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Has the NFL Ruined Football?

The media has reached new standards in covering stories. To not mention the media at the front of this piece about the NFL would not do the story justice because I’ve seen so many times when a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch but now the media has crawled in bed with the bad apples and it’s hard to see the forest through the trees.

Let me be clear, when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stood up and announced “I got it wrong” I’ve never been so stuck with incredulity. Yes, I know he said he got it wrong, I just don’t believe he really understood what that really means.

It’s one thing for the personnel of any institution to go out and commit crimes but it’s quite another for the institution to deal with these few bad apples in such a way justifies what these criminals have done. Think I’m prejudging someone before they’ve had their day in court? Well, I’ve seen the crimes on film. Does anyone really need to see any more than that to make a right decision about continuing to employ such a person?

The Kansas City Chiefs have had their own horrific girlfriend murder/parking lot suicide to deal with in the past two years but the focus upon the bad-doers is now over shadowing the good-doers to such an extent that it makes it difficult for the average fan to go to their phone, the internet or turn on their TV without being hit in the face with another player crossing the line.

Has the NFL ruined football? Of course not. The good deeds that such a high percentage of players in the NFL make happen is incredible. That same high percentage extends to all ares of the game, inside and out.

The “gift” of the game is still the same amazing gift that has lasted this Chiefs addicted soul for a lifetime. The writers I get to write with here at Arrowhead Addict are some of the most decent and blessed people I have ever come to know. AA fans and bloggers are the best fans anywhere on earth and what do I have to say for that? I am so thankful and… thank you! You’re amazing!

Go Chiefs! Now let’s go squash some Pats!