Chiefs Scouting Motto And Laddie's Camp Notes

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The Chiefs scouting motto should be, “While You Were Sleeping.” The Chiefs are made up of a bunch of players from a variety of colleges just like any other team. Right?

Well… not exactly. The Chiefs apparently are put together like Noah filling an arc coming two by two and in some cases three by three or four by four.

“While you were sleeping” could easily be the scouting mantra because the scouts appear to go and research a player and… vwa lah… they end up finding more than one player there and consequently, they come away with more players than they had expected… more than other teams may be getting because their eyes were wide shut.

Out of the 90 players on the Chiefs active roster, there are 47 players on the roster who come from a university and they are the only one from that school on the Chiefs roster. So, 43 have at least one other player on the roster from the same college.

What does it matter? It may not matter at all. Then again, it could be one of those built in advantages that GM John Dorsey utilizes to gain an advantage in the age of free agency when advantages are hard to come by.

The Green Bay Packers, where Dorsey went to the GM school of Ted Thompson, there are 42 from individual universities and 48 players who share a university. Even though the Oakland Raiders haven’t been very good lately, GM Reggie McKenzie, who also grew up in Ted Thompson’s school of hard knocks, carries the same numbers as the Packers right now: 42 to 48.

So, is this a natural occurring phenomena? I decided to check out a few other noteworthy teams.

New England Patriots: 49 individuals from separate universities and 41* share an Alma mater.

Seattle Seahawks: 41 individuals from separate universities and 49* share an Alma mater.

Pittsburgh Steelers: 42 individuals from separate universities and 48* share an Alma mater.

Baltimore Ravens: 43 individuals from separate universities and 47* share an Alma mater.

Denver Broncos: 39 individuals from separate universities and 51* share an Alma mater.

*means these players shared an alma mater with at least one other play on their team.

It’s difficult to say if there’s any advantage to this practice. Of course, by the time the Chiefs make all their cuts these numbers will dwindle dramatically but the pattern will remain.

So, I took a look at some other teams that haven’t done as well in recent years.

Dallas Cowboys: 53 individuals from separate universities and 37* share an Alma mater.

Cleveland Browns: 55 individuals from separate universities and 35* share an Alma mater.

Jacksonville Jaguars: 51 individuals from separate universities and 39* share an Alma mater.

Tampa Bay Bucs: 56 individuals from separate universities and 34* share an Alma mater.

Tennessee Titans: 50 individuals from separate universities and 40* share an Alma mater.

Now, this pattern doesn’t hold true for all teams I checked like the Vikings but, in general terms, there appears to be something to it.

At this time of year the Chiefs are rotating camp bodies through the roster but the teams who have nearly 50 players from a shared Alma mater made it to the Super Bowl.

Below you’ll find the figures for the San Francisco 49ers who seem to be an anomaly that run away from this trend. However, the opposite may be true for them in that they may actually do more scouting of a wider range of schools and see no need to bring in players from same universities as “camp bodies.”

San Francisco 49ers: 54 individuals from separate universities and 36* share an Alma mater.

What do you think Addict fans? Does these mean anything at all or is it just dust in the wind? Now, click NEXT to read Laddie’s Camp Notes.

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