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AA Radio is the official podcast of Arrowhead Addict. There are two iterations of the show. Below, you’ll find the current version of AA Radio hosted by Arrowhead Addcit editor, Andrew Kulha and writer Jason Seibel. Weekly, they break down the previous week’s game, look forward to the current week’s game and look around the AFC West as well as break down the ESPN Power Rankings. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find the “AA Radio Vault” which are the original AA Radio episodes, recorded by former AA editor, Patrick Allen.

The show is available in several different formats to meet all of Chiefs Kingdom’s needs. You can watch the video of Andrew and Jason on YouTube, or subscribe to the podcast through the iTunes store or on your Android phone through a podcast app.

AA Radio is the chance to take your Kansas City Chiefs addiction to a whole new level. Get your Chiefs fix delivered straight into your eyes and ears with AA Radio!

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Previous Episodes

Episode 15: Regular Season Week 15: Chiefs vs. Raiders Part 2

It’s Week 15 in the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs are on the verge of clinching their first playoff spot since 2010. Jason Seibel and Kenny Cember break down the Chiefs epic win against the Washington Redskins and talk about how the Chiefs were able to put all three phases of the game together to win.

Then, exclusive to Arrowhead Addict Radio, Pete Prisco joins the show in an interview he conducted with Jason Seibel earlier in the week. Jason breaks down Pete’s thoughts on the Chiefs and why he dubbed them the “worst 9-0 team” in history. They discuss the Chiefs defense and how Pete put an astericks on them from the beginning of the season. Make sure you listen and find out how far Prisco thinks the Chiefs will get in the playoffs.
After the interview, Jason and Kenny break down Prisco’s thoughts and discuss what they agreed with and didn’t.
Finally, the duo breaks down the upcoming game pitting the Chiefs against the Oakland Raiders and what it means for the AFC Playoff Picture. If the Chiefs win, they clinch a playoff spot.
Kenny’s final thought is for Chiefs fans to stay away from Denver Broncos trolls on Twitter and not get into Twitter fights. Jason’s is to keep it red, keep it yellow and keep it CHIEFS!

Episode 14: Regular Season Week 14: Chiefs vs. Redskins

The AA Radio crew returns this week for the follow up episode to the crushing defeat of the Chiefs by the Denver Broncos. Jason Seibel, Andrew Kulha and Kenny Cember break down the game and talk about where they believe the defense failed to perform over the last few weeks. A few names used in vain by the crew were Kendrick Lewis, Brandon Flowers, Sean Smith and of course, Marcus Cooper.

While the defense has performed poorly, the Chiefs offense has really started to shine. The crew breaks down Alex Smith’s performance during the Denver game as well as Jamaal Charles and the young receiving corps. However, as will the defense, the AA Radio crew takes exception with some of the poor play by the likes of Donnie Avery who couldn’t seem to hold onto the ball during Sunday’s match up.

Andrew then discusses expectations and what Addicts should expect from this team. Jason talks about what his expectations were before the season and where they are now as the team moves towards the playoffs. Kenny even went so far as to say that he would get off his Debbie Downer routine if the can end this losing streak against the Washington Redskins on Sunday. This led to the panel turning their sights to the Redskins game and beyond to the playoffs where the discussed which match ups would be favorable in the post season tournament.

The show ended with a wrap up of the AFC West as well as the ESPN Power Rankings.

Episode 13: Regular Season Week 13: Chiefs vs. Broncos Part 2

Host, Jason Seibel returns this week with guests Kenny Cember and Stacy “Reach” Smith to discuss all things Chiefs. The crew talks about and breaks down the Chiefs heartbreaking loss to the San Diego Chargers 38–41 on Sunday. Jason then introduced Sayre Bedringer, the co-editor at Predominantly Orange, the Fansided site for the Denver Broncos.

The foursome dissect the Broncos own heartbreaking loss to the Patriots in overtime on Sunday Night before setting their sights on the Chiefs game against the Broncos in Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday. Key match ups in the game are examined and Sayre brings a great deal of insight to the crew providing a perspective outside the realm of a “Chiefs fan.”
After saying goodbye to Sayre, Stacy, Kenny and Jason take a look at exactly who this team is moving forward with the loss of Tamba Hali and Justin Houston. They discuss the emergence of Alex Smith and talk about whether or not he is the one before looking ahead the AFC playoff picture and what scenarios could potentially play out.
The crew then wraps up the show with some final thoughts and predictions for Sunday’s game.

Episode 12: Regular Season Week 12: Chiefs vs. Chargers Part 1

Jason Seibel and Kris Kilduff return this week to break down the Chiefs loss to the Denver Broncos and discuss what the Chiefs need to do moving ahead to resume their winning ways. They talk about a lot of the finger pointing that went on in the days after the Chiefs first loss of the season and discuss other quarterbacks that could potentially play for the Chiefs in a game of “would you rather.” Looking ahead to the San Diego game, they talk about the consistency of the chargers and whether or not Phillip will actually “cry a river” on Sunday. Finally, they wrap up the AFC West with a look at the Broncos vs. Patriots and the ESPN Power Rankings.

Episode 11: Regular Season Week 11: Chiefs vs. Broncos Part 1

The crew returns this week to discuss all things relating to the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Denver Broncos. It’s the biggest thing happening in the NFL this weekend and the guys at AA Radio — Jason Seibel, Kris Kilduff, Kenny Cember and Andrew Kulha — break it all the way down. From covering potential on-field matchups to how the game will affect the entire AFC playoff picture, the guys cover it all.

