Adjectives To Describe Chiefs Through Week 5

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Coming into the season, the Chiefs were the third youngest team in the National Football League. After the injuries they have suffered to key players like Eric Berry, and Derrick Johnson. It wouldn’t surprise me if they rank higher than that with the players that they have stepping up to fill in the gaps.

For the most part our youngsters have looked pretty good. Last I checked, the Chiefs were tied with the Jaguars for youngest offensive line in the NFL, but they have been the driving force behind our 7th ranked rushing attack. Also Travis Kelce again is playing great, and Junior Hemmingway has looked fairly decent the past couple of weeks. Lets not forget about Knile Davis either, he has been a monster running the ball.

Not surprisingly though, with a young team there’s always a learning curve. Whether it’s missing the first two field goals of your career (Cairo Santos), getting occasionally burned by a pro-bowl caliber wideout/quarterback combo (Marcus Cooper), or awkwardly running away from a play for some unknown reason (Dee Ford). We have to remember that these guys are young, most of them aren’t much older than I am and I know they are doing a hell of a lot better job than I could.

Young players in the league are going to make mistakes. That’s just what happens. The important thing is that while ours have made some interesting ones, none of them have been that terrible.