Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp Quotes: Andy Reid, Jamaal Charles, Alex Smith, Dontari Poe, And Derrick Johnson

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Jan 4, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid prior to the 2013 AFC wild card playoff football game against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp is underway and there is a ton of stuff to go through. Let’s get right to it.

(Note: AA comments are in italics.)

OPENING STATEMENT: “As far as the injuries go, Rock (Rokevious Watkins) and Sanders Commings are starting on NFI. Rock’s back has a disc issue and Sanders has a foot strain. I don’t think they’ll be too long but we’ll see. And Joe McKnight and David Van Dyke did not practice today, but I think you know about them, we talked about the knee with McKnight and hamstring with Van Dyke. Good to get back out here. The guys did a good job with conditioning this morning, came back in good shape. We did a 10-10-10 practice out here in helmets and shorts. Just to get back into the football part of things. Tomorrow we’ll have shells and helmets practice and take that next step from this afternoon. Take that next step, ramp it up and get ready for our full padded practice the next day.”

Q: That was fun today, that 11 on 11, just kind of fun with the fans. Was it as much fun for you guys as it was for the fans?

REID: “Well listen, the fans are great. It’s great to have them out here to give you a little juice. The guys had a hard workout this morning, and I know they feed off the fans. So I think that helped them have a good workout here this afternoon. So we appreciate the fans and the things they do for us. Again, we expect to see a lot tomorrow too and every day.”

Q: Can you speak to the significance of getting everything wrapped up with Jamaal and having him here from the get go? If you were concerned he might not be.

REID: “I thought he’d be here. I figured it’d all work out. They were communicating. I always say if they’re talking that’s always a good thing. I didn’t anticipate him not being here. I knew he wanted to be here and do his thing.”

Q: How important is it to have everybody involved that way?

REID: “I think it’s a good thing. Continuity is always big. The team, that’s big and getting back to work. Getting yourself together as a football team.”

Q: 349 touches from him last year, how much do you have planned for him this year? What’s he got in the tank?

REID: “I think he’s got a lot in the tank. We’re going keep using him. He’s a good football player and he enjoys playing the game, so we’ll keep getting him the football.”

AA: I don’t know if this should excite or terrify me. It should be noted Knile Davis took his fair share of carries with the first team during the afternoon practice.

Q: Can you over use a player like that?

REID: “I haven’t had one that I’ve over used before, and I’ve been doing it a couple years. So I think we’ll be ok.”

Q: Do you even worry about over using somebody?

REID: “No, we have enough players here to spread the ball around and everybody gets a piece of it.”

AA: This coming from the guy who earlier this offseason said he wanted to keep Jamaal Charles fresh. Just sayin’.

Q: Is he the most talented guy you’ve had ever with one of your teams?

REID: “He’s a pretty good player. Now, I don’t want to slight any of the other guys. I’ve had some good players. But he sure is a great one.”

Q: What about Justin Houston? How important was it to have him here today?

REID: “I think that’s a positive thing there. I’m glad he’s here; he’s a big part of this team. So, I’m glad he’s here and working hard.”

Q: You mentioned it’s good when they’re talking, are Alex Smith and Justin Houston and their reps talking with the team right now?

REID: “I’m going to let Dorsey handle you guys with that kind of stuff. I’m out of that business now.”

AA: This is pleasing to hear.

Q: Is that just kind of normal? Are you used to that stuff when you’re coming to training camp, guys may hold out may not hold out?

REID: “Yeah, it’s all part of the game. I’ve always said whoever is here, we’re going to coach. That’s how we go about it. I understand the game, I’ve been around it a bit so those things happen.”

Q: Jamaal’s not just anybody though. I mean, he’s not some average player. If he wasn’t here that’d be a really big deal.

REID: “Right, that’s why I said the first part of it, that I’m glad he’s here. When in reality you’re going to coach who is here, right? That’s important.”

Q: You guys say that but how do you realistically do that when it’s a big time player who you know is going to contribute, and you know the guy who is just filling in really isn’t going to be there come opening day?

REID: “Here’s the thing, you’re going to play two strings, at least. So those guys that are here are going to play in the game. So you work them and give them an opportunity to get out and they end up getting a couple extra reps. And, that’s kind of how it works.”

Q: Is it just good to finally get eyes on the guy after it’s been a so many months away from you guys?

REID: “He came back in great shape and the right frame of mind. He’s ready to go and play. That’s one thing, he brings great energy, he’s definitely an energy give to this football team and we appreciate having him here.”

Q: We also got a chance to see Travis Kelce do a little bit more running around than he had before. How’s he look to you? No pads I know, but he seems healthy.

REID: “Travis was a good player in college and we were looking forward to getting him out here last year. We didn’t have that chance but we’re glad he’s out here now and he can move around a little bit. He does a nice job.”

Q: Just to make sure I understood something you said earlier, you’re going to be in pads on Saturday?

REID: “Right now the days are running together. So tomorrow we won’t be in pads and I believe the next day we are in pads.”

Q: Sanders Cummings, we’ve heard this story before. In the rookie camp he hurt his foot again?

REID: “He actually hurt it before he got here when he was training.”

Q: Sanders, you don’t think was as serious and Rokevious you’re not sure?

REID: “I think if I told you today I would probably tell you Sanders is not as bad as Rock.”

Q: Derrick Johnson your oldest position player, he looks like your youngest position player.

REID: “I’ll tell you what, he came back in great shape.”

Q: What makes him so special to you?

REID: “He’s a pro, in every aspect of it, he’s a pro. Just handles everything the right way: classroom, on the field, off the field. He’s top notch. Good leader.”

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