In addition to breaking down every aspect of the impending Chiefs vs. Broncos matchup, they also discussed the Dwayne Bowe arrest and the signing of wide receiver Kyle Williams.

Due to technical difficulties, the only version of the show available to watch is the raw video. You can watch that right here via YouTube.

Episode 10: Regular Season Week 10: The Bye Week 11/07/13

Jason Seibel, Kris Kilduff and newcomer Kenny Cember return this week to discuss all things Chiefs. The crew recaps the Browns game as well as the Bills game. They then hand out grades to all phases of the Chiefs team and name their mid-season offensive and defensive MVP’s as well as their pick for rookie of the year. As they take a look around the AFC, they discuss how the playoff picture is shaping up and the fact that the road to the Superbowl runs through Kansas City. Finally, they look at the ESPN Power Rankings and wrap things up with a final thought.

Episode 9: Regular Season Week 8: Pioli Wasn’t Such a Bad Guy 10/26/2013

Jason Seibel and Kris Kilduff return this week to discuss all things Chiefs. They recap the Houston Texans game before moving on to discuss the draft picks selected by Scott Pioli who are still on the roster. They move on to discuss the Cleveland Browns coming to Arrowhead before wrapping up the show by discussing the ESPN Power Rankings and AFC West.



Episode 8: Regular Season Week 7: The Panel of Four 10/17/13

For the first time in AA Radio history, the panel introduces four members to talk Chiefs football. Host, Jason Seibel returns along with Andrew Kulha and Kris Kilduff. Also joining the show this week is Addict writer, Stacy “Reach” Smith. The crew breaks down the Raider game, looks forward to the Houston game and talks about exactly how elite the Chiefs defense is in regards to some other offenses, like the Denver Broncos. Also, video is back this week as the show continues to improve and give the Addicts more ways to get their fix.

Episode 7: Regular Season Week 6: Raider Week Part One 10/10/13

Duff returns this week as co-host with Jason and the team discusses Raider Week. Starting out the show, they talk about the Dallas Cowboys vs Denver Broncos game and move on to recap the Chiefs vs Titans. They then discuss the fantasy of bringing Tony Gonzales back to the Chiefs for the remainder of the season. Then, Kris and Jason compare the 2013 Chiefs to the last team to go 5-0, the 2003 Chiefs. They wrap up the show by looking forward to the Oakland Raiders coming to Arrowhead. No video this week, but there is audio. Click below!


Episode 6: Regular Season Week 5: Bringing in the ‘Duff 10/5/2013

This week’s episode was slightly delayed due to scheduling conflicts, and Jason ended up bringing in a long time Addict, Kris Kilduff to sit in on the show in Andrew’s absence. The guys recapped the Chiefs performance against the New York Giants and discussed the validity of stretching out four games worth of stats to a full year. The tossed around the idea that the Dallas Cowboys could upset the Denver Broncos and Jason’s wife is a Chargers fan? Due to technical difficulties, there was no video this week. Check it out!
Episode 5: Regular Season, Week 4: Remembering DT58 9/26/13
This week, Andrew and Jason recap the Chiefs 3-0 start to the season after their win against the Philadelphia Eagles. Jason recaps the NFL Network episode of “Football Life” featuring Chiefs legend, Derrick Thomas. The duo then look ahead to the Chiefs week four opponent, the winless New York Giants. While Andrew thinks the Chiefs will come out still undefeated, Jason doesn’t think the team will fare as well. The team then take a look at the ESPN Power Rankings, before finishing up the show.


Episode 4: Regular Season, Week 3: Would You Rather 9/19/13

- Both Andrew and Jason were back and in full force this week after the Chiefs beat the Cowboys in a thrilling victory. After covering the Cowboys game, the guys talk about the Chiefs only primetime game this season and break down what the Chiefs need to do to beat the Eagles. In a new segment, they played “Would You Rather” where they matched Alex Smith up with other NFL quarterbacks and decided which one they would rather have. This was the first AA Radio episode broadcast live on YouTube with Google Hangouts where Addicts could watch the show live as it happened.

Episode 3: Regular Season, Week 2: Andrew on his Death Bed 9/12/13

- The show was delayed by a day because Andrew had a cold to end all colds. But, like a trooper, he fought through the sickness and allowed the show to go on. The guys talked about the Chiefs convincing win against the Jaguars and looked ahead to the game against the Cowboys. Jason let everyone know he’d be watching from behind enemy lines in southern Texas. Also, Jason lays a little history on the Addicts in regards to the Dallas Texans. The show starts and ends with a new video intro/outro and the original podcast theme song “Red and Yellow” by Irv da Phenom.

Episode 2: Regular Season, Week 1: Welcome to the Party, Jason 9/5/13

- AA writer Jason Seibel joins the show as Andrew Kulha’s co-host. They guys talk about the Chiefs first game of the season as they head to Florida to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. They also cover the rest of the AFC West as well as take a look at the ESPN Power Rankings. The show ends with a couple of bold predicitons for the upcomming game. This was also the first episode that was recorded on video and released on YouTube in that format.

Episode 1: Get the Ball Rolling 8/22/2013

- Andrew introduces the new AA Radio and discusses the Jon Baldwin Trade, the Jamaal Charles preseason foot injury and more.

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