Nov 24, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey watches warmups before the game against the San Diego Chargers at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chargers won 41-38. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

John Dorsey Declined Options To Move Back In The Draft

Prior to the draft there was one thing on many people’s minds: The Chiefs needed more picks.

Depleted by the Alex Smith trade and lacking compensation picks for lost free agents, the Chiefs were armed with only six draft picks in a draft that was supposed to be one of the deepest in recent memory. Given the Chiefs biggest roster need was depth it made sense for the Chiefs to trade back in the first round to add picks and improve the quality of their roster depth.

It turns out that Dorsey thought Dee Ford was more valuable than the extra picks. In a story from Greg Bedard of Sports Illustrated’s MMQB, Dorsey says he had options to move back in the first round but did not take them.

Dorsey also didn’t want to lose Ford, who was one of the few proven pass rushers in a weak draft at that position. Dorsey admitted he didn’t have enough ammunition to go up and get a Khalil Mack (fifth overall to Oakland). He also declined options to move back.

“When you weigh the compensation against the value of the player, I thought the player would be the better pick,” he said. “And we had heard some rumors that people were trying to move up to get Dee Ford too, so I didn’t want to move back too far.”

This says three things: 1) Dorsey really likes the potential of Ford as a pass rusher and 2) Dorsey doesn’t feel like he needs draft picks in order to add depth to a roster and 3) Dorsey really liked Khalil Mack, does that mean he had Ford and Mack rated over Jadeveon Clowney? Much of Dorsey’s draft plan has been a slap in the face to the common perception of his team. Chiefs need a wide receiver in the deepest wide receiver draft in years? Dorsey draft zero wide receivers. Chiefs need depth and more draft picks? Dorsey declines trade offers for more draft picks.

At this stage I’m giving Dorsey the benefit of the doubt. He transformed a 2-win roster into an 11-win roster with the help of Andy Reid in a matter of one offseason. However it is quite clear that Dorsey has a completely different perspective of the needs of this roster than we do.

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  • ChiefTucson

    Don’t include me in the group that disagrees with Dorsey’s draft. He and Reid have a plan for the long term. This is a lame article.

  • ChiefTucson

    Per my previous comment below:

    Much of Dorsey’s draft plan has been a slap in the face to the common perception of his team. Chiefs need a wide receiver in the deepest wide receiver draft in years? Dorsey draft zero wide receivers. Chiefs need depth and more draft picks? Dorsey declines trade offers for more draft picks.

    Dorsey is an experienced professional that help to keep the Packers in the playoffs for years. The above statement is derogatory and has no basis for accuracy.

    • Dave Cuttell

      I disagree with your opinion about this article. He says “common perception”, not necessarily his perception. Plus he also states he is giving Dorsey the benefit of the doubt with this draft/plan. I too trust Dorsey though

  • berttheclock

    Another point made by Dorsey was in how the Chiefs plan to use Ford. He said you need fresh pass rushers late in the game. Ford can be used to spell both pass rushing LBs and I’m sure Sutton will find ways to be able to rush all three at times. This was not a wasted pick by any stretch of the imagination. LBs take time to develop and this gives the Chiefs a one year head start should, next season, he replace Hali full time.

    • sidibeke

      I love he drafted guys who can make plays. I’m excited to see what becomes of this class.

  • tm1946

    Good to see the “in Pioli we trust” guys came out strong. After all he was Exec. of the Year 4 times and as the important manager in NE, he led the way to many Championships. We have no right to question or even suggest we question what he does with this team. After all he grabbed Tyson Jackson, a real DE stud……

    Oh, wait, we are talking about Dorsey and Ford, sorry.

    • Chris Tarrants

      People gave Pioli their trust until he proved that he was an idiot, then the same people started flying banners over arrowhead and wearing nothing but black to the games. Me personally I left two seats that were paid in full empty because I refused to pay for parking and food, beer and everything else just to watch that discrace that was 2012. Dorsey seems to have a plan and not shoot from the hip so we should ALL give him the same chance to build this team! In three or four years if we turn in a 2 win season then by all means get your pitch forks and torches out but until then people need to act like the armchair QBs that they are and stop acting like top dollar execs

      • freshmeat62

        It didn’t take long to start finding ‘points of discussion’ w/ Piolis drafts. The very first one had me scratching my head, but I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt that first year. After that it became pretty obvious I wasn’t going to like his “right 53″.

