The Chiefs Mid-season Tomahawk Awards

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You’ll notice a theme with the next set of Chiefs Only Tomahawk Awards include:

Black Tuesday Award

This award could be called the “Drops-R-Us” award or the Wreck-It-Ralph award or the Tsunami of Drop-a-lop-a-gus award. There is nothing quite so synonymous with… things dropping, the bottom falling out, or a wave of destruction… as when this guy drops the ball… for the kazillionaith time. His timing is impeccable.

That’s Why We Can’t Have Nice Things In Our Family Award

It’s like the New Year’s Eve Ball that is perpetually dropping. Every Day is New Year’s Eve with this guy… and believe me… no one wants to kiss anyone when he happens to drop another football.

Drop It Like It’s Too Hot To Handle Award

This goes to another player who seems to adore pouring the football on the lawn like their watering the petunias kinda like animals mark their territory. It must be a family tradition because they’ve been dropped on their head as a child and feel it would be a dishonor to their mother to not to lay one down regularly. To pay homage of course.

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