Dec 23, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers (24) signs autographs after the game against the Indianapolis Colts at Arrowhead Stadium. The Colts won the game 20-13. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Flowers: "I want to play the Chiefs again, let them know how I felt about it."

Brandon Flowers was on NFL Total Access and let some of his thoughts about his release be known.

“I was very surprised when it happened,” Flowers said on Wednesday’s edition of NFL Total Access. “I know I hit the (salary) cap pretty hard, but I thought if I was going to get traded or released it would be in February or March sometime.

“The timing that they did it, it kind of hit me. So that’s why I stayed in the division. I want to play the Chiefs again, let them know how I felt about it.”

The NFL Network doesn’t allow for videos to be embedded so you’ll have to click here to watch the full interview.

The interview didn’t have a negative tone. In fact, it sounded more like Flowers was looking for some extra motivation to get him ready for the season. Yes, San Diego is in the division and it works with the narrative he is creating, but the Chargers are also the team that showed the most interest and had the best fit of the teams that (supposedly) showed interest. I’m not sure I’d take these comments from him too seriously.

On the other side of this, Flowers was asked what he will miss the most about Kansas City. His answer? Us.

“My favorite thing about Kansas City was the fans. It felt like I never left college playing for Kansas City. No matter if we were winning four games, it was sold out. It was still crazy. You go to the malls and everyone had on red. It was crazy.”

Gonna miss you, Mr. Flowers.

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  • Reggie Flenory

    Man i hate we had to let flowers go ireally wish he woulda restructered his deal or something when he signed wit sd i knew it was personal he could have signed with any number of teams but choose to stay in he div. I still like em and cant blame em for feeling a certain type of way about this insure hope dorsey know what hes doing he now has “his guys” for “his defense” he wanted 6’0 rangy corners that play press hes got em now lets see what happens

    • KCMikeG

      I can’t believe that they didn’t try to redo his deal. It came down to he isn’t big enough to play the outside in our defense so there is no way you pay a slot CB $7.5M. Plus he didn’t want to play slot CB. I did question why we didn’t trade him but after seeing him only get one visit followed by a weak offer days later with no other visits or offers it was clear no one would touch him for his contract amount. That leads me to believe that Dorsey made the right decision. We shall no shortly if he was right. There must be something giving him the confidence to go with Smith & Berry and a whole crew of younger, bigger speedsters.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Yet you weren’t coming to organized team activities. We’ll be happy to see you too, Brandon. Can’t wait for us to line you up across from a fleet-footed receiver you can’t keep up with.

    • antony555

      Man where were you, the man was asked not too. Also if they were square with him they would have tried to trade him are let him go when free agency first started.

      • berttheclock

        Except, they did try to trade him, but, no team wanted to pay his salary. Look at the Lions where, last year, they gave a five year $25 M contract to a CB. However, he was injured during the season and they cut him in order to pay Ebron, their Number One pick. The inflated extensions and/or big contracts which have placed several big names on the outsides of the NFL. Even if the Chiefs had cut Flowers loose earlier, no team would have paid more than the “Show Us” contract offered by San Diego. In the NFL, it is always the NOW, not the past which prevails.

        • antony555

          At least with the positional players this included CB, before other teams made their choices of players who were free agents, actual we could have added him into a deal to acquire a real free safety, the one we had was to lite in the ass and tried every way possible to avoid contact thus corners getting beat like drums more over, Berry has had better years..

      • Stacy D. Smith

        That’s not true. Reid said he never told Flowers to stay away from OTA’s.

        • antony555

          I need not say Reid, it was Dorsey who could have let him go during free agency.
          Reid has input but the GM is the one who makes these choices and he made that decision!

          • Stacy D. Smith

            Where’s the evidence that Dorsey told him to stay away from the team’s training facilities?

          • antony555

            Stacy common sense, he wasn’t trying to secure a new contract.
            Also had he ever since he had been a Chief done anything like that before. If anything he could have been moved to free safety because Flowers was a hitter and would de-cleat people.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            He was under contract already. How does that prove Dorsey told him not to come to OTA’s? Furthermore, why would Reid say he was never told that by the coaching staff? Is Dorsey running around freelancing and not communicating with his head coach?

