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Kansas City Chiefs: The Tight End Predicament

The Kansas City Chiefs might find themselves in a predicament concerning their tight end situation.

The team currently has Anthony Fasano, second year player Travis Kelce, bubble player Demetrius Harris, and fan favorite Sean “The Beard” McGrath.

The problem comes in the form of whom to take in that third tight end spot for the team. Right now it is not as pressing as we are still well into the off season with training camp over a few weeks away. However once the pads come on and the Chiefs will have to start whittling down their decision when it comes to whom they will take into the 2014 season. Now it is unlikely the Chiefs will take all four into the season, the battle for that second and third spot should be a highlight of the Chiefs camp.

In one corner you have Anthony Fasano. He is clearly the starter on this team despite the season injuries he suffered. Fasano had 200 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns in his short season. So besides that he was a solid player when on the field who has good blocking ability which led to points for this Chiefs offense.

The the second corner you have Sean McGrath.

Known for his beard and for being one of the seven players picked up off the waiver wire by General Manager John Dorsey, which included Chiefs Rookie of the Year Marcus Cooper. McGrath’s stats were better than Fasano as he gained 302 yards and 2 touchdowns and was starting to gain footing as a viable option when Fasano was down and as well when he was on the field in a two tight end set.

For the third selection you have Travis Kelce. A rookie drafted in the first group of draft picks by John Dorsey, however an injury sidelined the prospect and he did not play in one game his rookie season. However Kelce was getting a lot of looks in the 2013 training camp, and was very much looking like the third tight end in this trio.

Lastly the is the prospect in Demetrius Harris, a basketball turned football player. Harris has been the topic of discussion much of this off season when speaking about the tight ends. Head Coach Andy Reid seems impressed by him and will no doubt give him a lot of consideration when it comes to making it on the team in 2014.

While trying to guess what Reid and Dorsey are thinking in terms of tight ends for this team, no doubt Offensive coordinator Doug Pederson has his eye on this talented kid, and this training camp look for there to be a heated battle when it comes to tight ends and the Kansas City Chiefs.

What say you Addicts? If you could pick your tight ends for the 2014 season who would make the cut?

Sound off below.

And as always GO Chiefs!

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  • Jack Thomas

    Im pulling for harris and kelce because they have the most game changing ability

    • superman_25_58

      As much as I like the beard, I’m also hoping for the far more athletic TE’s to make it in D Harris and Kelce.

      • John Walsh

        With little experience and forced to be a starting tight end because of injuries, Beard was a big plus for the offense. Kelce, like Murray, hasn’t done anything yet. I’d keep Beard and Murray. As for Fasano and Kelce, they have to prove they can stay healthy and in the lineup first.

        • Maverik256

          Who’s Murray? Or new qb?

          • John Walsh

            My apology, I meant Harris of course.

        • mnelson52

          Why doesn’t Murray have to prove himself like Kelce or Fasano? He was drafted with an ACL injury. Bray has no injuries, better arm than any QB we have, and 1 more year in the system than Murray. Just trying to understand your logic.

        • superman_25_58

          Regardless they are bigger faster and stronger and if they survive camp than Beard prolly winds up finding a new home unless we run with four TE’s which is a good possibility considering Reid loves using TE’s.

  • berttheclock

    When Dorsey was with the Packers, they carried 5 TEs, largely due to Finley possibly leaving in free agency.

  • KCMikeG

    With the importance of the TE position in Reid’s WCO and the injuries we have suffered at the position would it be a possibility that they could all four make the roster?

  • Josh Landers

    Fasano is solid, the beard is reliable, Kelce and Harris both have the potential to be big time playmakers. If I could, I wouldn’t let any of them go. Harris is as good as gone if he’s placed on the ps. I say run with three rbs plus dat wr/rb and keep all 4.

    • Steve Blank

      and short which other position? If we keep 4 TEs we have to cut from somewhere else

    • Steve Blank

      sorry…I see you mentioned going with only 3 rbs….answering my question before I asked it. lol…I should have read more carefully

  • cd3382

    Well…It would be nice to keep all four if possible.

    • John Walsh

      How about Murray as a hybrid WR/TE ala Jimmy Graham?

      • Steve Blank

        who the F is murray?

        • John Walsh

          I know, it should have been Harris. If he continues to demonstrate that he can make the catches, I see him winning a spot due to Fasano or Kelce being injured or out for the season.

  • Roger Mihalko

    To me its a prove it scenario……. a guy with no training camp, a new offense to learn, and new qb…I’d say McGrath earned and proved it last year. 16 games in the system, familiarity and comfort with Alex. If he is given a spot, with the full off season workouts and training camp, he can learn to block and only get better.

    Harris…..well he is healthy…..and he has been busting his ass to learn the game, learn his position, and demonstrate he deserves an opportunity. I say give it to him, because him and McGrath in a Two TE set would be a very weird combo of abilities, and match up headache, which sounds fun as hell to me.

