Jun 17, 2014; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid watches drills during the Kansas City Chiefs minicamp at University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs: Stepping Back In 2014

Now this might get me some hate, but I never-the-less feel that while most don’t believe it, in our guts we can understand how the Kansas City Chiefs will take a step back in 2014.

Now before the haters come out in force over this post I want to say this: I am a hardcore Chiefs fan. I was given the honor last year of trying to predict the Chiefs record, and while I was incorrect in assuming they would go 13-3 and win their first playoff game since I was in middle school, I did look at it from a rational perspective.

That is how I am taking this, from a rational perspective. Now as a fan would I love to see them surprise the NFL again and finally dethrone the Denver Broncos from the first in the AFC West? Well that is a duh! But at the same time I see all the changes that have occurred this offseason and the steps that were taken back in the second half of the season.

Now why do I feel that my team will take a step back? Well there are a couple of reasons for this thought process.

Dec 1, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) throws a pass during the second half of the game against the Denver Broncos at Arrowhead Stadium. Denver won 35-28. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

1. Key offensive losses.

Any team that loses as much as this team lost in the off season is already starting the season behind. The loss of play makers like Dexter McCluster, Quentin Demps, John Asamoah, Branden Albert, not only hurt the team they will be missed. Now an argument can be made that Albert was not worth it, and McCluster’s skill set can be easily replaced and one would be correct. But anytime a starter is lost off of a team it can be a tedious task to replace them. There are some doubts that the players they have signed through the draft and free agency can fill the shoes of the lost players.

2. The Defense Still Has Strides To Make.

Dec 1, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Denver Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno (27) is pursued by Kansas City Chiefs players Kendrick Lewis (23), Sean Smith (27), Quintin Demps (35) and Derrick Johnson (56) at Arrowhead Stadium. The Broncos defeated the Chiefs 35-28. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Defensive Coordinator Bob Sutton brought in a new in your face type defense and this led to the Chiefs being the number one defense through the first half of the season. However the loss of both Justin Houston and Tamba Hali towards the end of the year revealed some major flaws in the defensive scheme. Now this can be attributed to not having the right players in place, especially with rookie Marcus Cooper. However even with the personnel in place the defense still had an extremely hard time against great quarterbacks. The loss of Pro-Bowler Brandon Flowers, despite the off season he had, is still not a good sign that this defense is going in the right direction. I think that this defense will still be good, they will not be as good as they were last year.

Now before the verbally ripping comes into play from commentators who will call me not a true fan let me say this.

I believe in this team. I believe in what Andy Reid and General Manager John Dorsey are doing with this team. Was 2013 a fluke? No I don’t believe so, what I believe is that it was a great building block to start with. I feel that we cannot rationally expect this team to go 11-5 again especially with teams such as the San Diego Chargers seem to be getting better, oh and that one guy in Denver they are gaga about. I think this year they take a step back and go maybe 7-9 9-7 at best, maybe they get into the playoffs again maybe not, it is so tough to predict what is going to happen. But one thing is for sure, this Chiefs team is not done building and they are certainly not done winning.

So what say you Addicts? Am I completely off the mark on this one? Let me know, sound off below.

Go Chiefs!

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  • David Whited

    I think they will be a better team with one less win leaving them at 10-6 and still securing a wild card spot which will be played at Arrowhead in a rematch with the Patriots…where we beat them at home for the second time this season.

    • Kcfan

      Wild card teams cannot host playoff games! Other than that I agree with 10-6

      • Kisersosay

        Yes they can if they both get to the Championship game..That would be a first…but it is technically possible.

      • Tyler_KC_Fan

        The Chiefs were a Wild Card team and hosted the playoff game against Baltimore in 2010.

        And no way the Chiefs go 10-6 this year. Not to be negative or a downer, but lets be realistic. We didn’t improve our offense any and lost a lot of important parts to the offensive line. Our secondary is a little scatered right now because of Flowers leaving, Smith with his legal issues, not knowning where to put Berry, how will Cooper do this year, etc. A lot of question marks. We didn’t give Alex Smith ANY offensive weapons this offseason, but insisted that our WRs were perfectly fine. Even though our RB had more recieving yards than our WRs. We finally had a draft that was stacked with WRs and we didn’t take one. Before you say anything about D’Anthony Thomas, the Chiefs don’t know whether to use him as a RB, WR, KR/PR, safety…. he’s kind of just here. He’s been talking to the RB coach more though.

