Offseason Housekeeping: A Pre-Free Agency Look At The Kansas City Chiefs

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It’s a colloquialism that’s fairly mainstream at this point, don’t judge me. 

1. Mike McGlynn

The mere mention of his name is cause for curse words and barfights. He’s easily one of the worst football players in the history of the franchise. Just look at his face. Does that look like the kind of guy you want hanging around One Arrowhead Drive for another season? I thought so. If there’s one of you who still needs to be convinced that he should turn in his playbook, McGlynn was PFF’s worst-rated guard at -32.6 on the season.

2. Chris Owens

Chris Owens’ name may not belong on this list. On the season, Owens actually received a positive grade from Pro Football Focus (+2.2). He played fairly well until he got injured in the middle part of the season. The second half of the year was a much different story. Let me be clear: AA is an anti-bullying blog, but down the stretch, Owens got picked on like a short middle school kid dragging a cello to school. Owens closed out the season with a -4.0 grade against the San Diego Chargers. He surrendered five catches for 104 yards in the game.

3. Jeff Linkenbach

Godspeed, Mike McGlynn. Wherever you’re going this year, take Jeff Linkenbach with you. Indianapolis gladly parted ways with you two. Add Kansas City as another midwestern town where neither of you are welcome. Only ten offensive guards were rated lower according to Pro Football Focus (McGlynn was obviously one of them). Some insurance company, somewhere, could use your help. Your services here, are no longer needed.

4. Junior Hemingway

The former 7th-round pick from the 2012 NFL Draft came into the year with promise. The coaching staff appeared to be fairly high on Hemingway and thought he might be one of a few young players who could turn the corner. He was initially thought to be a solid route running, sure-handed receiver. Now I’m not sure why we were ever sure of the latter. Drops marred his 2014 campaign. Anyone remember the drop in the first Chargers’ game on a critical third down play? This was one of the most inept receiver corps for any team in recent history and he still failed to take a step forward. That speaks volumes.

What say you, Addicts? Are the players on this list deserving or have I unfairly judged them? Who might you have placed on these three lists? Tell us who you’d keep in the comment section below. You’re also welcome to tell us who you’d pink slip (though I’m sure you know you don’t need my permission to do that). As always, we appreciate your readership and support.

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