Feb 1, 2014; New York, NY, USA; Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles receives the NFL.com fantasy player of the year award at the 3rd NFL Honors at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Where Will Jamaal Charles Rank In The NFL Top 10 List?

The NFL Network’s Top 100 players list named who was listed 20 through 11 last night and Jamaal Charles was nowhere to be found. This means the All-Pro running back is going to appear in the top 10 in next week’s episode, which begs the all important question:

Where will Jamaal Charles rank in the top 10?

Obviously we all think he should be the number one overall player from the 2013 season, even if that does make us homers. But there is actually a pretty solid case for him to be the number one player on this list given his accomplishments from 2013 and his surroundings.

Many will point to the all-time season Peyton Manning had in 2013 but they will not note all of the talent he had surrounding him. Manning was standing behind one of the league’s best offensive lines, throwing to one of the game’s top tight ends, play-action passing with a Pro Bowl running back, and attacking secondaries with three of maybe the ten best wide receivers in the AFC.

Charles, meanwhile, nearly became the 10th player ever to accumulate 2,000 yards from scrimmage and 20 touchdowns. Missing the mark only because the Chiefs chose to bench him the final week of the season. Charles was to only the biggest weapon on the Chiefs offense, he was the only weapon. Every defense the Chiefs played against had the singular focus of stopping Jamaal Charles.

They couldn’t.

Without Jamaal Charles the Chiefs do not win 11 games, do not make the playoffs, and do not stand a chance much of a chance in the 2014 season. He’s one of the few non-quarterbacks in the league who can be a game-changer with his abilities.

No, Charles is not going to end up number one because Deity forbid we don’t give every award known to man to either Manning or Tom Brady, but Charles deserve to crack the top five. Hopefully he does.

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  • Reggie Flenory

    He better be number 1 definaetly top5 for sure they always snubbin jc bias ass haters

  • Pessimisticchiefsfan

    I’m guessing 8.

  • berttheclock

    Top Five, but, I agree that Mr Choke Manning will be given the crown. The NFL is different from the NBA in that in the NBA, regular season or as the great Michael said “the pre-season” is meaningless. But, in the NFL, awards are given for “pre-season” play, where Mr Choke excelled. Yeah, that great O-line really protected him against the Seahawks, and their MaHvelous wide outs really looked great, as well, eh? Oh yes, one of them set a record, but, only scored on a meaningless gimme.

    • Steve Blank

      that oline is only avg…mannings uncanny ability to read defense and get rid of the ball very very quickly makes the line look much better than they actually are….look what happened when they had to block a bit longer against seattles press coverage….not a good result

  • berttheclock

    I see where Packers’ fans are going beserk about Rodgers being placed at eleven.

    • trinity

      They shouldn’t be too unhappy. Rogers is an incredible quarterback, and without a doubt he’s elite. Having said that, out of the 4 elite, someone has to be number 4. And it’s not Drew, Peyton or Tom haha. Number 11 for the 4th best QB in the league is fair to me.

  • Alex Rodman

    He is top three

    • Deadmeat

      I honestly think 2 or 3. Manning will get #1.

  • ladner morse

    Someone should make a list of the NFLs “Best Deals” because JC would top that list for sure with him making $5,233,333 this year. Manning probably makes that much off of his commercials alone.

    • mnelson52

      Yes. Manning is the reason I’ll never buy Papa Johns.

  • Nick the Kick

    Every talking head seems to prefer McCoy, whose body of work doesn’t compare to JC. Charles is better with a much more suspect o-line and inferior passing threat. He should be top rb, but I’d bet on McCoy or Peterson because of their national prominence and catchy nicknames.

  • trinity

    He should get the nod as the best running back in the league this year. I haven’t been following the list at all, but I bet lesean takes number 1 running back. JC has way more to carry though, so he should get it. Top 5, and Peyton will be number 1 of course.

  • Rich Cooper

    I honestly think based on last season he deserves to be 1 or 2. Hopefully he’ll at least crack top 5. If not this “ESPN invented” award is about as meaningless as everything else on that network, except for the annual Jimmy V foundation work, some of the 30 for 30 productions, and the Outside the Lines work.

    • Bill

      This is an award created by the NFL aired on the NFL network and voted on by the players. Nothing to do with ESPN. Not that that makes it any more valid.

      • Rich Cooper

        My bad. Still think much of the same feelings apply toward NFL Network on air and online. Content is driven toward promoting media darlings to enhance ratings on the network and NFL wide. Players and their agenda seem to be slightly better, but they see and hear everything we do so…….Listen I admit I might be biased to say 1 or 2, but I also genuinely believe that is his place based on his work last season.

        • mnelson52

          I know what you mean about the networks promoting who they want. Clowney went #1 in the draft, but all you could hear about was Johnny M. and Michael S.

  • calciomoti

    I say he’s #1, but will be 2nd right behind the guy from papa John’s commercials…

  • Don taco

    Ap will be number 1, charles will be ahead of mccoy. Somwhere in the top 6. Rodgers being 11 was a shocker so i wouldnt be suprised if charles is in the top 5