        We didn’t do much to help this team during the offseason and we are expecting them to do the same, if not close to the same as last year? I understand that Smith and the offense started doing a lot better towards the end of the year, but lets keep in mind that after going 9-0 to start the year against teams that weren’t all that great, we went 2-5 against quality teams. So when our team was supposed to be better, we lost more. I know Huston and Hali were hurt and that’s why we drafted Dee Ford, but Dee Ford isn’t going to be that big of an impact player. People saying he is going to be the next D. Thomas are in complete denial about who Ford actually is. He in now way shape or form will be that guy.

        • ben

          Ravens were wildcard team we hosted them bc we won our division

        • Digger Wallace

          The Chiefs won the division in 2010. A division winner hosts a wild card team.

        • Rob Ross

          With all due respect. I think you are completely of base here with your annalysis of last season. First of all I would like to admit that there are question marks in the secondary, WR, and OL. That being said the offense averaged 29 points against better teams for the last half season not the last bit of it. The Chiefs have a more talented defense now than last year. Vance Walker will help open up Dontari Poe on the line and Dee Ford has shown the potential to be an immediate impact player. Not to mention Mays and asost of albeit unproven but very speedy youngsters in the defensive backfield. We couldn’t go wrong replacing Robinson, Lewis, Demps and yes even Flowers who played terrible last season and didn’t fit the scheme.
          I see a lot of potential in TE corps, the secondary, and OL. I also feel that the WR corps are young and underrated. BOWE also is going to have a breakout year in his second year with Alex Smith. It just takes awhile for most receivers to get in sinc with their qb.
          I see absolutely no reason not to be positive, not overly optimistic but positive as a fan. GO CHIEFS!!! GO BIG RED!!!

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            I’m not trying to be negative or anything, I’m being realistic. We lost nearly out entire OL this off season, which without a solid offensive line your QB doesn’t have time to scan the field and your RB doesn’t have any holes to run through. Our entire offense last year was Charles. Charles led the team in TDs, rushing yards, receiving yards, and receptions. Without Charles our offense was dramatically different. I understand that Charles is our pride and joy and whatever else you want to say, and some people have said that an Andy Reid offense runs through the RB, but lets get real here. Without Charles our offense is terrible. To tell me that an additional year of work with Alex Smith and Avery, Jenkins, Bowe, and Hemmingway will show drastic or even a significant improvement based off last year is not very believable. First off, Jenkins was with Smith before Smith came to KC and Jenkins didn’t record his first career reception until this year. Not very good. Hemmingway is alright, but not someone I’m lobbing the ball up to in any situation other than 1st down. Avery hasn’t had a healthy year in forever and isn’t very good to begin with. Bowe is a washed up loser. Since getting his contract he’s been absolute garbage. To say he will have a bounce back year is wishful thinking. There is no evidence to back that up, and their is more evidence to say he will continue slipping and won’t be a WR anyone in the league would consider a #1 WR. This years draft was an opportune time to make improvements with our WR core and we sat on our ass as they all came off the board, and when we had a chance to get one we waved at them as we drove on by. Not logical at all. D’Anthony Thomas is a wild card because the Chiefs have no idea what exactly they want to do with him. Yes I understand that when Huston and Hali got hurt our pressure on the QB dropped significantly and we were unable to disrupt the pass. What I don’t understand is why we draft Gains in the 3rd round when Dennard (a more NFL ready CB who is an absolute monster) was there at 23. Dee Ford was said to be drafted way to soon by almost every analyst and I agree. So we draft a CB from Rice who is very raw when we could have had a NFL ready CB. Once again, not logical. Flowers was not very good this year and you’re right he doesn’t fit the scheme that our defense runs now, but my point is our secondary he extremely young. That might be good in the future, but in the present that raises a lot of question marks and concern.

            All our acquisitions this off season might help the team a little. We picked up more DL players than OL players as well. Our OL got torched this off season with 3 starters leaving.

            They way we have gone about the draft this year and the off season signings just doesn’t make sense. Right now we have a lot of Chiefs fans who are all about the “wishful thinking” when in all actuality we didn’t do much to help ourselves. We have one of the hardest schedules this year, and we had one of the easiest schedules last year. To replicate the 11-5 or 10-6 record would mean a lot of teams flopped this year. I don’t really see that happening.

