Dr. Favrenstein: Chiefs, Peterson Interested In Favre?

Scoff, blow this off, call me a rumor whore. Whatever…

And let me first state that the likelihood of this happening is extremely slim, if not non-existent, but…

If the Brett Favre wants to come back and if the Green Bay Packers don’t want him, I do. I’m pretty sure Carl “Consecutive Sellout Streak” Peterson would be interested, too. After all, this is the same guy who once orchestrated a trade for an aging Joe Montana. This is the same guy who before this year never, ever invested a single season in a homegrown quarterback project. Can you, with a straight face, honestly say that you’d be upset if King Carl and the Chiefs delayed the Brodie Croyle project in favor of Favre?

This isn’t completely baseless speculation either. Check out what Adam Schefter said about our interest:

NFL Network’s Adam Schefter suggest the Jets, Chiefs, and Ravens as possible landing spots if the Packers decide to trade Brett Favre.

Some people are obviously sick of Brett’s comeback carosel, and others are simply chalking the buzz up to stupid ESPN wanting its boy back. And then, of course, Brett is denying this, even though rumor has it that he’s demanded his release. Personally, I kind of feel like Brett was pushed out by the Pack. I think the guy can still play, and if that is his desire then the Pack owes it to him to find a spot for him on an NFL field, either in Green Bay or elsewhere. After all, did any player ever give more to an NFL franchise? Still, all of this is contingent on the validity of the rumor that Favre is seriously interested in making a comeback. All of this could just be a result of ESPN’s rampant rumor mongering.

Nonetheless, I think we should definitely be interested in the unlikely event that Favre comes back and the Packers decide to trade him. I think he’s the one guy who could deal with our offensive line woes and make us a playoff contender, giving us at least a shot at winning eight, nine, maybe even 10 games.

What does everybody else think about the longshot proposition of the Chiefs trading for Brett Favre?