Sean Smith's mug shot from his DUI arrest Monday morning.

Here’s Sean Smith’s Mug Shot

In the interest of public shaming for (allegedly) driving under the influence of alcohol, here is Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Sean Smith’s mug shot from Monday morning.

It should be noted Sean Smith was one of the players scheduled to appear at Derrick Johnson’s Celebrity Waiter Night on Monday evening to help raise money for Johnson’s Defend The Dream foundation. KCTV 5′s report suggests Smith was arrested on Monday morning at 12:30 near 12th Street and Grand, so that would explain why Smith was not at Johnson’s event.

Arrowhead Pride notes that a suspension is unlikely for Smith.

Based on past history, probably not. From what I can tell, the NFL usually hands out a fine of two game checks and no suspension on a first-offense DUI. Things obviously get more complicated if this happens again.

So for clarification on the NFL’s standards – If you smoke pot at home and test positive for the drug then you’re suspended four games and placed on a drug program. If you drink and drive and threaten the lives of others on the road then you’ll get a fine (maybe). Well done, NFL.

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  • Da Menace

    My friends you can drink and drive and kill your friends but whatever you do don’t smoke a joint and kill a bag of corn chips!!!

  • Jordan

    I sense a little pro legalization in this post…. And I like it. Lmao

  • area

    The problem with this mug shot is that Smith looks proud, and seems to believe it’s all a joke. THAT is not cool.

    • James E. Deckard

      I wouldn’t say he looks proud. Just faded.