    • Jim Wynne

      If u’r a wild card u don’t get a home game

  • Calchiefsfan

    The thing is we have no idea what to expect from Andy Reid and the Chiefs this year because we only have 1 year to go off of. I honestly believe that the defense without Lewis will be improved. That guy just seemed to allow more big plays against the Chiefs, with the grand finale being the whiff on Luck at the goal line when Berry had initially caused the fumble. He ran right past Luck completely clueless as to where the ball was. That seemed to be his M.O. throughout the year.

    Will Cooper be a lot better his second year? Will Abdullah and Commings be a lot better than Lewis,(yes absolutely)? Will Ford keep the pass rush strong when Hali and Houston go down from time to time, (hopefully nothing to serious)? Will the O line come together? Will the Chiefs passing game and Smith improve with a full year under their belt? Will the tight ends stay healthy and be productive?

    There are so many unanswered questions it is impossible to tell whether we will go backwards this year ot put it all together.

    So with all that in mind, definitely 12-4 and a wild card berth. Beating both Indianapolis and the Patriots in the playoffs and taking on Denver in the AFC Championship game.

  • Jason Mauzey

    Lets look at it slightly different. The Chiefs are currently trying out between 11-13 WRs I can’t keep track of them all. The odds of one of them proving to be a good #2 is high there are simply too many for one not to do well. The TEgame is stronger this year. Charles is healthy and Davis is a strong backup. Bowe is going to have a better season he knows his continued presence depends on it. DAT will have a good rookie year and Ford will most likely rack up some good sack numbers. Sanders, Abdullah, and S Smith will improve the secondary it wasn’t that strong last year anyway. We have Johnson, Poe, Hali, Houston, Mays and Ford out there to hurt people. Lastly, I believe Smith will have a better year than last year. I know it’s harder to say the Chiefs will have a good year given the schedule, but have some faith Nick! Who know maybe Manning will have one of his many issues come up again and force an early retirement.

    • Patriot42

      A lot of assumptions

      • Jason Mauzey

        Agreed, but I feel it’s better than continuing the ever present negative attitude we have about the team almost every offseason

  • Michael White

    I agree they will be a considerably better team, especially on offense. Smith will be clicking from the beginning this time, so Charles will be even more scary. Final wins doesn’t matter all that much. The team might actually go far in the playoffs.

  • preston riley

    It’s all about the pass rush and secondary. Andy Reid’s offense will score (assuming O-line is ok), but last year Denver, San Diego and the Colts during 2nd half of playoff game just scored almost at will. Didn’t matter if they had to go 40 yrds or 80 yrds – a TD always seemed inevitable.

    • Calchiefsfan

      The second half play of our D is what has me more concerned than anything. Will Sutton be able to make any effective half time adjustments? He didn’t last year.

      • mnelson52

        I don’t think he had the players to make any effective changes.

    • Rob Ross


  • Roger Mihalko

    Step Forward… Not step back. To me it starts at the lines…. both offensive and defensive.

    O-line….Allen and Stephenson went that o-line camp, and are visibly stronger, bigger, and better.Hudson is a rock at center. Personally i think fisher will tank…injury queen, and Webb will be the left tackle. I think Fulton and RJ will go at hard for starting job, Not sure who it will be, but either will do fine. 3 of the 5 were starters last year, so it wont take much to gel. The 2nd string will be pretty good with Linkenbach, and whoever slides into the remaining roles for guards and tackles. Very young and good group to gel, and grow with.

    D-line…. Poe is a stud… but he will need relief, cant burn the motor like we did to him last year. I think that is a weak spot, not sure who can step in there to spell him, wait and see I guess.

    Devito and Walker to start… Catapano, Bailey as backups? These guys have to man-up and be animals at the line The better these three positions are at stuffing the run, and putting the fear of the football gods into the opposing backfield, the better the Chiefs will be.

    I think we are locked at OLB… Hali, Houston(when they sign him) ford, zombo (being the weakest link) stud starters and one young potential stud, and one serviceable veteran. Cant complain, but still would feel just a little warmer on the fuzzy, if we had one more young potential stud in the shoot, but cant have everything.

    Linebackers is where Im not so comfortable, terrified really. We have one sure player DJ… after that its hmmmmmm. Joe mays is an injury queen… I’m just following the history. If he can start and play 16 games, and be half as good as DJ we might be ok. Otherwise it falls to the backups…..Hmmmmm

    Nico Johnson….should step up and be the starter opposite DJ, at least in my book.

