Jun 17, 2014; Eden Prairie, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer speaks with quarterback Matt Cassel (16) during practice at Winter Park. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Ron Jaworski Names Matt Cassel Worst Quarterback In NFL

You all should be stunned to learn Matt Cassel is not a very good quarterback. Ron Jaworski, ESPN’s ‘quarterback guru’ would seem to agree with the notion Cassel isn’t very good.

In Jaw’s annual countdown of the 32 starting quarterbacks Jaworski ranked Cassel 32nd out of 32 starting quarterbacks, one behind Houston Texans starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Is now a good time to remind you a former Chiefs general manager gave Cassel a $50+ million contract? No? Okay.

Cassel may not be a starter for very long this season given offensive coordinator Norv Turner’s history with quarterbacks and the first round selection of Teddy Bridgewater. Jaworski sites Cassel as having one of the worst play action pass ratings of any quarterback in football, which poses a problem when you have someone as great as Adrian Peterson selling the fake. Here’s Jaw’s comment:

“Turner’s offense starts with the run game. With Adrian Peterson in the backfield, Cassel’s 66 quarterback rating last year on play-action passes just wasn’t good enough.”

Nope, that will not do indeed.

With the knowledge of how bad Cassel is as a starting quarterback and how difficult it is to obtain a decent starting quarterback, it would seem to stand to reason the Chiefs should give Alex Smith the money he is asking for in his contract negotiation. I’d much rather deal with his limitations – limitations that help lead to 11 wins – than the limitations of another Matt Cassel, Brodie Croyle, Tyler Thigpen… you get the point.

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  • Andy

    Matt is a great guy, qb? not so much. Poli made him the franchise qb, which put him in a no win situation. Under a good, strict offensive coordinator’s supervision his is okay. He isn’t the worst in the nfl though.

  • trinity

    I agree with that. cassel and Ryan “pickspatrick” are the bottom of the starting QB barrel.

  • Michael Lizalde

    In the NFL there are 3 categories of QBs. Elite, good and the rest. Elite are Manning, Brady, Bree’s, Rodgers. Your good include Cutler, Rivers, Ryan, Newton, Stafford, Luck, Roethlisberger. And then the rest. Where does AS fit in? He’s in the good category, but a lot closer to the rest then the elite. So we should pay him top 5 money because we should settle? I say he earns it this year! If he wants top 5 money then he needs to earn it.

    • Ben Nielsen

      Not paying him top five money – if that’s even what he’s asking for – guarantees you get “the rest” next season and maybe beyond. Or do we want to perpetually be trading second round and first round draft picks for quarterbacks?

      • Michael Lizalde

        Well we have 2 guys that we drafted that everyone is high on. This Murray was a projected 1st round pick before he popped his ACL. Smith has only played a full season 3 times in his NFL career and never consecutively. Not looking good for us this season…… What’s wrong with making him play out his contract to prove he is worthy of top 5 money. It’s reported that he’s asking for more than $120 million. Why should we over pay for him? Because we’ve had crappy QBs?

        • unclejesse40

          I agree on the injury front. That’s not the guy that you want to throw a lot of money at. The truth is if he plays like he did last year and makes it injury free the Chiefs are going to have to pay him a lot in order to keep him. But if he gets another concussion and is out for several games like he has been in the past, the Chiefs will be all the better for it.

  • Andy

    It amazes me that article’s with ‘qb’ in the title, are automatically a jump on AS occasion.. Get a life.

    • berttheclock

      Does Trinity and his buddy micah actually have such? Their apparent only reason for anything is to come here and knock our excellent QB. Both are nothing but bilge spewers.

  • Joshua

    I would rather watch monkies play with each other than watch cassell take one more snap for the chiefs. Def at the bottom of the barrel.

  • berttheclock

    Ron Who? Oh, you mean the former so-so QB who thought the Chiefs made a huge mistake in not taking micah’s best bud, Geno?

  • John Holt

    Matt played very well the games he started for Minnesota last year. This is coming from a Kansas City and Minnesota fan; not a great starter he is, but and outstanding back-up quarterback. I respect the man, and at least he tries to be the best he can be. I’m hoping when KC hosts the Vikings this pre-season us KC fans can have some damn decency and not boo the man when he comes one field. I’m sure that wont be the case, I’ll be there though pumped on my two favorite teams.

  • Scott

    Said the former Worst Quarterback in Football

  • Scott

    Not so true. He had super bad coaching and a worse front office. This was a chaotic and embarrassing Chiefs team and I say that as a lifetime fan.