Kansas City Chiefs Power Rankings: Pre-Camp Edition

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21. Javier Arenas

Areanas is playing solid defense and his return average is very good. He is entering a big third year as well. If he can finally break a return or two it could have the Dante Hall effect for the Chiefs.

22. Jovan Belcher

He isn’t overwhelming but he shows up and does a tremendous job helping DJ shutdown the run. He’s not a starter on every NFL team but on a defense this good, Belcher can contribute.

23. Ryan Succop

Succop looked to be heading for disaster early in 2011 but he settled down and continued to be a solid kicker for the Chiefs. You can put your Justin Medlock nightmares on the shelf for a while.

24. Dustin Colquitt

You could arguably put Colquitt higher on this list but it is the offseason and he is the punter. If the Chiefs’ offense can actually move the ball a little bit this season, Colquitt could help tremendously by pinning teams deep. I expect he’ll be moving up.

25. Rodney Hudson

Hudson is a big unknown. He played well in limited time last season but I am still paranoid about having a brand-new center. I still sometimes wake up in a cold sweat yelling “Niswanger!”

26. Ryan Lilja

Has to be better in 2012. I think he will be.

27. Allen Bailey

Big year for Bailey. This is his chance to show the Chiefs they can let either Dorsey or Jackson (and their big salaries) ride off into the sunset. He will likely start the season as a sub-rusher alongside Dontari Poe. He needs to produce.

28. Kevin Boss

He’s a solid blocker and can also snag some balls. He had a down year in Oakland last season but then again, doesn’t everyone play like crap in Oakland? Boss could be very important and is primed for a rise up this list once we get a look at him.

29. Andy Studebaker

Not spectacular but solid. Great motor and a special teams contributor. The anti-Shabby Piscitelli.

30. Devon Wylie

There is a lot of excitement around this kid, but is he Dexter McCluster or Wes Welker?

31. Amon Gordon

Gordon won the 2011 Shaun “Perv” Smith award and he didn’t even have to grab anybody’s junk. Don’t scoff at Big #99’s place on this list. He could very well start the season at NT so the team can ease Poe in. He also got a couple of sacks last season, which for a KC defensive lineman is unheard of. He’ll contribute again in 2012.

32. Brandon Siler

We haven’t seen this guy do a damn thing yet as a Chief but we know he has the potential to unseat Belcher. We’ll see.