ChiefStock: And our pick is… CB Darrelle Revis

Last weekend we picked for the Chiefs in a first-round mock draft over at’s blog community. The draft was crazy, a little too crazy at times considering Tedd Ginn Jr. went third overall and Amobi Okoye went 21st. Still, it was a fairly accurate reflection of how the draft could go.When it came time for us to make the 23rd pick lots of receivers — Calvin Johnson, Dwayne Jarrett, Robert Meachem, Steve Smith, and Ted Ginn Jr. — were already off the board. We looked long and hard at selecting Dwayne Bowe there, who we like, but ultimately decided that we were going with a cornerback. After all, Pat Surtain and Ty Law aren’t getting any faster or younger. With only one CB previously selected, Michigan’s Leon Hall, we were torn between Pittsburgh’s Darrelle Revis and Texas’ Aaron Ross.After reading all kinds of scouting reports, reviewing stats and watching as much YouTube footage as we could find for each player, we decided that Revis was the pick. What impresses us the most about Revis is that he wasn’t surrounded by the talent that Hall or Ross was last season, but was respected by opposing coaches even more. Revis claims to have only been thrown at 15 times last season, with two picks and only one mistake (a touchdown-saving pass interference call). A smart player who not only has the requisite size (6’0″, 200 lbs.), smarts and speed (4.38 40 at Pittsburgh’s pro day) to be a shutdown NFL corner, but also the swagger. You know, that Deion Sanders-Champ Bailey “don’t even think about throwing at me” attitude.Revis also returns punts — well. That’s all I need to say, the video below will say the rest. And since Dante Hall has seemingly lost his touch, it might be nice to have another potent return specialist on the roster. Just in case we decide to let Hall walk.

We have become truly infatuated with Revis here at Hopefully, the Chiefs will be lucky, and smart, enough to draft him later this month.

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