January 26, 2014; Honolulu, HI, USA; Team Rice cornerback Brandon Flowers of the Kansas City Chiefs (24) and safety Eric Reid of the San Francisco 49ers (35) celebrate at the end of the 2014 Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium. Team Rice defeated Team Sanders 22-21. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Poll: Do You Agree With The Brandon Flowers Release?

We are three days removed from the Kansas City Chiefs decision to cut Brandon Flowers, so it is time – with a clear head – to determine whether or not it was the right decision.

The pros for cutting Flowers are pretty clear-cut. Flowers removal opens up $7 million in cap space for both 2014 and 2015, and clears a full $9.5 million in 2016. This open cap space should help the Chiefs sign some of their key free agents that will be pending in 2014 and 2015. The names include Justin Houston, Alex Smith, Rodney Hudson, and Eric Berry.

There are also arguments to be made that Flowers is not a great fit for the system the Chiefs run. Flowers was drafted to a cover two cornerback and is undersized for the role the Chiefs needed Flowers to play. However, there was a fit for Flowers as a slot corner that would have been extremely valuable for the Chiefs.

Releasing Flowers does create some significant question marks in the secondary. There was not doubt, even with the questionable fit, Flowers was the most talented and accomplished cornerback on the team. He was one of the few Chiefs defensive backs to earn a positive grade from Pro Football Focus in Kansas City’s loss to Indianapolis in the playoffs. In fact, the Chiefs were leading 38-10 before he left the game with a concussion.

Three-fifths of the Chiefs projected cornerbacks – Marcus Cooper, Ron Parker, and Phillip Gaines – have a combined four seasons of experience, with Parker owning three of them. Parker only has one career start in those three seasons and has played for four different teams. Chris Owens, who it is assumed will be the Chiefs nickel cornerback, was cut by the Browns mid-season in 2013.

So, Addicts, do you agree with the decision to cut Flowers?

Three days removed, are you okay with the Chiefs decision to cut Brandon Flowers?

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  • http://footballsavages.com/category/chiefs-brehcast-2014/ The BrehCast

    I’m on the fence about it. Technically The Alex Smit and Justin Houston contracts could wait another year and Flowers certainly isn’t going to make the team worse by hanging around another year. He may not be a fit in the scheme but this has much more to do with money. I’m a little nervous about our CB’s right now as is.

  • Jacob

    Do I like it? No. Do I agree with it? Yes.

    Do I think it is a huge blow and will make it tough for KC to win over 8 games this year? Yes.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    He was on borrowed time anyway. Owens can play the role he just vacated. Use the extra cap room to lock up your quarterback. He’s a good football player, but he wasn’t drafted to play press-man coverage.

  • Daniel Riddick

    All I know is now they have extra cap space, Justin Houston, pay that man! Houston been doing his part at a high level, no reason in the world not to pay him.

    • Josh Landers

      Abdullah played well in slot coverage last year. It was a small sample size but he can do it. There’s also Owens, Gaines (jury is still out on him), commings (same), and whoever else Dorsey might pick up between now and the start of the regular season. I wouldn’t be too worried yet. If there’s no answer by the beginning of week 2, I think it would be a good time to start worrying.

    • jimfromkcj

      It Is not the Chief’s fault that Houston saw himself falling in the draft. That is all his fault and he ought to man up and honor his contract. He ought to take a lesson from Charles. Jamal is a lot more valuable to this team than Houston will ever be and he is taking the field and giving his best and honoring the contract he signed. Houston would have tough sledding getting any more money from me than he signed for. He could set the season out for all I care.

  • berttheclock

    Geez, I really really really wanted to have a disgruntled Flowers come to camp not wanting to play nickle and not being able to play outside for Sutton. No, I do not like what happened, but, this was the reality of the situation and cutting him loose was the only legitimate option for Dorsey. I still believe Dorsey will have to find a nickle, but, such is life at the moment.

    • Auburn78

      There in lies my buggest fear. Who do we have that can cover those quick small slot guys. Right now I’m not seeing anyone. I’m fearful that what we saw last year with Ty Hilton will become commonplace.

  • Alex Rodman

    Yes and no. They do need to pay Houston and smith but they drafted ford and Murray so they have players of the future at each position.

  • mnelson52

    I thought that we could keep him for one more year, but then again I didn’t talk to the Chiefs financial advisor to know just where we stand.

    • sidibeke

      That’s where I thought we were, too, one year from parting ways. I do worry about the 2ary. Some young guys are going to have to step up.

