Jan 6, 2014; Pasadena, CA, USA; Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston (5) is tackled by Auburn Tigers defensive end Dee Ford (30) during the first half of the 2014 BCS National Championship game at the Rose Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

2014 NFL Draft: Kansas City Chiefs Fans React To Dee Ford Selection

Dee Ford is your newest Kansas City Chief! But you may want to avoid twitter if you want some positive reactions to the selection.



Looks like Ford is going to have to hit Peyton Manning a few times before Chiefs fans are okay with this pick.


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  • Dustin

    Well, I guess after this pick at least we won’t have to pair our faces red. The blood pressure will do fine for now.

  • Clark78

    Is Pioli back?

    • toperspective


  • David Walker

    Terrible pick especially with M. Lee sitting right there. Even if you wanted to go defense, there was Tuitt, Dennard, and Jimmie Ward. Kansas City sure knows how to piss away draft picks!

    • mnelson52

      There is a reason Lee is still on the board. He drops a lot for one reason.

    • Kcfan

      Dorsey wants cb 6’0 which is why we should trade flowers. Lee drops too many passes we can get that in 3rd with moncrief or someone similar. Commings is better than ward and we need more pash rush not a run stuffing de

    • Blaize Richardson

      Marqise Lee isn’t really a game changer. He’s fast, but he’s not that fast for his size and he doesn’t have the greatest hands either. Not to mention the durability concerns (which are major concerns to me). There’s a reason Lee has fell as far as he has. I don’t see Lee as an upgrade or Avery/AJJ. Plenty of WRs to be had later in the draft that would compliment our offense for a better value than Lee at #23.

  • Kisersosay

    Looks like some Chiefs fans forgot about the lack of pass rush in the last half of the season. This is a great pick that matches one of our top needs. He will make an instant impact more so than any reciever left in first round.

    • toperspective

      But we don’t forget the worst secondary in football.

      • Kisersosay

        What …you think there is only one cb that can help us. Pass rushers are a premium. Cb is deep. I am not worried

  • mnelson52

    Looks like a lot of people only trust Dorsey if he makes the same picks they would. I don’t know if that is who I would have picked but it is the position. He had a lot of scouts and he had a lot of film to watch and based his decision from that instead of popularity. I support that decision.

  • tazer15

    Did everyone miss the lack of pass rush last year toward middle end? How about us scoring a tin of points but still losing? What about Tambas prob on his last year as a chief? Pick makes perfect sense.Defense wins games we scored points last year and last thing we need to do is draft WR that has the drops my god do t we have enough of those? This is a deep deep WR draft so doesnt that mean dont waste a high pick on one when you can get it later??? My goodness Defense Defense Defense people!!! Pulling my hair out

  • Blaize Richardson

    I’m so glad they went defense with this pick. I don’t understand why everyone is so upset by this selection. Everyone wants us to build our team like the seahawks or 49ers, but when we select the best defensive player available everyone starts acting like the sky is falling. Our defense has a lot of talent and adding another great player like Ford, helps us out instantly and provides stability and flexibility to the linebacker position for the future.

    Selecting marqise lee over him would’ve been a mistake. Lee has injury and durability concerns and is coming off of a lackluster year in college. With all the wr talent that this draft offers, it makes perfect sense to wait to grab someone.

    I trust our offense with Andy Reid. I think our offense will be just fine this year. Getting Kelce back, having all the players being acclimated to Andy’s offense, and adding some weapons later in the draft, I think our offense will be phenomenal… Andy Reid has never sported a bad offense. The defense needed more help than offense. Dee Ford is a great selection.

    • Kcfan

      Agree 100 %

  • jimfromkcj

    He isn’t my first choice, but he is the choice and we have to live with it. I ain’t going to lose any sleep over it. The only way I would be enthused by it is if they traded Hali for a 2nd and a third round pick.

    • Kcfan

      Good pick

  • Kcfan

    Not sure what people wanted. All wr were gone except dropped ball lee. Fuller was gone. No lineman that matched up. Looked like a good pick

  • Jason

    Not 100% happy with the pick but who is after Hali and Houston on the depth chart? Exactly. We all saw how that went after they went down.

  • toperspective

    Chin up. We’ll get to draft higher next year.

    • Blaize Richardson

      Just like we were supposed to be terrible last year right? Just like there’s no chance in hell the Chiefs start the season at 9-0 right? I hate how pessimistic some Chiefs fans can be. I mean we all want to win and we’ve all felt the pain of some crushing losses over the years, but that’s still no reason to complain about every move the Chiefs make. It must be pretty miserable to be that type of fan.

      • Kcfan

        Some just like to bitch

        • Kcfan

          No we didn’t get cooks or Beckham or whoever you wanted. Would you prefer we lost 10 games last year? Not me

  • Jacob

    Can someone please post the stats of the Chargers game at Arrowhead before and after Hali and Houston were injured? Please?

  • Kcfan

    Lot of people seemed to want players who no one wanted in first round

  • Tribal Rage

    This is a square peg in a square hole. It fits. Lee is just another USC WR, and the safeties were gone. Our select WRs were gone. This is obviously plan B and I trust it. Everyone so up in arms about last years draft, a draft decimated by injuries. I really think we will get great contributions from Kelce, Fisher, Commings and Davis. 4 potential starters, solid depth

  • Erik Hild

    This is a frustrating pick because our most glaring needs are WR, G, and FS. Yet the front office decided with our limited amount of picks to ignore those needs and instead prepare for 2015 by drafting depth. I still trust Dorsey and Reid but this pick made no sense at the time. Our offensive line will be average and our receiving corps looks to stay mediocre at best. We have completely ignored the WR position throughout free agency and now the draft too. Hopefully Dee Ford is a monster and can ease my white hot rage cause I don’t see the Chiefs getting a starting caliber reciever in the third round.

    • Blaize Richardson

      The top 4 wideouts were all gone and Lee was the only WR left that wouldn’t have been a reach and he just doesn’t warrant that high of a pick, with his size, durability, and catching concerns. Also the top 2 safeties were both off the board and all the other safeties would’ve been a reach. So that would only leave guard and I don’t think guard is position that should be drafted in the 1st very often, especially not a rg if that was what you were suggesting… Our defense needed the help more than the offense anyways. Andy Reid can create production on offense through clever scheming and creative plays. I’m glad the Chiefs mnade the pick they did. This pick excites me. With Houston and Ford our pass rush is set for years.