one of their first two picks this year then repeat that process in the 2016 draft.

In three of the past four years, the Dallas Cowboys drafted offensive linemen in the first round: Tyron Smith then Travis Fredericks and then Zack Martin last year. Now they have the makings of a dominant line… the kind of line the Chiefs will need if they’re going to win playoff games and compete annually for Championships.

If John Dorsey can sign Stefen Wisniewski in the next few weeks, thereby narrowing their offensive line needs to two players, then the Chiefs would have an outside chance to make their juggernaut line a reality through the draft… this year. They would need to draft a Tackle to play on the right side and a Guard to play next to him… and the Chiefs could actually create that dominating o-line to last for many years to come.

You think it’s not a possibility? Here are a couple of mock drafts created this week. One at and one at

Note: In each mock, OT La’el Collins was taken prior to the 18th pick and consequently unavailable for selection.

The Chiefs can improve their offensive line play to a degree that, once again, they would be considered dominant. They can reach juggernaut status this season. The moves suggested here are not impossible.

Make this happen and… I can see Alex Smith’s spleen and Jamaal Charles’ knees, dancing to the tune of, “If You’re Happy and You Know It Clasp Your Innards.” And perhaps a championship trophy will soon join them in the dance.

What do you think Addict fans? Do you have a vision for a dominating Chiefs o-line? Can you see the juggernaut coming together? Who do you think the Chiefs are needing… to make this a happenin’ thing?