Behind Enemy Lines: AFC West

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Dec 1, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; General view of the Arrowhead Stadium during the NFL game between the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It is time to go somewhere only people who love silver and black, orange, and that weird blue they wear every now and then go… behind enemy lines.

What this is going to be is a post about three stories from our fellow FanSided network AFC West sites. I will recap the story, give you, the reader of the best site out there, the rundown of what it means for the the Kansas City Chiefs. This is be hard…going behind enemy lines has not been this painful since the movie of the same name. What? You don’t remember that one? Here ya go.


Whose idea was it to put Hansel in an action movie? Anyway I digress, lets dig right in and go Behind Enemy Lines: AFC West….

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  • Scott

    Whoa Man! Let me just say, that before the season starts, Denver Donkey fans have already won the West, beat the lowly Raiders and Chiefs twice, and dominated Sports Authority Field (little letters “mile high”- one of the worst stadiums in the NFL- it makes Oakland’s home look like the Taj Mahal). So, sorry but Donkeys say the season is over before it even started thanks to Saint Peyton “Let Them Eat Cardboard Papa John’s” Manning.

    • tm1946

      Might have over stated the obvious by a bit. If Peyton is close to what he was, Denver has a cake walk….. but if something prevents this from happening SD can sneak past. Wish I could include the Chiefs but they are planning for the future and Reid needs his kind of players on the roster.

      • KCMikeG

        Reality check. The donkeys didn’t have a cake walk last year even with having the most prolific offense ever. They won’t be able to match or better that especially after the Seahawks exposed Eggo weaknesses. The blue print is there for all to see and believe me Reid and Dorsey are building it to win now.
        Hilarious that you think the dolts are contenders after they stumbled into the playoffs with the refs helping them beat our 2nd stringers in week 17. Reality check – They won’t even be a contender this year.

        • Tom Sparks

          I agree, Mike. Even in the last 7 games of the season last year we were in everyone and.competative.
          If not for a fumble here or a wrong bounce there, we could have been better than 11-5. And truthfully, I did not see an 11-5 record happening before the season started!
          I think we have to trust our HC/GM/Owner to keep building on what it has started! Not easy, in a revolving door player, salary, ….etc. League of today. The Indy Playoff melt-down was a bitter pill to swallow. Even with all the players going down like swatted flies. Hoping everyone on the team learned from it.
          All that being said, it is anybodies AFC Title for the taking. I would love to see a SB run this year. But consistancy would be great! Especially when our new GM builds through the Draft. It is a solid proven approach! We just need to be a little patient, as die-hard Chiefs Fans!
          IMHO, the future looks very bright! Just keep Arrowhead loud & proud!
          Go Chiefs! See the Red
          Sea of Red!

        • micah stephenson

          I think if sea den played again it would b a lot closer. Denver prolly won’t start off with a bad snap for a td followed by special team tds every game.

          • KCMikeG

            Being able to come from behind or overcome bad luck is one of the hallmarks of elite QB’s but Eggo doesn’t have that in him any more.

  • berttheclock

    Hasn’t Goodell Fed Exed the Lombardi to Denver already?

    • Opthomas Prime

      He used UPS.

  • sidibeke

    Blueprint to beat Manning has been there all along; Sea didn’t expose anything new. To beat Manning, you need to get pressure on him. When you do, he is downright ordinary. That was my greatest frustration with Sutton; we just didn’t blitz Peyton.

    As for SD being 3rd in the division, that’s a tough one. I am a biased KC fan. I think an unbiased view would have to look at KC as 3rd best team. SD beat us both times last year (albeit dubiously over our 2nd string when their season was on the line once) and made it further in the playoffs. KC really has to be the 3rd best team in the west until they prove otherwise. And while I think the pieces are there to be successful this next year, the O line and Bob Sutton have to step up.

    • BWrangler

      Absolutely. Once you give the 5-head some happy feet, he starts handing out picks like business cards. Getting around the refs not calling holds to protect the Golden Child is nearly impossible, no matter the defensive talent.

  • Roger Mihalko

    I know get a life, this is all crazy, but hey IMHO:)

    The more I look at the players on the roster the more I see a set of holes in the defense that makes me nervous, both this season and future. Its basically right up the middle. We have DP as a monster in the middle, but we have no equal backup for giving him a rest so you have a scheme change when he steps out. I know we have shit ton of DE’s and DT’s in camp, but who gets backup to POE?

    The Front 3 need to be ferocious, attacking type guys, and have great chemistry, it all starts right wth them.

    You have basically have Joe Mays with one foot on a banana peel, on the weak side Inside linebacker, then no one even in the ballpark as talented backup. Mays has major injury history ( and is undersized if you ask me) then who?? hand full of hopefuls.

    DJ is a rock on the other side but similar problem, if he gets hurt, who steps in?
    The coachs have to get to work on this and I mean yesterday. The hopefuls starts with the johnson trio…Nico, Ben, James Michael….these guys need to glue themselves to Derrek and learn from the master. Personaly, I would put Dee Ford Behind Joe Mays, to get into the scheme, I know he is targeted for outside, but he is perfect inside size.Im just saying, dee ford is an added option on the inside in a pinch, maybe for the plan for future who knows. Weak side is really the only open spot right now for Dee ford to step in, unless Houston wants to take vacation.

    The there is safety….strong and free. You are looking that, realistically Berry needs to switch to free until one of these youngsters steps up, Abdullah is to slow for free safety, but can be serviceable at strong safety, but again kind of underside. Then you have backup again, who is backup, and how far does the play drop off?

    I like Seattle’s defense, Ours is similar, but we don’t have a freak like kam chancellor in the middle at 6.3 and 232 lbs……yet. Abdullah and berry can hold those positions to start the year, giving time in camp and season for the younger guys to get time at those spots.

    I think Deron furr and Josh Martin are great opportunity to get that freak size at Strong Safety in the middle
    Both or either could be converted, Furr has playing time at safety and ILB in college, I would target him first.
    This brings a crazy mix to the safety position most teams are not expecting.

    Poe holds the middle….but if a break… you have DJ or Ford there to stuff or cover under… if a slip there you would have the abdullah then eventually monsters in the middle in furr or martin to plug and cleanup.

    I think the outside is good shape with smith on one side, Cooper on the other, and a ton of talent camp to backup for depth, all sizable ( 6′ or bigger and fast). OLB’s are locked really, Ford is on a pivot for ILB or OLB for now.