Quarterbacking The Chiefs In The New Era

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Of course there are players in history that Alex Smith will never have to worry about being compared to, like Jeff George. George had probably the best arm of any QB I’ve ever seen. Yet, he played for 8 different teams because he was such a miserable team mate that no one wanted him around… except Jason Whitlock.

So, don’t worry Alex if Jason Whitlock thinks you are elite. Don’t worry, it’s not a bad omen.

Alex Smith can be called a “game manager” if you please, there are worse things a K.C. QB has been called in recent years but, that doesn’t accurately categorize him. He’s not a “new era QB who’s a scramble-a-holic” and that is most likely a positive trait not to have since you don’t see him taking unnecessary risks when it comes to pulling the ball down and dashing for first downs.

Gary Davenport of the Bleacher Report says in his post called, “Is Alex Smith the Ultimate Game Manager?” following Thursday’s victory over Philadelphia,

"At the end of the day, Alex Smith is what he is. He’s not going to challenge defenses vertically unless he has to. He takes what the defense gives him, all the while being very mindful of not making mistakes. If that makes him a game manager, then so be it, because he’s become a damned effective one. Given that the Chiefs are sitting at 3-0, I seriously doubt they mind."

With Alex Smith, any problems, if you want to call them that, involve other players so it’s not clear about how much of that is him or someone else. Meaning, opposing DCs could be scheming to take away Bowe as a deep threat, DBs could be keying on and doubling Bowe and Bowe himself could be to blame as much as anyone for not getting open.

If you look back at 2009, Matt Cassel’s first season working with Bowe, he only caught 47 balls, mostly because he was out for 7 games, that year. It wasn’t until 2010 when it looked like Bowe was Cassel’s only receiver on the field. It took awhile for them to connect, so it’s understandable that it may take some time now with another new quarterback.

Alex Smith now makes the 9th QB Dwayne Bowe has caught passes from since he came into the league 6 years ago:

  1. Damon Huard,
  2. Brodie Croyle
  3. Tyler Thigpen
  4. Quinn Gray
  5. Matt Cassel
  6. Tyler Palko
  7. Kyle Orton
  8. Brady Quinn
  9. Alex Smith

Dwayne Bowe has also had 7 different offensive coordinators in 7 seasons.

2007, Mike Solari

2008, Chan Gailey

2009, Todd Haley

2010, Charlie Weiss

2011, Bill Muir

2012, Brian Daboll

2013, Doug Pederson

“What’s wrong with Alex Smith”… may not be the right question to ask . Not to imply that it’s all Dwayne Bowe’s problem but, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. Especially if they both, as well as the OC, are here for two or more seasons in a row.

Obviously a time of “adjustment” is warranted.

At 6-4, 217, Alex has the body type and athletic ability to break down a defense with his legs. However, what we’ve seen Alex Smith do so far this season indicates he’s making a high percentage of quality decisions. The kinds of quality decisions that lead to victories. Victories: isn’t that the ultimate measuring stick?

The Chiefs may not win more games than they lose this season but, if you can’t see the improvement over last year’s squad, especially at the quarterback position… you’re probably a Broncos fan.

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What say ye Chiefs fans?

Do you see the light, and the progress at QB?

Can I get an Amen?