Vikings Release Randy Moss


The Minnesota Vikings have released embattled receiver Randy Moss after trading for him only four weeks ago.

Moss made some comments following the team’s loss to the New England Patriots that obviously rubbed the Vikings management the wrong way.

Moss will now have to pass through waivers before he can become a free agent. This far into the season, the teams with the worst record get priority. That means the 0-7 Buffalo Bills are at the front of the line. If the Bills pass, Moss would fall to the next team, which I believe would be the Cowboys and so on until he is either claimed or becomes a free agent.

The Chiefs, with a 5-2 record, are at the back of the line but they aren’t likely to put a claim on Moss anyway. The Chiefs are looking for a certain type of player and Moss doesn’t fit their mold.

We do, however, have to point out that GM Scott Pioli was with the Patriots when they traded for Moss.

Interestingly, there is a chance Moss could be claimed by the Patriots, the team that traded him four weeks ago for a third round draft pick.