    • KCMikeG

      Good to see the chicken little group is represented. How about Succop, Poe, Houston and Berry. Or starters Hudson, Stephenson and Allen. Or starters who signed for more money elsewhere like DMC and Asamoah, IF you really need to complain about a Pioli draft pick you would probably find more supporters if you try Alex McGee in the 3rd round after Jackson in 2009.

  • Calchiefsfan

    You know it’s interesting to see how the experts view the Chiefs from a fairly shallow perspective while Dorsey views the Chiefs from studying them all day 7 days a week. When I begin to understand his logic for the picks he makes it becomes increasingly clear he knows what he’s doing, imho. The Chiefs didn’t lose in the second half of the season because of a weak passing attack, they lost because the pass rush diminished due to injuries and a lack of depth of quality pass rushers which exposed their lack of depth at CB and terrible FS play. So Dorsey picks the best pass rusher available at 23 and a CB with a lot of upside with the third pick. He signed Abdullah and already has Commings healthy for this year. Dorsey actually did address the Chiefs biggest needs in the draft.

    • tm1946

      National media are back to being boobs. Last week they were outstanding when they wrote how good the draft went for us….. Say anything nice about the Chiefs and someone will annoint you a genius.

      • sidibeke

        I don’t think that’s completely fair. We are all biased, given. I’d look at Chadiha’s article about AS11 holding all the cards in the draft negotiations as an example. His main thesis is that because KC didn’t draft a WR, they will have to rely on Smith more than ever and thus will have to pay him whatever he wants. Fine if that’s his opinion, but it is also the same (and IMO tired) song of how the Chiefs didn’t draft a WR at #1 (or at all) and thus are doomed in every way imaginable. Not only does this strike me as simply hopping on this particular bandwagon, I would say that the argument isn’t supported. Reid’s offenses don’t produce single pass catchers with gaudy numbers, our RB accounted for a huge chunk of our O, our O put crazy points on the board over the last 1/4 of the season. All signs point to the fact that the O can be better than fine as is.

        Now, if the argument went something like: need another WR to take some of the load off of JC so he doesn’t tire/get injured, etc., that would be stronger. Of course, the O was good (but not good enough) in the Indy game without him, but one point does not make a trend.

        • Troy Utt

          Actually I believe this year stacks up pretty well for Alex Smith…
          Depending on what happens w/ Bowe & his legal troubles as he could be facing a 4game suspension. But having gone thru last season without a real starter at the TE position should make this year look like a feast!!! With the healthy return of Kelce & Fasano @ TE & Dressler at slot the middle of the field should be on lock!
          That alone will help take pressure off JC, and with Thomas now having been added along with Davis, I feel they have a fairly potent offense despite Bowe!!!!!!! I’m anxious to find out. WAR CHIEFS!!!

    • Daniel Mayfield

      Took the words right out of my mouth! lol
      In the 2nd half, in was the defense that was lacking…not the offense.

    • Troy Utt

      Thank You!!! That may well be the single best blog, view, response I have seen yet! Not only do I agree w/ your statement, but I’m all in with Dorsey running the machine… Immediately following the meltdown in Indy I was screaming to draft secondary. But after having time to think after cooling a spell I realized it was the pass-rush that needed the relief from QB’s who were releasing the ball in 2.5 sec, & an AFCW OL that is athletic!!!
      KC needs help at WR… There is no denying that. With Bowe’s pending legal troubles he could potentially be suspended up to 4games. The thing most fans need to remember is Travis Kelce should be healthy & ready to play full-time come game 1… Same w/ Fasano wno was out most of last season. Couple that with Dressler & I’m already feeling better about next season!
      WAR CHIEFS!!!

  • ladner morse

    #1 I think it speaks loudly about how much Dorsey values pass rushers. He stated before the draft that “you always pick up a pass rusher whenever possible” so we all should not have been one bit surprised when he pulled the trigger on Ford instead of taking a top notch WR.

