Chiefs Quick Links

Really slow this weekend as the Chiefs prepare to get ready for OTA’s starting next week. A couple of things for you before I go out of town tomorrow (girlfriends sister is graduating from KU, and yes I will be stopping by in Kansas City to get some Jack Stack or Gates. I haven’t decided yet).

  • Thanks to everyone who has voted so far in the COAT. It’s going really well and Christian Okoye has made a late run to surpass Marcus Allen, Tony Richardson, and Abner Haynes. He has half the votes Larry Johnson has, but I am not sure if he will catch up to make the COAT tournament. He will have another day as we wrap up the running backs tomorrow. WR/TE to start on Monday.
  • The Sun Sentinel is reporting that the Miami Dolphins are willing to up there offer of a 6th round pick for Trent Green. The million dollar question is what are the willing to give up that is more than a 6th. Could it be a 5th or even a 4th? Maybe a couple of plane tickets to Miami? I think it will either be a 5th round pick or a conditional pick depended on what Green accomplishes in Miami. I would be happy to have either to get this over with so we can start grooming Brodie.
  • Over at Chiefs Blitz, Steven looks at a few “what-ifs” for the Chiefs this season.
  • Chiefs Fanatic grades the Chiefs backfield for this season. I am not sure I agree that we will see Michael Bennett make any sweet runs. This guy IMO has been a bust so far in the NFL. Hopefully, Chris is right. I think he is dead on about Kolby Smith. He should be able to get tough yards and give LJ a rest at the same time. Also I am sorry Chiefs fans, but when will we give up the fact that Priest Holmes will never play again? I know we all love him and would like to see him one more time, but it is just like when Troy Aikman got knocked out by Lavar Arrington or when Steve Young got put to sleep by Aeneas Williams. Put a fork in him. He still hasn’t been medically cleared after almost two years. He is collecting his bonus check like he should be. He deserved the money so I don’t blame him, but he is NOT coming back.
  • Did anyone watch the horrid fight between Taylor-Spinks? That fight showed everything that is wrong with boxing. Don King, Cory Spinks dancing before the fight, barely any punches being landed, and once again another failure for boxing. Did anyone else see Cory Spinks with ten seconds left run away from Taylor? I thought if it was a close fight with seconds left you are suppose to be throwing everything you got. This is why I will preach and preach that MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is ten times better than boxing.
  • Thanks guys for putting up with me this weekend. Adam should be back on Monday.