Chiefs Offseason: Land Of A Thousand Dances

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In preparation for this draft, if the QB the Chiefs have rated the top quarterback in the draft, falls to #23… and assuming they still have pick #23 when that pick rolls around… would they actually draft a QB if he was their top rated player left at that point?

I think John Dorsey has proven he’d do exactly that by being a part of the Packers organization when they took Aaron Rodgers who fell a lot further than anyone thought he would. The Problem is I don’t believe there’s an Aaron Rodgers in this draft.

I’m not a Teddy Bridgewater fan. Blake Bortles is supposed to be the second coming of Ben Roethlisberger but I’ve never really liked the first coming. Johnny Manziel could be the next Steve Young or Fran Tarkington and he’s the one I might have a problem passing on should he fall to #23. However, any team who takes Johnny Football should be expecting to start him right away and Alex Smith will be locked in here for at a minimum of two more seasons.

If Reid and Dorsey know the same… why would they take a QB at that point at all. However, you have to say it’s possibility.

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