Chiefs Draft Challenge: Who Won The AFC West?

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Let’s not joke ourselves. This draft was not about catching the Seahawks. It was about overtaking the Broncos. Of course, the Seahawks revealed the blueprint for whipping Denver in an oh so deliciously public fashion. So, let’s take a round by round, blow by blow, look at which AFC West team made the most headway in catching the division leader and in the end, who won the AFC West in the 2014 draft?

1 AFC West Draft Picks

So, who was drafted in the first round?

Raiders: OLB Khalil Mack

Chiefs: DE Dee Ford

Chargers: CB Jason Verrett

Broncos: CB Bradley Roby

There’s no question, for now, that the first round winner in this draft among AFC West teams was Oakland. Khalil Mack could end up being the best player in this draft when we look back five or ten years from now. Enough analysts ranked Mack ahead of Jadeveon Clowney, because of his superior attitude, that at one time I seriously thought Mack would go first in this draft.

The Chiefs come in second in the first. Yes, it was a surprise to many that they didn’t go with a wideout early in the draft but taking a player like Dee Ford can not only come in handy in his rookie year but they’ve apparently selected they’re replacement for Tamba Hali who could be gone as early as next season.

Both of the Chargers and the Broncos selected a CB in the first round and there was plenty of good ones to go around. However, the Bolts choice of Jason Verrett was particularly noteworthy. In scouting all of the top corners in this draft, Verrett stood out as the best technician and possibly the best CB in the draft period. So, the Chargers did their homework and although Verrett is only goes 5-10, 176, the Chiefs will be seeing him often and early in the season.

The Broncos come in last in the first round although Bradley Roby could end up be a very good corner. Roby was once thought to be a high first round pick but got beat too much in his senior year.

So, here’s how the first round came out.

1 AFC West 1


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  • berttheclock

    It comes down to GMs. Dorsey is solid. Telesco is a real comer. McKenzie, finally, had a chance to show his Ted Thompson training. Elway is strange.

  • Tyler Alexander

    LDT was a 6th rounder. Just wanted to point that out.

    • ladner morse

      TY… took care of it.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I personally think it’s a toss up between Kansas City and Oakland. I’d give the slight edge to the Raiders. They did well.

  • CrispySBC

    If you look at Alex Smith as a draft pick then you go with the Chief’s. Without him then I give it to the Raider’s. Mack is such a good player the Raider’s finally have a good draft without Al Davis’s bizarre selections … truth is I miss Davis .. he was always good for a laugh when the draft hit.

  • area

    It looks as if both the Chiefs and Chargers created a board and stuck to it for bpa. I happen to think that the Raiders did the same and ALSO had all the chips fall in their favor. Man, it stings just to say that, the Raiders with a solid draft, wth? I thought it in the free agency period, and this draft just solidifies in my opinion, that Denver is employing a “right now” strategy. One that I hope comes full circle to kick them in the rear in a couple years.

  • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

    Nice work Laddie. I think all the teams in the West drafted well this year. Time will tell but the Chiefs are in a hole, so to speak, with only six picks. On that note. I don’t think its’ fair to count Alex Smith as the Chiefs second round pick and not count the players the other teams got for trading their draft picks. Either you could all or you count none, in my opinion.

    • ladner morse

      Yep… should have done that.

  • berttheclock

    We will get a couple of looks at how well Gabe Jackson adjusts to the NFL. Several posters had him very high on their Chiefs wish list. I want to see how well he handles Poe, when, Poe switches to bull rushing him.

  • Terry Reed

    I just wanted to start by saying, I always enjoy reading your column, and once again, you wrote a very enjoyable article. As a Denver fan, I get a kick out of how The Chiefs fan base always picks on Denver. I quite enjoyed how biased you were with K.C., but to be honest any true fan would be. My opinion is the Raiders did themselves a very large favor and actually should have won your little race. You put Denver in 4th, and that is ok, because we don’t NEED to fill in many holes. I noticed your fan base, as well as most NFL people, say Denver is in the win now modus, but to be honest, even you wrote about it, without actually realizing it. They are long term projects. Denvers picks ARE FOR THE FUTURE, not NOW. So all of this “Denver is in to win now” Is not 100% correct, they ARE BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE.

    • area

      The future? I believe your idea of now would be 10 minutes ago then. Elway broke out the check book for a 60 million dollar shopping spree. He didn’t spend that money on new, shiny cars either. He spent it on players with a 100k miles on the engine. Ware-31,Talib-28, Sanders- 27, Ward- 27. All of them on multi year deals with a ton of guaranteed cash. Not to mention five-heads contract. Enjoy the moment, because your future is now.

      • Terry Reed

        We will see, but good luck anyway next season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • area

          To you also.

    • ladner morse

      The NFL has a team in Denver?

  • jk80906

    You Chefs are always good for a laugh.

    • ladner morse

      “Laughter is America’s most important export.” ~ Walt Disney… he’s from K.C you know.

      “The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.” ~Mark Twain… a true American novelist, he’s from Missouri too.

      “To jealousy, nothing is more frightful than laughter.” ~Francoise Sagan… was a French screenwriter… who never visited Denver… but seems to know all about it.