Alex Smith: Smart And Accurate Or Captain Checkdown?

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Play #8 – Shotgun Formation – 3 WRs, 1 TE, JC in backfield

Situation – 2nd and 6

Results – Smith throws the ball away

This is the other play that Smith’s critics can possibly knock him for, and that’s a bit of a stretch.  On this play Rodney Hudson gets bulldozed by the Saints defensive lineman straight back towards Smith.  Smith was looking for Bowe at the top of the screen.  He didn’t pull the trigger.  There is a CB directly in front of Bowe, but I have no idea where the safeties are back there.  If Bowe was one on one Smith could have taken a shot, but he decided to look and see if a secondary route was there.  He may have been playing it safe or Bowe could have been double covered deep by a safety.   About that time Hudson was completely beat and Smith had to abandon the play before he had time to find a secondary option.