Things To Do At Arrowhead! Arrowhead Survivor With The Kansas City Chiefs!


I think we all agree here at Arrowhead Addict that tailgating at the greatest NFL stadium in the world is, well, the greatest!

It is hard to believe that tailgating was not even allowed until Carl Peterson came along.

Whatever you say about Carl, he must be credited with creating the atmosphere on the parking lot we enjoy today.

I think one of the questions I have been asked over the years by our readers is simply ” What should I do when I get there?”.

Well the fact is there is so much to do at Arrowhead that a book could be written about that simple subject, and it would be several volumes.

As many of you know, your Arrowhead Adventurer can’t shut up about it.

One idea I like to mention every now and then is what I, as a younger fan, invented and named “Arrowhead Survivor”.

It’s been awhile for me, but I know from feedback many of you have tried it and had one hell of a time.

Feeling adventurous?   Here we go!

Preparation is essential in all great planned adventures, and Arrowhead Survivor is no exception.

The preparation for the extreme version starts the night before.

Stop eating.

Skip the evening meal, (check with your doctor first) you will want to have a good hunger going on the way to the stadium.

Skip breakfast the morning of the game as well.

Your crew enters the gates, parks, and scatters.

It’s not what you bring with you on the adventure, it’s, um, well what you don’t.

You start the adventure with one ticket.

That’s it, that’s all.

No cell phone, no money, no credit cards, no jerky, nothing but your little ticket and the lint in your pocket.

You are at the mercy of Arrowhead herself, and of course the kindness of strangers.

Don’t think of  yourself as begging, think of it more as, well, socializing.

That’s what I do and it works pretty good.

At least until you get those first couple of brews in you then the beer takes over and you don’t have to think about it anymore.

Listen for some teeth rattling, goose bumping, ear blasting bass music.

Follow it.

Like our stooped, hairy forefathers, you will be using your sense of smell next. (You may be rather stooped and hairy at this point yourself)

You won’t really need to think about this stage of your adventure.

Extreme hunger will take care of that part for you.

As you follow the bass, you should start smelling a smell that is just this side of heaven.

Wings, brisket, ribs, burgers, it might be just one or it could be a mix of them all.

Extreme hunger tends to sharpen the sense of smell, so you should be able to differentiate between the gas and charcoal grillers.

Head for the Kingsford group.

You were separated from your group you will say, and of course they have your wallet.

Your contribution to the game should end here.

You will be invited to sit, have a beer, grab a plate, and load up.

I don’t like to impose too much on my first target, but there are times when your new friends simply will not let you leave.

Stay as long as you want, or until you are asked to leave, whatever develops, (you didn’t use your real name so who cares right?) and head for the stadium gate when you hear the fireworks, that will be the one hour warning.

TELL ME you didn’t use your real name.

Swap stories with your mates and enjoy the game.

And of course when you get back home let us here at AA know how your experience went unless it didn’t go well then keep it to yourself.

I can’t hold your hand through this thing and I wouldn’t anyway.

The next preseason game is less than two weeks away so start preparing today!


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