Kansas City Chiefs: Week 7 Wallpapers

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Andy Reid

I’ve been unapologetically pro-Reid ever since he boxed Rivers out like a ‘stached Pong paddle. In my eyes, the man can do no wrong.

OK, his clock management skills could use some polish. And his unconventional play calling can backfire. And he tends to ignore the…eh, whatever.

The point is that for 11 years, locals have screamed expletive-laced versions of “Shut up, Rivers!” at nearby flat screens. Reid channeled all of that pent-up annoyance and unleashed a backside bump that’d make Sir Mix-a-Lot blush.

(Also, being that he played starters in only one of the two games and the Chiefs still bested the Chargers in combined first downs, Reid, flaws and all, probably knows a thing or two about offense.)