    James M. johnson, Josh Martin… Next up…. step up be class A+ backups to DJ and Nico.

    Longshots…..desmon moses, ben johnson, deron furr??

    To me the linebacker corps is the weakest area on the team and it would be grand if any of the blogs did some reporting on these fellows to give us a better idea.

    Berry played almost all last year in and around the linebacker position because we sucked there. Cant do that again, we need him roaming and leading the secondary with Abdullah.

    The secondary has a LOT of sizable guys in camp with the speed we were missing last year. they’re success depends on the d-line and backers.

    I think wideouts, tightends, RB’s, and special teams we are in great shape.

    • area

      Stephenson moved to left tackle with Fisher hurt during ota. If Webb is our starting Lt we are in serious trouble and AS11 will have a life expectancy of 1/2 of a game.

      • mnelson52

        I believe if Fish is hurt, Stephenson will move to LT and Webb to RT

        • area

          Yup, definitely Stephenson to LT, but my sleeper of the year is Fulton. I have nothing more than camp quotes (regarding his hand and footwork), hearsay (other players stating how explosive he is), and a hunch (mumbo jumbo)to go on, but I think this kid breaks out of the guard mold and into a rt.

          • Roger Mihalko

            I Like fulton to, and Like I stated above I think him and rishaw go at it in camp, should be fun. On fultons college preview page it said he had hurt his ankles in college and had some time out. I hope that isnt a problem for him here.

      • Roger Mihalko

        Im cool with DS at LT and Web at RT.

  • Deadmeat

    Nick, your wrong. Absolutely wrong! Way better!!!!! Oh ya, just drank the homer juice. Hope it’s not a bad crash.

  • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

    I’ll add Geoff Schwartz to the key offensive loss category. The offensive line played better when he started.

  • Josh Landers

    I don’t think you’re far off but I do think you’re selling these guys short a bit. The o-line currently has 4 players that started at least 7 games last year. That leaves rg as the only spot that has a real ?.

    Abdullah is better than Lewis. He’s faster, he’s better in coverage, and he’s a better tackler. Commings is an unknown. Coop should take a step forward this year *crosses fingers*. I’m not sold on smith but he’s good when he actually covers his man instead of biting on every pa. Owens was rated as one of the better cbs last year and Parker played pretty well in limited snaps last year.

    The lb corps needs depth.

    The d-line should be greatly improved. Bailey and catapano have both bulked up to 300+. Just need help for Poe.

    Rb is good.

    Qb is crowded and overflowing with untapped potential with bray and Murray. Not sold on Daniel though.

    And finally, wr. Look for bowe to bounce back this year. He seems really motivated. As far as the rest go, who knows? I like Hemingway. Jenkins COULD turn out to be a decent #2. Dressler could shock the world. Reports say that Avery has been locked in at camp without pads…then there’s a laundry list of other wr’s that few people have heard of. If Reid and co can coach mark Harrison up, the sky’s the limit. He’s big (6’3, 220ish), fast (sub 4.4), and strong (21 bench reps at combine last year). Just needs to improve on football stuff.

    Oh. Almost forgot te. SOLID. I really hope Harris makes the final cut. I think he could be really great given a year or two.

    All in all, I don’t think we stepped back as much as it appears at first glance. That being said, we have one of the toughest schedules in the league this year and will need a lot of things to fall into place to repeat last years performance. I’d say 9-7 or 10-6. GO CHIEFS!!!

  • Jacob

    Quentin Demps isn’t an offensive player :)

    Buy anyway… I think the offense is going to improve quite a bit as long as the line can keep Smith upright. 2nd year in Reid’s system should make them high scoring.

    Biggest question mark in my opinion is the defense. No idea how the defensive ends will perform, there is one CB proven to be a decent player, and we have no idea if Commings or Abdullah can serve well as a single high safety.

    • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

      I think Nick may have been referring to Demp’s returns as offensive production. He was a better return guy than a DB.

  • Stan Colbert

    I thunk the Chiefs step back also. I think it will be much more of a challenge to get wins this year. We could play much better and not win 11 games. Denver will also step back.
    I think the defense will have more challenges than offense. A lot of different players in different roles. The offensive line will take time to adjust but they did get experience last year so think adjustment quicker. This being year two should allow the Chiefs start at higher level than any point last year. I feel comfortable saying 9-7 at least maybe 10 if lucky. I think 10 wins and a tie breaker could win the division.

