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We’ve officially arrived at another dead spot on the offseason calendar. The Kansas City Chiefs have completed their organized team activities and training camp won’t open until late-July. There’s a good chance there won’t be much news until they depart for St. Joseph. What’s a senior writer and the good people of Chiefs Kingdom to do over the next month? It’s too early for roster predictions. Might also be a bit premature to try picking wins and losses from the regular season schedule.

So what can we do with this free time we’ll have over the next four weeks? Your guess is as good as mine, but summer’s always an appropriate time to explore future possibilities. It’s also a good opportunity to reflect upon the fondest days of our pasts. Who doesn’t have memories of high school? Remember when you voted with classmates to decide what the future held for your contemporaries (senior superlatives)? Seems awfully judgmental in retrospect, but it’s perfectly suited for what we’re doing today.

Without further ado, I present player superlatives for the 2014 Kansas City Chiefs!

Best Couple: Alex Smith & Dwayne Bowe

AS11 & DB

Everyone loves a good couple. One of the biggest keys to Kansas City’s offense taking another step forward is the progression of the relationship between quarterback Alex Smith and No. 1 wide receiver Dwayne Bowe. The two got off to a rocky start in 2013. Smith turned in his best season as a pro while Bowe had one of the worst showings of his career. The two did develop chemistry as the season wore on and had their best tandem performance in the Chiefs’ postseason loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

Word has it that they’re in rare form this offseason. They appear to have their timing down and Bowe’s become one of Smith’s primary targets. The trick will be to carry this momentum into camp and the preseason. There’s been no contact to this point, so we have to take the appearance of the pair’s progress with a grain of salt. If the reports continue into August, there may be cause for Reid and company to celebrate. Bowe getting back on track could mean more high-scoring affairs for the team on Sundays to come this fall.

Biggest Over-Achiever: Jamaal Charles


Every school has a student that distinguishes themselves as a consistently stellar performer. Jamaal Charles is that for the Kansas City Chiefs. He made a legitimate case as the league’s most valuable player last year. Charles fell short to eventual-winner Peyton Manning, but he did nab the infinitely less prestigious Fantasy Player of the Year Award at the annual NFL Honors event. His 2013 campaign yielded 1,980 yards from scrimmage and 19 total touchdowns (in just 15 games). He might’ve posted a 2,000/20 season if the team hadn’t locked up it’s postseason berth prior to the Week 17 game with the San Diego Chargers. That would’ve ranked as one of the ten best statistical performances by a runningback in league history (as it stands, it still might).

Andy Reid’s West Coast offense is a godsend for Charles. The scheme maximizes his dynamic skillset and often finds ways to get him into space (where he’s most dangerous). He’ll continue to be a centerpiece of this offense and with more support from second-year man Knile Davis, he could stay fresher and become a more consistent big-play threat opposing defenses will have to account for. Charles is finally garnering attention as one of the NFL’s premier runningbacks.

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  • Josh Landers

    Class clown – Vance walker. Have you read this guys tweets? Hilarious.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      He’s a funny guy. No doubt about that.

  • Josh Michaels

    Agree with the DAT. Can’t wait to see him in our special teams and with the offense

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Can’t wait to see him in action in the preseason. He needs as many reps as possible. Get him comfortable so he can be a factor early in the season. Winning those big regular season matchups to start the year could come down to S/T.

  • Tyler Alexander

    I’m assuming that most likely to succeed is for rookies so I’m going to go with Fulton. A four year starter in the SEC with size, length and strength plus his former QB to help him learn. With a starting position open I think he has a great chance to make an impact. DAT seems like a bigger year 2 impact to me but I’m probably wrong.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      They say the young man is giving RiJo a run for his money.

      • KCMikeG


    • tm1946

      Another case of Dorsey doing his job. May be the find of this rookie class, hope so.

      • Harry Mills

        I was pining for Dri Archer, and Dorsey turned up a very similar player in the 4th round.

    • Harry Mills

      If DAT is a faster version of DEX, then maybe he’s pro-ready outta the box, as well. I see him that way, but most people in Chiefs nation DEFY my perfect knowledge by saying the same thing about DAT: One of Toub’s guys Year 1, but not involved much in regular offense Year 1.

      Seems like his skillset will translate to the NFL.

      Wilson, the same deal. Wilson, maybe especially, judging by the miniscule amt of video I have on him. Guy drew a double all day long. Was the best weapon Georgia State had, by the looks of the one game against Troy. Yet another of those guys from 2nd-tier schools, who dominated at that level, as he should, and comes with NFL speed.

  • Deadmeat

    Anyway I can just to go sleep till the season starts? I want some football now!

    • Stacy D. Smith

      That’s quite a while to sleep. I think they call that comatose.

      • Deadmeat

        I watch zero TV, I only care about work, football and the lake. In that order, I am pretty pathetic. But, I am so glad I have arrowheadaddict to keep me entertained me.

        • Stacy D. Smith

          Zero TV? Soooo… You’ve never seen “Breaking Bad”? Cause that’s one reason to break that trend.

          • Deadmeat

            Heard of it, never watched. We watch netflix once in a while, got hooked on dexter. Just to busy.

  • Chuck Burrell

    I hope Thomas can succeed. It may be a bit early to refer to him as the most likely though

    • Stacy D. Smith

      What rookie do you think is more likely to succeed in year one?

      • Chuck Burrell

        If it has to be a rookie for the most likely to succeed, I would choose Fulton. Only because from everything I’ve read, he has a real chance to become a starter as soon as this year. Much like DAT, I have high expectations for ford. But it’s more of a hope than a gut feeling. But if I can choose a veteran, I cast my vote for Abdullah. With his limited pt last year, I look for him to make a huge impact this year, wherever it is that he ends up spending his time (SS, FS, Nickel LB). Your thoughts?

        • Stacy D. Smith

          Abdullah’s going to surprise some folks. That guy can play the game. I definitely think he’ll help this defense.