Justin Houston: Dates, Details And Everything You Need To Know About LB’s Offseason

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Is Houston Seeking Offers From Other Teams?

If you’ve ever followed the offseason, you know how this goes.

Is Houston thrilled about the tag? Probably not. But I doubt he’s pulling jealous-ex tactics. Agents crave long-term deals nearly as much as the players do; they’re not being paid for franchise tags.

That being the case, Houston’s rep is, in all likelihood, just jockeying for position and salvaging leverage. When you back agents into corners, they come out throwing haymakers—jabs need not apply.

However, this isn’t John Dorsey’s first rodeo either. The GM didn’t waste time in deadening the noise, reassuring fans that long-term options are still on the table.

Personally, I doubt the sides agree to anything before mid-summer—and even that’s wishful thinking. But do I see Houston taking a half-season vacation? Nah. This is the same guy who was visibly upset after the last game of the season, saying he’d trade his success in for a spot in the playoffs; the same guy who celebrates sacks by honoring his teammate.

He’s human, though, and despite skyrocketing up the Chiefs’ all-time sack list—he’s already fourth behind Derrick Thomas, Neil Smith and Tamba Hali—his average salary has been $696,562 since entering the league. Relative to the NFL, that’s couch change.

Houston is about as selfless as they come. He’s a preeminent talent in a sport where players get their brain rattled for a living, but he’s been paid—again, relative to his job market—like an on-the-job intern.

There’s always an outcry when players do something in their own self-interest. But when they’re cut for earning performance bonuses that GMs don’t want to pay? Crickets.

Time and again this winter, Houston reiterated that he wanted to stay in Kansas City, and the latest round of rumors are probably coming from his agent’s mouth, not his own. That said, you can’t argue “it’s a business” when GMs scrap contracts and then cry “loyalty!” when the tables turn.