      • mnelson52

        The experience and ability to read an offense may be what puts Abdullah over Commings more than physical talent. That may put Owens over everyone at the slot also. Flowers leaving really makes me nervous about this defense.

  • micah stephenson

    Yes and no. They need cap space and to get our saleries under control. So, Flowers was gone sooner or later, Tamba is making a lot so he better watch out. Bowe, makes a lot. Berry is one of the few I don’t mind seeing make ten mill a yr, which lines right up with what earl Thomas is making. But back to flowers. We needed cap space and taller dbs. I do think he could play in our system. Last yr was a off yr for him and he still made the pro bowl. Our secondary is worse without him. Its just bizness with flowers not personal.

  • tmahawk

    I say yes! The reason being is his unwillingness to take a pay cutt for the team. It’s why he was on the trading block & the reason why he was cutt.
    He was a solid player but overpayed.

  • micah stephenson

    Already get n my madden team for next yr together. Berry at FS and S.Commings at SS. That gives me two 6 foot safetys with 92 speed. Smith and cooper on the outsides. The both a lil slow but I like that 6’3 & 6’2 height. Parker and Gaines will b the 3rd and 4th. They both 6 foot. Parker has 95 speed. Hope they give Gaines at least a 93 speed. DVD will be my 5th cb with his 6’1 height and 98 speed. On defense. I’m starting Devito, Po, Bailey, on the dline. Need to get Devito future replacement. Of corse at LB, 91, 56, 50, & Ford. Might try ford as the 2nd ilb in the 3-4 on a few plays. Need to get DJs replacement soon. So I just need future DE and Mlb. Now on to the offense. Wow! Winning with this QB and these wrs won’t b easy. I Guess ASS11 gets a yr while I’m pumping up Murray and Brays attributes. RBs are cool. I’ll start Kelce and get a different TE besides Fasano. Bowe is one. Avery 2. Jenkins 3. Dressler, Hemmingway, or Williams will b 4 & 5. Ouch!!!! Im gone need to draft a few wrs asap! Matter fact I cant wait that till the draft, I better free agent or trade for one. A couple of wrs, a DE, and Mlb in the 1st draft and I’m in bizness.

    • Blaize Richardson

      You know how everyone always says that no body cares about how anyone else’s fantasy football team is doing? Well that goes for Madden football franchises times 10.

  • jimfromkcj

    I have been calling for getting rid of all the big contracts that put us in cap hell and are keeping us there. The problem I have is not getting a draft pick for him. Surely a good GM would haveused some of that money that was saved to help a team come to terms with them and get a 2nd or 3rd rd pick for him. What price would you folks put on obtaining a 2nd or a 3rd rd pick for him,.

  • Kcfan

    Great decision. He didn’t want to play the slot and we didn’t want him playing outside. He will sign somewhere and have a good season and people will say “I told you they should have kept flowers!” And they will be wrong bc he will be playing zone wherever he signs. Plus I promise he will not be making 5 mil a year with his new team. Too much money and not a good fit. Sorry Brandon but I wish you well

  • Kcfan

    Also we couldn’t get a draft pick for him bc no one will pay him 5 mil a year. So to say a good gm would have got a pick is ignorant. I am sure they tried and no one even offered a 7. Pretty easy to see

  • Blaize Richardson

    My knee jerk reaction was that this was a terrible move, because it’s hard to see a player that you’ve cheered for for so long, go elsewhere. After cooling down for several days, I’m starting to come to grips with it a lot better. Releasing Flowers now doesn’t make us a better team immediately, but he was as good as gone next season anyways if we didn’t release now. So being proactive in this situation is going to give us more time to develop our CBs and get them more playing time and it also gives us more ammunition to get the ball rolling on contract extensions for some of our core players.

    Brandon Flowers was great and his versatility will certainly be missed, but if he’s not happy playing the slot and isn’t perfect for our system, there’s no sense in forcing him to stay here. I truly hope Flowers goes somewhere that fits his style of play well and does great things there (so long as it’s out of the division of course). Flowers will be missed, but with improved pass rush (dee ford), improved safety play (no more Kendrick Lewis), and Marcus Cooper and others continuing to improve, I think we’ll be just fine. We may have some growing pains and some hiccups since our guys are young, but I think were building a secondary that’s going to be a force to reckon with.

  • jimfromkcj

    I have a question for all who disagree with releasing Flowers. What would you do in place of releasing him. And explain how your idea could translate into the Chiefs moving towards a super bowl appearance.