The COAT Tournament

Everyone has heard of The GOAT, but what the hell is The COAT?

Greatest Chief Of All Time Tournament.

The best ever. The baddest of them all. Greatest player to ever slip on the red, white and gold and step onto the field at Municipal Stadium or Arrowhead.

Plus, if the late, great Hank Stram was still alive today, he’d give the winner of this contest a snazzy signature Stram sportscoat with our logo on the breast.

Here’s how The COAT Tournament works:

Over the next month or so you will be voting for the greatest Kansas City Chiefs player of all time. The process begins with our voters selecting two players (the two highest vote getters) to advance to the next round from each of the eight groups — QB, RB, WR/TE, OL, DL, LB, DB and Special Teams. Once the field has been narrowed down to 16 players, we will seed the players based on votes and proceed with a single-elimination tournament. A panel will break all ties. Match-up by match-up you will choose The COAT out of that last select group!

To vote just head over to our right sidebar and vote in our poll. We will put a new poll up every two or three days, so keep checking back and voting. If you want anybody added to this list, please leave a comment and we will consider your suggestion. Thanks!

Here’s The COAT list:


Len Dawson
Trent Green
Joe Montana
Steve Fuller
Bill Kenney
Mike Livingston
Jim Kearney
Steve Deberg
Steve Bono


Abner Haynes
Stone Johnson
Mack Lee Hill
Priest Holmes
Larry Johnson
Mike Garrett
Curtis McClinton
Ed Podolak
Tony Richardson
Christian Okoye
Joe Delaney
Kimble Anders
Barry Word


Otis Taylor
Eddie Kennison
Stephone Paige
JT Smith
Carlos Carson
Chris Burford
Tony Gonzalez
Fred Arbanas


Willie Roaf
Jim Tyrer
John Alt
Dave Hill
Will Shields
Ed Budde
Brian Waters
EJ Holub
Jack Rudnay
Tim Grunhard
Casey Wiegmann
Jerry Mays


Buck Buchanan
Curly Culp
Bill Maas
Art Still
Neil Smith
Dan Saleaumua


EJ Holub
Jim Lynch
Sherrill Headrick
Bobby Bell
Willie Lanier
Dino Hackett
Derrick Thomas
Gary Spani
Donnie Edwards


Dale Carter
Lloyd Burruss
Emmitt Thomas
Gary Barbaro
Fred Williamson
Bobby Hunt
Albert Lewis
Kevin Ross
James Hasty
Johnny Robinson
Deron Cherry

Special Teams:

Jan Stenerud
Dante Hall
Tamarick Vanover
Dustin Colquitt
Jerrel Wilson
Nick Lowry
Gary Stills
Bennie Thompson
Monty Beisel
Albert Lewis
Bernard Pollard

Remember to choose wisely — there can only be one The COAT.