Kansas City Chiefs: Touche Cliche

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Cliche #6: “They’re playing with a short (or long) field.”

No, we haven’t really gotten a full sip of DAT brew yet but when we do, I think the field is going to begin to shrink again for these Chiefs. I’m still under the delectable delusion that DeAnthony Thomas is a special player and we’ve no reason to believe otherwise yet. Someone who is special… has been special… and will continue to be special… is punter Dustin Colquitt. He can cliche the hell out of the opposition all he wants and I’ll be thrilled: “They’re playing with a short field.” It’s rare that Colquitt missteps on his punts and he should be a big reason the Chiefs come out on top in San Diego tomorrow.

Cliche #7: “They’ll have to settle for three.”

Halloween is coming up but I’ve already been scared by the Chiefs’ new kicker ever since week one when he sent one “donk” and through and another one “donk” and out. If Cairo Santos can settle down and regain some of the consistency I witnessed in the preseason and at camp, it could have a tremendously positive effect on game situations. Especially scoring opportunities.

Cliches #8 and 9: “They need to air it out more.” or “They have to open up the passing lanes.”

The Chiefs passing game simply has to be better than it is. Period. If WR is not a number one priority and target in next year’s draft and free agency season, it’s a travesty. Do you know how many TDs the Chiefs WRs have all totaled after five games of the season? No. Lower. No. Lower. That’s right. None.

If we’re looking for a possible reason that Jamaal Charles is averaging 33 percent less rushing yards per game look no further than the ineffective passing game. If the Chiefs receivers are not good enough to be respected wide and deep, then the defense can simply collapse on JC. And it looks like that’s exactly what’s happening. But what’s the real reason for all of that? It’s the lack of talent at the WR position. Before the season I was so hopeful that Albert Wilson was going to be a wonderful new target for Alex Smith. Total catches for Wilson? None. What about the percentage of catches caught? Here I’m referring specifically to Donnie Avery and Dwayne Bowe who both were miserable last year with catch percentages of 56.3 percent and 55.3 percent, respectively. This year… a “huge” improvement: 58.3 percent and 60.9 percent, respectively (I should say with no respect). Each of the Chiefs’ leading wide receivers are not catching four out of every 10 passes thrown their way. Alex Smith has had his off moments this year but not like that. If Percy Harvin was traded to the Jets yesterday, why can’t the Chiefs find an in-season trade for a wide out that suits them?

Cliche #10: “They have to take care of the football.”

In the world of turnovers and takeaways, the Chiefs are sitting at minus 3 for the season. One of the big reasons that the Chiefs had a nine-game winning streak last year was their ability to win the turnover/takeaway game. So, is this statistic really that important? As it turns out, yes. Out of all the teams who are currently winning the turnover/takeaway battle only one has a losing record and that team is Tennessee, the team the Chiefs threw three INTs to in week one.

We’ll that’s it for this week, Addict fans. Have any cliches you wish to dispel or lay dibs on?

Go Chiefs!!!! Go Royals!!!!