2014 NFL Combine Preview: Five Tight Ends to Watch

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5. Joe Don Duncan

School: Dixie State
Watch to Watch: Everything
2013 Stats: 71 catches, 1,045 yards, 14.7 ypc, 13 touchdowns
Met with Chiefs: No

Another off the radar guy who is very likely to be drafted in the mid-to-late rounds is Duncan. Listed as 6-4, 270 pounds, Duncan has the size and projected speed to be a very solid NFL tight end.

A knee injury and playing at a small school has kept him out off the radar for many, but he has rebounded well with a strong 2013 season. He’s unique in the sense that he’s had a lot of experience lining up all over the field. He’s spent time as an x-receiver, slot receiver, h-back, and in-line tight end. This versatility is very intriguing for a tight end coming out of college.

Duncan is also said to have very good hands and a pretty solid route runner. He’s not a strong blocker, but indications are his weaknesses are more technique-based. It will be interesting to see how his natural skills compare to the “big school” competition. If they measure up, he would be a very good pick in round five or six.

This is the first chance we are going to get to see Duncan, who was invited to the Senior Bowl but was a healthy scratch. There is a lot to like about Duncan if he shows he has the athleticism to make it in the NFL.