The K.C. Chiefs: Thin In Wide Outs

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Following is a list of the NFL current top 20 receivers with the round they were drafted in listed first.

An important point here is that the Chiefs obviously need a top 20 receiver and those kinds of players can’t be manufactured unless your name is Bill Belichick or Tom Brady. Since none of the Chiefs players show up in the top 20, can we assume that none of the Chiefs current wide receivers is a top 20 talent? I would say yes to that. Dwayne Bowe can be good at times but he’s just not in the top.

The biggest problem I see with the current wide receivers is that they can’t get open. They also can’t hold onto the ball. Since there are plenty of playmakers at other positions, then this pattern of low productivity will likely continue this year as a result. Here’s my take on each of the Chiefs wide receivers and their “replaceability.”

Dwayne Bowe

Bowe should be with the team next season but hopefully only as a #2 WR. He continues to display bad hands when it comes to holding onto the ball. If he can be traded, mostly to dump his contract, then the Chiefs could only expect to get a low-round pick for him. I’ve been a fan of his in the past and have been charting out the amount of time it would take him to break the Chiefs all-time wide receiving yards record. Now, I hope it’s not him and he is definitely not a top 20 wide receiver.

Replaceability = ★ ★ (not too hard to replace)

Donnie Avery

Avery has speed. The kind of speed Andy Reid covets. Because he has the same bad hands disease that Bowe has, he will probably be dumped this offseason especially if the Chiefs can sign someone to replace him.

Replaceability = ★ ★ ★ (fairly easy to replace)

Junior Hemingway

Hemingway has been a favorite of mine but he’s in the doghouse right now because of his drop last week that could have locked a win up. His development as a wide receiver in the NFL is heading in the wrong direction. Follow this link to see that he’s been moved down the depth chart.

Replaceability = ★ ★ ★  (fairly easy to replace)

A.J. Jenkins

When I’ve watched the replay of the A.J. Jenkins reception and run down the sidelines that resulted in him stepping out of bounds, I noticed a linebacker who was not going to catch him throw his arms in the air and it actually looks like Jenkins was scared out of bounds. I’ve thought that Jenkins was afraid of contact before but because he has the kind of speed that Andy Reid loves he’ll probably continue to be a Chief in 2015.

Replaceability = ★ ★ ★ ★ (really easy to replace)

Frankie Hammond

Hammond has gotten some early kick return opportunities but one catch this season is not what anyone thought he’d have at this point. He’s a lower level talent and as with many of the Chiefs receivers this year, he’s very replaceable and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him gone this coming offseason.

Replaceability = ★ ★ ★ ★ (really easy to replace)

Albert Wilson

The same goes for Albert Wilson and I was actually shocked he got a catch recently. The Chiefs WRs have been so bad this year that I’ve read some suggesting Hammond and Wilson could easily replace Bowe and Avery. Who knows. Why not? Give it a shot. Can’t be much worse than the zero TDs they’re putting up right now.

Replaceability = ★ ★ ★ ★ (really easy to replace)

An encouraging aspect of the yellow graph above is that three of the wide receivers in the current top 20 were selected (or helped in their selection) by either John Dorsey (Jordy Nelson) or Andy Reid (DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin). Another reason Chiefs fans should feel encouraged is that since they tried to sign WR Emmanuel Sanders last offseason, the likelihood that they’ll try to sign another high quality WR this coming offseason is high. That probability is heightened by the low levels of out put of the Chiefs wide receivers in 2014.

So, if you’re someone who’s hoping the Chiefs take a top talent in rounds one through three at the wide receiver position in the 2015 NFL Draft I’d say you can rest fairly assured that it will happen. Then again, I thought the same thing about the last draft.

What do you say, Addict fans? How badly would you like to see some new wide receiving blood running across the Arrowhead lawn?