Chiefs Offseason: Land Of A Thousand Dances

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By releasing CB Dunta Robinson and allowing FS Kendrick Lewis to walk, and signing FS Husain Abdullah along with the comeback of FS/CB Sanders Commings… will the Chiefs have done enough already this offseason to make their defensive backfield significantly better in 2014?

Yes and no. Yes, the Chiefs are better in the defensive backfield already. But no, they’re not “significantly” better. I see the Chiefs top three positions of need for the like this:

1. Defensive backfield

2. Wide Receiver

3. Offensive line

The formula for winning on passing downs requires pressure on the QB and tight coverage. The Chiefs have probably the best pass rushing in the league so the onus is all on the coverage because of letdowns there.

The Chiefs need a top quality CB first in this draft.

The offensive line will improve this year based upon the special players that still exist in the offensive backfield, namely Alex Smith and Jamaal Charles (both Pro Bowlers). Their simple presence make the OL better. However, they do not fix the OL problems. So, at some point in the draft, the Chiefs need to select one or two solid offensive linemen.

The Chiefs need some other play making wideouts. However, this draft may be deeper in quality WRs than at any other position and that’s the basic reason I think the Chiefs should go CB (or FS) over WR in the first round.

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