    • KCMikeG

      Maybe we should stop getting brainwashed by the “experts” and their mock drafts. Even the casual fan could see our offense got better while our defense collapsed. Plus I’m not hearing the kudos for replacing DMC (2nd round pick) with a faster DAT in the 4th round. What could be another huge feather in his cap is if Tardif & Fulton (both 6th round picks) develop into starters compared to Allen (2nd) and Stephenson (3rd).

      • area

        The media guys have too much time on their hands. They are trying to simultaneously guess what a particular GM’s plan is while keeping us entertained also. I also believe they are influenced by fantasy football forums, stats, etc. Fantasy stats are even invading the more respected engines such as PFF and pro football focus.

  • chominggirl

    I am not happy with this news because of

  • Josh Landers

    And hopefully guys like Jeff Janis won’t make their teams that drafted them and we can swoop them up.

  • Chris Tarrants

    That’s why he makes millions and we blog our opinions lol trust him until he gives the fans a reason not to. He actually seems to have a plan which is a breath of fresh air

    • Andy

      I also trust Reid and Dorsey. They apparently read no mock drafts prior to drafting.

  • Bigtexjayhawk

    I am ecstatic with the pick because that was who I said they should draft. I also said Christian Jones too. I guess I missed the boat there. Sure wish we could have gotten him as an UDFA though. With the NFL turning to pass happy league you need playmakers at all DE and LB spots.

    As a GM it is JDs job to win EVERY year not just the next one. Replacing Hali is/will be a huge hole. JD filled it now. Smart move.

    As far as WR goes didnt we just draft probably the most dynamic playmaker in the draft?? See Percy Harvin in the Super Bowl and that is how envision how DAT is utilized. Our receiving corps will be much better this year across the board.

    When you add AS11 into the mix as an asset from draft picks we traded I think this will be a very good draft. I think last years draft will shine more if our injured players can bounce back. All in all I am amazed at where we are now. We were 2 and freking 14 people. Give them some credit please!!!

  • area

    Every gm out there in the NFL has their own player position value system. I’m willing to bet that they are remarkably similar also. The olb position has an almost 2 to 1, boom to bust rate versus a wide receiver. In the wr’s defense, many more wr are drafted in the first round than olb. A team that is drafting in the first round must get value for the pick., both for player impact and longevity. A savvy gm is not going to waste his best pick on 2nd round talent in the first unless they are desperate. On the same note, a gm with multiple positions of need -ala KC Chiefs- cannot field a team with second string talent and expect first round talent production. I believe Dorsey fielded his top rated talent with KC’s first pick and thankfully did not get lowballed into taken multiple lesser picks that had a much likelier chance of failure.

  • John Moore

    I’ve been so football-deprived that I bought NFL Game Rewind and have been watching the entire season again. Watching even the early games (when the pass rush was outstanding) from the perspective of May, 2014, when we all know how it turned out, reveals that (1) our secondary gave up huge plays ever since week 1; (2) Sean Smith never did, even though he was often the only CB pressing at the line; (3) the defense gave up double-digit leads that the offense earned them multiple times in the last half of the season; and, (4) all the signs point to the Chiefs beating the Broncos at least once this year.

  • jimfromkcj

    I seem to be in the minority here. I don’t think any of the players drafted are terrible, but I do think he passed over better players in almost every instance. I think he blew his statement about drafting the best player all to hell.

  • KCMikeG

    Shocking news that our arm chair QB intelligence is not superior to thousands of hours of research by the experts..

  • freshmeat62

    “… it is quite clear that Dorsey has a completely different perspective of the needs of this roster than we do.” I’m not part of the ‘we’ you mention. I love this draft. He is developing his type of team w/ BPA’s rather than reaching down, who knows how far, to put an ‘OK’ player in a ‘need position’. D&R aren’t building for a one year flash in the pan, they’re in it for the long term – and I love it.

    They may only go 8-8, maybe 7-9 next year, but after that They may rival the Petrerson/Schottenheimer years of playoffs.