3 Keys For Victory: Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills

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How the Bills can win, as told by a Bills fan.

I asked my co-worker Shawn Rubek, who is not a Denver fan, a rare sight here in Ogallala, Nebraska, about what he thinks the Bills need to do in order to win the game against the Chiefs. Here are Shawn’s three keys for the Bills to win.

"1. Shut down the run! The Bills defense has been solid for most of the year. If we can shut down the run game, we will force Alex Smith to have to drop back and pass, which sets up well for our line who is second in the league in sacks (28), and leads the league in interceptions (12). 2. Cover the tight ends. With the emergence of Travis Kelce, and safety blanket of Anthony Fasano, we need to watch the seams. We can’t allow them running up the field. A quick pass to Kelce can easily turn into a big gain. We need to be able to bring the big man down and rally to the ball carrier. 3. Get Bryce Brown going. With Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller out, we will be leaning heavily on Bryce Brown and Anthony Dixon. This will be Brown’s second game of the season. After only seven carries against the Jets and a full week of practice I see Brown being the X-factor in this game. If we can run the ball with Brown, that will open up the pass game for Watkins, Woods and Chandler."

Shawn has some key points and there are no arguments to what he thinks the Bills need to do to win. He has a great point about the run. The Chiefs run defense is not as good as their pass defense and if they are able to get Brown going, this could be problematic for the Chiefs secondary. All in all, he has some great points and this should be a great game as both teams continue their pursuit of the postseason.

There you have it, Addicts. What do you feel are the key points the Chiefs need to focus on in order to continue their win streak? Sound off below.

Thanks for reading…GO CHEIFS!!!