          • antony555

            So is Houston under contract already, why is he not in camp, as I said Flowers was under contract that would not be a reason for him NOT to be in camp, several sources according to local media have stated he was asked after the free agency period before the OTAs to stay away that’s why they drafted Gaines.. To replace him and pay Smith and Houston.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            Houston’s holding out for more money. He wasn’t told to stay away from team facilities. The head coach said Flowers was not asked to stay away from the team. That pretty much clears it up.

          • antony555

            There was a reason one we may never know unless Brandon comes out and says so. No there is nothing left to be said, some people make a mountain out of a mole hill. One statement and all this back and forth.
            Bottom line, Flowers had one bad season and Now he plays for an opponent in our division and every time he knocks a WIdeout out, are picks Alex it need not have happened. Now there’s nothing left to say!

        • micah stephenson

          Why go when they trading you anyway. He ain’t dumb. He knows he was on the block.

  • berttheclock

    The downside and the reality of the salary cap. Hard to realize that in 1994 when Tagliabue put it in place, the total cap was only $34.5 M. Had he stayed with the Chiefs, he would have been paid over $7M including the training camp bonus. Yes, there were several NFL teams interested in him, yet, at the age of only 28 he had to settle for a new contract with the Bolts for less than half what he might have earned with the Chiefs. The reality of aging in the NFL. One minute you are making the big bucks, the next minute you have to sign for a pittance of a “Show Us” deal. Now, with the minimum rookie salaries in place by the CBA, most players only have one chance of earning big bucks and that is their first extension. That is, also, why it is imperative for agents to secure the most they can in signing bonuses and guaranteed contracts because most of these large signings only end up to be headline grabbing signings with few ever to receive the entire amount of the contract.

    So long, Brandon, it was very good to know you as an outstanding player for the Chiefs. I hope you play very well against both the Raiders and the Broncos. Pick off Peyton, will you?

  • Jacob

    I’m so sick of seeing Chiefs fans throw Brandon under the bus, you could tell from the start that he had nothing but love for us, the fans. This just cements that fact. The guy will always be a Chief to me, even if he’s wearing that ugly baby blue color nobody over the age of 6 months old wears.

    I wish him the best, and just hope he has “off” games against the Chiefs.

    I had a dream the night he was released that Weston Dressler burned him for a game winning TD. That’s kinda relevant, right?

    • antony555

      Hey man I totally agree, Brandon Flowers should have been able to retire a Chief.
      It was that size thing Dorsey has but he in that man scheme they played when Brandon Carr was with us is where he excelled and if Berry and our supposed free safety had helped the cornerbacks the way they were supposed to he still would of been in KC. We will miss you Flowers, Chiefs for the long haul !!.
      P.S. also he wanted to be a Chief not like loads of others like rats jumping off a sinking ship..

  • berttheclock

    No one should speak of the excellent career of Flowers with the Chiefs without mentioning the man who brought him to the Chiefs. He was Bill Kuharich, now, with Ray Farmer and the Browns. He was the fellow who had the last great drafts for the Chiefs before Dorsey arrived. It was Kuharich who found Charles, Albert, Carr, Flowers, Hali and more. Without the talents of Kuharich, the foundation of the Chiefs would not be in place.

    Interesting that Ray Farmer, now with the Browns, has brought in not only Kuharich, but, virtually every new assistant under them has been a scout, whether for the Chiefs, Eagles, Philadelphia Stars or Custer.

    • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

      Well said bert. Kuharich was the key to King Carl’s draft improvements in his last years with the Chiefs.

  • Bigchief

    Putting everything aside he was a class act for the chiefs

  • Christopher Chance

    I feel betrayed in a way I would have wished him the best of luck had he stayed out of the divison.When I read the report of Chargers to sign Flowers I said no way and he did it. I hope he stays healthy and has a major down year all around. I hope they match him up with Bowe and watch him get bodied all day….

  • KCMikeG

    It was the right decision because of the money & he didn’t fit the system. I liked him and will miss him and will clap for him when he comes back to KC. But I also can’t wait for Reid, Pederson, AS11 and our entire receiving corps exploit his natural tendency to bite on a double move. He will be super hyped and even more likely to give in to his urges. Yes Flowers may have a few more good years in him but he doesn’t make the #29th ranked pass defense scary. I see long TD’s against the dolt’s weak pass defense.