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Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Is Already "Wearing The Coaches Out"

There is a real shot the Chiefs have found an entire right side of their future offensive line in the sixth round of the draft. Mostly unknown Canadian tackle prospect Laurent (Larry) Duvernay-Tardif is already turning heads in Chiefs camp with his desire to learn and get better as a football player.

From Sports Illustrated’s Greg Bedard:

“He’s an extremely gifted athlete,” Dorsey said. “You watch him on film and you see his athleticism, his toughness. He’s going to need a little work as far as a technical understanding of the pro game, but that won’t be for lack of effort. That guy is wearing the coaches out already… he wants to know everything and why.”

LDT’s physical abilities do not seem to be in much question as much as it is his technique. Not surprisingly college football in Canada is played much different than in the NFL, so it would make a lot of sense for there to be a lot of technical adjustments. Based on Dorsey’s comments it would appear LDT plans on making that transition as quick as possible.

Lost in the talk about De’Anthony Thomas, Aaron Murray, and Dee Ford is the Chiefs may have found 40% of their future offensive line in one round. Zach Fulton has a serious chance of starting at right guard this season and LDT may be the starting right tackle as soon as next season. Should the Chiefs be able to retain Rodney Hudson and if Jeff Allen can take a step forward after working with LeCharles Bentley then Kansas City should have an excellent offensive line moving forward.

Hitting on some of these late round picks is incredibly important for the Chiefs if they want to build themselves into a Super Bowl caliber team. Guys like Richard Sherman and Tom Brady get a lot of attention because of their “third day” draft status and then turning into superstars. A superstar would obviously be great, but the Chiefs need some of these guys like Tardif and Fulton to come through and be quality starters. If you’re stealing quality starters on the third day of the draft then you’re opening up cap room to both retain the core of your team and add some of the pieces to supplement the roster.

Worst case scenario is the Chiefs ended up with a team doctor with the sixth round pick. Seems like a win-win to me.

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  • berttheclock

    Great thread. Loved the way Ford introduced him to the swim move early on. With his desire to learn, that will help mold him very quickly.

    Of course, I can say this due to the fact, he was the only player I was yelling at the TV just prior to the pick whose name was called. I really believe the coaches are going to love coaching these picks, as well as the UDFAs.

  • Andy

    A friend of mine, who has a great eye for football talent, loved the Fulton pick. He says he will be a starter soon.

  • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

    I loved this pick. He is very raw, but he has the brains and athletic ability to succeed in the NFL.

    • micah stephenson

      I like the Arron Murray Pick! He gone Alex look pathetic compared to him.

      • Michael Shaw

        Thought you would like the Murray pick. Funny thing is……….so do I!!!

  • chief4ever

    Every single draft pick (and several UDFA’s ) have the ability to start and help immediately or push anyone ahead of them to get better fast ! How can you not like this draft ! Only six chances and I think each one is spot-on perfect for our team . Go Chiefs !

  • chief4ever

    UDFA’s that could play this year: Wilson, Sorenson, West, Furr and Surgent …..good options with our two drafts so far and with up to 11 picks next year we could be building a dynasty with the judgement Dorsey/Reid have shown. Chiefs on the rise and all the rest of AFC West getting older and more cap-bound. Go Chiefs !

  • BWrangler

  • tm1946

    Predict he will be the fan favoriite of this draft. Intelligent, great work ethic, kind of guy most fans want on their team.

  • berttheclock

    Yesterday, they worked him at LG.

  • CrowheartButte

    I have read and read about LDT and his needing time to learn the differences between American and Canadian football. and I know some stuff about Canadian pro football – three downs instead of four, much bigger field, wider and longer, end zones much bigger and receivers moving towards line of scrimmage before the snap. But, I have no idea what the differences would be for an offensive lineman that would take so much time to learn; can they hold or tackle defensive lineman during a play in Canada or what??

    • berttheclock

      The Bolts are working with a former defensive lineman from the CFL. He mentioned when he went to the CFL he had to learn an adjustment with playing off the line of scrimmage and it hurt his pass rush at first. So, on the offensive side, linemen have to adjust to coming into the NFL and being placed so close to the opposing player. It is this new speed LDT is adjusting to, playing up close to very quick and savvy defensive linemen.

      • CrowheartButte

        Hey, thanx, bert and your clock. Putting very large and talented defensive people right in your face would definitely be a large adjustment.

    • scomstock55

      there is not that big a difference man….they have to have something to say while they evaluate and teach him the ropes…the biggest difference is going to be the speed….the NFL has way more really fast big guys than the CFL…but this guy will do fine…

      • CrowheartButte

        Well, that’s what I am thinking. he looks to be an athlete and we will teach him technique.

  • scomstock55

    that CB gaines is going to be a great find…