Mike Silver
If you believe some of the garbage that has come out of Kansas City the past couple of years, you think that former offensive coordinator Charlie Weis was the reason for Cassel's stunning success in 2010, when Tom Brady's ex-backup made the Pro Bowl and helped K.C. to an unlikely AFC West crown. …read more

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  • chiefridgy

    This guy is smokin some good stuff….
    GO CHIEFS!!!

  • sidibe

    Haley a genius? The man who gave Thom Thumb more carries than Charles? The man who oversaw the amazing O attack of 2011?

    And Cassell gets the sack in favor of who? Do we sign a washed-up David Garrard?

    Whoever this guy is, he’s a moron.

    • KCMikeG

      Moron may be a little generous. Cassel will have his best year ever.

      • AKChieffan

        Cassel is a Donkey! Is always stares down the receivers to get them killed. They don’t want to catch that ball, the defences are keying on where the Donkey looks before throwing. This preseason I watched the games and he looked worse than ever. He over and under threw the receivers, even Brady Q. did better than Cassel at moving the ball. It might be a long year, which is to bad, since Cassel has so many weapons.

        • Scott Mahurin

          again…manure. i was at training camp and cassel had a good one. there’s a definite step down below cassel.

          • AKChieffan

            Wow that will make anyone feel secure, ” there’s a definite step down below cassel.” We know he played last year named Palko. There is no where but up for Cassel. He has nothing to loose. He has been horrible since getting him. I sure because he had a good preseason we should all feel better. Sad news is , he had terrible preseason overall. 0 and 1 for the regular season, yes the defense looked bad, but any top 5 QB would have kept it close. The Chiefs aren’t going any where with this guy. He is a glorified backup . I wish he was more than he is. If you believe this guy is going to take us to the super bowl, you’re dreaming. I wishful, because I wish he could.

  • Justin R Groth

    Not to be rude but what logic states that weis had nothing to do with cassel. Notice if you will the play calling that utilized strengths of the offensive weapons. Now compare to Muir/Haley sending old man jones up the middle for a 2 yrd gain at a time. Weis used playmakers strengths to help cassel, Haley put him in 3rd and long situations with a matador for rt. However I’m sure your right I bet some alien falls from the sky and takes his job.

  • Scott Mahurin

    get that crap out of here. sounds like a a pile of horse manure to me…raiders fan.

  • RepOurChiefs


  • Sportsfan101

    Please replace Cassel he sucks and anyone who doesn’t see that is just lying to themself.. He misses he reads and he gets happy feet to fast.. He’s a backup and not a starter..

  • http://www.facebook.com/jasonfseibel Jason Seibel

    Who wrote this short, but oh so stupid post?

    Let’s break down Cassel’s play from week 1, before we throw in the towel, shall we?

    Cassel was 21/33 for a 63.3% completion rate. With two games left to play (and thus 4 QB’s unaccounted for) that puts him in the middle of the pack of all passers from yesterday’s outings. Some notable QB’s who he outplayed were Jay Cutler, Mike Vick, Ben Rothelesberger and the great Drew Brees.

    Matt threw two picks, but let’s be honest. He should really only get the mark for one of those. The first one hit the other Tight End named Tony square in the hands before flying 15 feet straight up in the air. The second, as Matt himself said, was caused trying to make a play. You can’t really be mad at him for that. Especially when the D allowed us to get so far behind and he was trying to makes something happen.

    Of the 24 points the Chiefs offense did score, Matt was directly responsible for 14 of, throwing a TD and running in one himself. And oh, by the way, that 24 points nearly doubled our PPG from last year. In the first game.

    The final point I’ll make here is that if you talk about replacing Matt by Week 6, who do you truly intend on starting? Brady Quinn? Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy, but he’s more of a “backup” than Cassel is. And if you’re one of those crazy “Stanzi people” well you probably shouldn’t even be allowed to have internet access, much less be posting things on this fan page.

    Have a great week, wear your red proudly, and GO CHIEFS!

    • AKChieffan

      Cassel out played five QB’s on Sunday. Look athe overall records in career stats. Would you rather have Drew Brees or Cassel,or Maybe Cutler than Cassel. Who would you rather have at QB? Are you telling us because Cassel threw 63.3% you’re comfortable with him for the future? He is what we have for now, but not a long term solution. If you are comfortable and think he can take us to the Super Bowl, you should defend him. But be honest though, he isn’t, and he won’t, and you agree with that. So your entire point in mute. We should looking at others in the draft and free agancy when they’re available. Yes you are right Quinn is a back up, which means we 3 on our roster. Stanzi also isn’t a start even in future. We have no where but to look at replacements in the future.
      Agreed on this point, “Have a great week, wear your red proudly, and GO CHIEFS.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/ruthdp Daniel Ruth

    Hmmm, looks like this guy might have a point now. Cassel was garbage yesterday! Been saying ever since 2010 we needed somebody better (yes I know, that was his Pro Bowl year, but only by default), we will never win in the playoffs with him behind center!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.williamson.98499 Mark Williamson

    Always excuses…It’s just the same old crap

  • ArrowFan

    I expect that the author should be removed of the means to publish in about 5 more weeks.