  • spencer

    1) Flowers was NOT deserving of the pro bowl last year, he was CRAP on the outside. He doesn’t fit the scheme (too small, to slow) as a in your face, bump and run corner, he was a bad overpaid fit who had a very bad year (that received the pro bowl due to being snubbed the previous year if anything.). His loss however is bad for the slot…hopefully Owens doesn’t perform a Robinson
    2) McCluster was overrated, he was a decent slot receiver that rarely made a big play, he was just a very small/quick slot receiver…Punt Returns he will be somewhat missed, but I like Thomas’ speed a lot better, as a returned AND slot receiver…although personally i’d rather see Bowe playing the position, he thrives in it whenever he is put in the slot.
    3) Albert is a loss, Asamoah/more importantly Schwartz are bad losses…However Stephenson/Fisher showed they could perform when Albert was out, the new potential RGs are promising…but yes that is looking meh
    4) You leave out Alex Smith, an entire year of learning the system under his belt and his performance in the last half of the season shows the opposite of what you are predicting (improvement, not regression) offensively…AJ Jenkins and Hemingway showed a lot of promise going forward in the chargers game, personally expect Jenkins to take Avery’s spot

    You expect the team to get worse, despite everyone being new last year, while the Chargers somehow get better in the same scenario??? I don’t get that at all. We got rid of players that don’t fit the system and are over paid/ (Flowers-doesn’t fit, Jackson overpaid, McCluster overpaid) and lost 2 starters on the offensive line (1 of which (Albert) missed a 3rd of the season)…Then lost players that were just flat out bad, Demps and Lewis (yes demps was good at special teams, but he was horrible as a safety, his angle of pursuits were just mind blowingly bad)

    • area

      Have to argue the McCluster stance, if anything, DMc was undervalued. During the last season he moved the chains 38 times, averaged better punt return production than anyone in the league, and practically took the entire team on his shoulders during the Washington game by creating all the big gains. Yeah, he got rag-dolled a lot when he was tackled but he was productive, that will be missed.

      • spencer

        My stance thou, is that i’d prefer Bowe in that position…i personally just don’t understand the value in small slot wrs…They are bad blockers, hard targets to hit, especially going over the middle (Most of Smiths crap, WTH happened there throws were to McCluster, hitting a 5 ft 8 (on a good day) just 3 feet behind a bunch of 6 ft 4 players isn’t easy, especially when they are running full speed…Bowe is a better WR no question, he should play a Boldin role…but we won’t do that. This “traditional” concept is what ruined Baldwin for us…his 1st season when he was good, he played the slot, not the outside and he was a monster…Now we are forcing Bowe to play the “traditional” position when athletically he has lost a step and doesn’t fit the roll that well anymore…McCluster did play well, but I believe his production (offensively) was based more on the team concept then his play. Sean McGrath has more big plays then McCluster with half the attempts…he was a decent check down, not a play-maker however on offense, too slow and small…(quick doesn’t mean fast, Charles is FAST, McCluster was just a B grade Danta Hall quick at best, and without the speed)

        • area

          sorry, I stated that Dex had 38 first downs, it was only 28, ahh to be able to remember with advantages. However, Dex’s longest reception came in at 43 yds, McGrath’s was only 25. And I agree on Bowe, he did his most deadly work inside where he could use his body versus the outside being a “hands” receiver.

          • spencer

            But in half the catches, and targets, McGraths had MORE 20+yrd plays…that big slow TE (not really slow, but slow for NFL standards 4.7ish 40) had more long yardage plays then the tiny quick guy.

            If it were up tome i’d try and put Jenkins plus Hemmingway/Thomas on the outside, and use Bowe in the slot…but that’s me and i’m not paid millions of dollars to make that decision, only to say why the hell not ;).

            Anyway thanks for the convo!

      • Jason Mauzey

        I think that between Thomas, Davis and Dressler one will show some potential on the return game. If we rotate Dressler and Thomas in the slot we will be fine there as well.

  • area

    I’m predicting a 2-3 game break-in period for the o-line this year, 2-3 games that the Chiefs don’t have to spare. I’ve stated before that I believe the offense will have to carry the defense for the early part of this next season and I stand by that stance. Way too many changes in the roster on the defense paired with the fact that I don’t believe in Sutton’s ability to adapt to changes will likely cost the Chiefs a pair of games this year also. All that said, we still have to play a very difficult schedule next season but so does the rest of the division. The Chiefs will be a better team next year with a worse record, 9-7 and a wildcard spot.