    I don’t think its fair to just give the starting job to fasano, all he proved is he is an injury queen, personally I put him at bottom of the list.

    Kelce…….um…… hasn’t earned or proved anything……another injury queen……missed OTA’s and Mini camp for the most part…..not sure if he can even go full speed.

    I dont have anything against Kelce, Fasano…..or for that matter…Eric Fischer. Hell I don’t see Joe Mays as the solid everyone else seems to for the simple injury reason. Two others are Commings and Nico Johnson. If any and all can get into pads, contribute and demonstrate they deserve a spot, well we can only wait to see who bellies up to the bar ……or gets a skirt and helps out the cheerleaders on the sideline.

    My money is on…

    Kelce…..tanks… not healed… limited. another season down the tubes.
    Fisher…. tanks….not healed up, … they leave him on bench to heal up, has limited impact as backup tackle.
    Fasano….heals up, but gets hurt again, does same routine as last year, backup TE, little to no impact.

    I see Mays getting brained in training camp, out for half the season. Nico and Commings make it thru camp and earn a spot, 50/50 on first full season.

    ( who is this murray in the below comments? he is a QB not TE, I guess you mean harris.)

    • mnelson52

      Glad you are so optimistic. Nothing like good positive feed on about half the team.

    • superman_25_58

      Kelce didn’t show up bc they are holding him back til training camp to give him maximum time to get healthy. All these players have had plenty of time to heal up 100%. Injuries is part of the game and every team has them this doesn’t mean these players will tank nor does it mean they are injury prone.

  • Bobby

    Fasano will go down at some point, thats just the nature of the position, Beard will be there to jump in. Battle is going to be between Kelce and Harris on the topic of off. Bowe and Avery will be 1&2, Jenkins, Williams and the Canadian are probably duking it out for the 3rd spot and Special Teams slots that includes DAnt for KR duty. I feel the Chiefs are deep with potential ther in lies the rub

  • OHChief

    I see someone getting injured late in training camp and going on IR… same with our 4th QB… wink wink

  • Chris Tarrants

    If, and a big if, all four are healthy at the start of the season then the bearded one would have to go. I hate saying that but there is too much potential in the others, well Fasano isn’t so much potential as locked on contractually. Either way it goes, this is a good problem to have! I am trying to remember when or if Pioli ever had too many people competing for the same job? Oh wait that’s right we had Stanzi, Palko, Cassel, and Orton at QB.

  • Steve Blank

    barring injury fasano and kelce are locks…i think they keep harris on the practice squad and keep the beard on the active

    • berttheclock

      Harris would be snapped up in a heart beat by other NFL teams should he be placed on the taxi squad.

      • Steve Blank

        probably true…if it isnt him on the practice team it will be the beard…I wonder about the realistic chances of trading McGrath…maybe a 7th rounder?

      • sidibeke

        Agreed. I think from what I’ve heard, Harris has to make the 53 man roster.

  • sidibeke

    The beard is the odd man out, but given KC’s TE history, I’d say two are on IR by the time Aug rolls around, so we’ll be looking to add someone.

    • ndubyah

      I don’t see why beard is down and out. He should be a nice 3 behind tkelce and fasano.
      He produced and was a nice surprise. He doesn’t have to be the next tonyg or even as good as tonymo (Rookie season) for that matter. If he is asked to do. He does. What more do you want from a 3 te. Can’t have Jimmyg, gronk and tonyg all on the same roster (that’s a lot of cap$). But what we need is a solid vet (fasano), a pray to Jesus one day superstar or even a one or two time probowl prospect in kelce, and that leaveS the rodman to my pipen and mj, Mr 2014-15 kc chiefs te no.3 McGrath aka the beard. He ain’t pretty (even though rodman looked great in a dress) but he does what needs done. Harris hasn’t been anything other than a summer project that never quite seems to be done enought to show your school friends or enemies for pure look at what I made jealousy awesomeness. Just saying stop with your awful articles of hope and speculation of something we all already know grasp and generally don’t really care about. Cant believe I just tooktye time to write about a 3 and 4 tightends for god sake.

      • ndubyah

        And I got crazy used a mj reference to tighends pathetic. Wow bedtime

  • John Moore

    Dump Kelce.

  • David E. Bell

    Here are the points; Fasano is a proven. Kelce a top 3 draft choice, Harris can’t go to the TS. McGrath came in and proved he could play and that leaves us Gordon who is left out of the mix but was already tendered before the camps. With what the position requires in the Hybrid WCO, it seems to me that the Chiefs do keep 4. Gordon is odd man out. One more consideration: McGrath is the Backup long snapper. Harris must prove it in pads. This is a good situation for any team, 5 tight ends competing? (same with QBs btw).