Visiting Arrowhead: Chiefs vs Vikings 2014

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My friends starting left: Anthony Charlton, Myself, Josh See at the Chiefs vs Vikings game Saturday August 23, 2014

My friends starting left:
Anthony Charlton, Myself, Josh See at the Chiefs vs Vikings game Saturday August 23, 2014

As my friends and I watched the game I wanted to know what they thought of it so I simply asked them what they thought of the Chiefs offense and defense. Anthony took a look at the team and he had some interesting thoughts about them.

“I would say your punter is stellar and the defense line was decent. However the corner backs and the quarterback needs quite a bit of work. I saw moments they looked good but very inconsistent.”

I think he is right. Out corner backs do still need some work however we also were without all pro Eric Berry who is very much the key in that secondary and without him our defense in the back half tends to struggle. Dustin Colquit is one of the best punters in the league there is no doubt about that, even into the wind his kicks are good and despite the small hiccup in the punt coverage they special teams will be good again next year. Being the preseason of course there will be some inconsistencies they were down a few players and when your team is not whole without them.

Josh had some praise for a would be tight end, ” Travis Kelce reminded me of a long missed Tony Gonzalez during the game. I’m an anxious to see what he has to offer the team this season.” I also asked for his prediction for the team this season, “I am going to predict we will go 10-6 with a home win against the Broncos” I love that confidence and while I think we very much can beat the Broncos at home I happen to feel we will go 9-7 and finish second in the AFC West again as unless a miracle happens Denver will be again on top this season.

For me it became less about what the score of the game was, and more about the family that is the Chiefs Kingdom. Even though the stadium tended to clear out during the second half of the game those still in attendance got a pretty nice touchdown from Tyler Bray. That is what we are as a fan base a family. I enjoyed watching the game with fellow Chiefs fans and even more so that I was able to share the game with my best friends. In the end the Chiefs may have lost the game but what we gained was the memory of spending a game together as guys who love football and friends, even though one of them is a dirty Vikings fan (Just kidding)

It was a great time with these fine gentlemen and I look forward to the next time we can get together to share laughs, stories, and of course talk football.

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