  • Joe Samuels

    I definitely see us going 9-7 just barely squeaking into the playoffs. I feel Z. Fulton will be our starting RG and our line will have some growing pains. Defense will also have growing pains. Our offense is the only thing i think will run on all cylinders

  • tm1946

    Might add:

    tougher schedule
    no money
    2013 rookie class is “injured” en mass.
    Team cannot hide behind – same old Chiefs. Andy did a job on the league last year, then he and Dorsey dumped the roster this year.
    Denver decided to make another run, SD looks better, and Oakland may have found a QB, in other words. The league did not lie down and wait for the Chiefs to catch up.

    Yep, a step back is due.

  • Tony Parker

    We only lose twice this year, to the Seahawks and once to egghead. Take the division, first round bye and steamroll to the Super Bowl where we fall behind early to the shithawks but make an astounding comeback in the second half to quench all our thirsts for that championship season we have all been dreaming about…….how’s that sound?

    • tm1946

      Bordering on bat nuts.

      I like the idea but Denver is not going anywhere. We seem to be down to one S, several injured “future stars”, no WR #2, a friggin’ mass of no bodies, our LT is less healthy today than since he was drafted, no contract extensions for Smith or Houston. But it is ok with me if we only lost 2 games.

      • sidibeke

        Your generous to write “bordering.”

    • Jim Harper

      Sounds great, but how long have you been sitting at that bar?

  • David

    I’m really surprised you didn’t morn the loss of Tyson Jackson.

    Was the defense good the first 9 games because of flowers or because of qb pressure? Evidence shows the answer to be qb be pressure. The chiefs will be more consistent at pressuring the qb this year both with the d-line and with added depth at outside line backer.

    If fisher has a good year the offense will be better. And the receivers will be better. If fisher has a bad year, good thing we have our D.

    Special teams will be better with the addition of DAT who will remind of the X-factor.

  • sidibeke

    I think it more likely the team will be better this year than last, doesn’t mean it’ll translate to the W-L column, though. 2nd year in their systems (O and D), addition of Ford. Actually, I have no doubt O will be better than the last season as a whole. The question is whether they can pick up where they left off at the end of the season given the O line losses. On the D side, losing Flowers is a hit, so that will take some toll, but I think the collective improvement from the unit should make up for that regression. I like the changes at Safety and D line. CB is a big ?. If D doesn’t improve, Sutton may be looking for a job (and should be by my count).

  • Jim Harper

    It is easy to draw such conclusions, Nick. There is no doubt they are facing a much more difficult schedule. The key will be injuries. If they can remain mostly healthy then I think they can beat anybody on their schedule. They do need to get Houston signed in short order so he does not miss any training camp.

  • Bear Brinkman

    I totally agree with you Nick. You can’t replace so many key players even with Pro Bowlers and expect them to get the system right off.We replaced the O line with back ups so far. Our punt and kick off TD’s will also disappear .I just think there are too many holes over-all . I think 7 wins is generous.

  • Justin R Groth

    I completely agree. We did not improve on key problem areas and took a step back in others. Lewis was incorrect for our D scheme yet he was our starter all season. when fisher was not hurt which seemed like hewas all year he never gave me any feeling of confidence he would be good this year. maybe in a few years if he stays healthy but right now Stephenson>Fisher. Also the removal of Brandon flowers from the secondary will not help our D at all. I thunk we take a step back not just in our record but as a team.

  • Rob Ross

    I think Nick, that you overshot with your 13-3 prediction last year and now your a little gun shy about a team that IMO has improved over last year. I know that we have a tough schedule but after we play all of the ARC and NYC championship contenders. The schedule becomes a lot softer. And I strongly feel that with a healthy pass rush this year that we will be able to beat Denver at least once and sweep San Diego like we should have last season I think that many questions will be answered when a good but very beatable New England team comes to town.
    Are their question marks on this team? Yes, but their are also some reasons to have hope and faith in this team. Some very good reasons. GO CHIEFS!!! GO BIG RED!!!

  • Bigchief

    I agree I say8 and 8 this yr I hope I’m wrong but too many changes this yr. no matter what thin is a rebuilding yr for them as much as I hate to say it

  • Patriot42

    The article is spot on. We all expect the Chiefs to improve but reality will win out as those players the Chiefs have lost will affect the chemistry of the team over the long haul.