Kansas City Chiefs: Ranking The Top 10 Players At 2014’s Midseason Mark

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3. Jamaal Charles

Look, if someone asks me who the Chiefs’ best player is, I’ll say “Jamaal Charles” before the question is finished.

However, that doesn’t mean he’s been the most impactful throughout Kansas City’s current stretch. Charles has yet to notch a 100-yard rushing game, and his season-high in receiving yards is 44.

That being said, he missed the Miami game and cradled just seven handoffs in the season opener. Furthermore, he regularly makes a semi-shoddy offensive line look infinitely better than it otherwise would.

Charles is the league’s best decoy and leads the team with seven touchdowns. Also, in 2013, three of his four 100-plus-yard efforts occurred in the latter half of the season.

From the All-Pro’s perspective, two things have decreased throughout 2014: his workload and quality of blocking. At the end of the day, though, No. 25 is still the Chiefs’ weapon of mass destruction.