January 25, 2014; Honolulu, HI, USA; Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers (24) during the 2014 Pro Bowl Ohana Day at Aloha Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Draft Rumors: Brandon Flowers On The Trading Block?

Who isn’t on the trading block at this point?

A report from Dan Pompei from Bleacher Report has the Kansas City Chiefs willing to deal Pro Bowl cornerback Brandon Flowers for the right amount of draft picks.

Teams looking for a starting cornerback in the draft may be hard pressed to find one if they don’t strike early. But they may be able to acquire a veteran in a trade. The Chiefs are believed to be willing to deal Brandon Flowers in an attempt to acquire extra draft selections.

John Dorsey said in his pre-draft press conference he was going to do his due diligence heading into the draft to put the Chiefs in the best situation possible and he wasn’t kidding. As things stand now the Chiefs could either trade down from number 23 overall, trade Eric Berry on draft day, or deal Flowers in order to add more picks.

Or, of course, they could do nothing.

Flowers makes sense as a trade piece given his future salary cap hit and his lack of fit in the Chiefs’ new defensive system. He’s undersized to play man coverage against bigger receivers, which put the Chiefs in a real bind when they play teams like the Denver Broncos. Dorsey said in his pre-draft press conference he believes the draft is deep with cornerback prospects so it would makes sense for the Chiefs to select one early if Kansas City does deal Flowers.

What are your thoughts, Addicts? Is a Flowers trade a real possibility this weekend?

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  • Horace Lee Madre Jr

    Flowers can go. NOT BERRY! Safeties like that don’t come around that often. Andy knows what that’s like, ask him about Brian Dawkins and what happened when he left the Pigeons

  • Derek Fitzpatrick

    I’d would trade him for anything 4th or higher like u said doesn’t fit in r defense anymore almost a reliability out there time to move on before he breaks the bank on KC

    • Alucard

      but he is good at the slot cornerback and kansas city could move up in the draft too.

  • Deaudrey Dre-Mac MacDonald

    I love B Flowers but it’s time for him to go. Scheme doesn’t work for him. He’s a cover 2 corner playing man which made him look bad last year. If you can get a 2nd or another 3rd pull the trigger.

  • berttheclock

    Actually, Flowers was playing the nickle very well against the Colts before his injury. After that, the Chiefs were exposed two ways. First, they didn’t have a backup nickle and being without one, it exposed the second thing which was the lack of speed of both Lewis and Demps.

    • Chuck Burrell

      Great point Bert! I also still have faith in flowers to be a shutdown corner as long as he’s facing a receiver his size.

    • KCMikeG

      Perfect analysis of our defensive weaknesses.

  • Todd Worrel

    So much smoke my eyes are burning

  • mnelson52

    Trading Flowers may help the Chiefs long term, but may be small setback for 2014. Flowers was learning a new position and was playing it better by years end. A rookie may have same problem.

  • berttheclock

    Why do so many fans not see the importance of a nickle back on a defensive unit. It appears most fans think of that position as a throw away with the 3rd best corner back on the team thrown to that position. Well, you may not like John Elway and I really don’t care much for him, but, he says that position is second in importance to only a QB on a team. He says that position is the hardest to fill and the toughest to discern for players coming out of the draft. He has one of the best in the NFL at nickle back in Chris Harris, Jr and Harris was considered by Walter Football coming out of college as the 48th best corner in that draft. Elway calls this a critical position due to the fact so many teams are using gifted receivers at slot. Elway says the position calls for someone quick enough to pick up receivers coming off the line and being an excellent tackler, smart enough to learn quickly from any mistake and fast enough to drop outside.

  • tazer15

    Hes terrible in this scheme and the arguement for covering the slot is tired he makes way too much money to be covering the slot.Trade him

  • jesse

    Trade flowers, he’s a great player but not for us

  • Chuck Burrell

    @ArrowheadAddict: “Trading Flowers would be just like cutting him right now. KC Would save $3.5 million against the cap this year and $11.5 million next year.” Flowers being traded this year does not help the chiefs now or in the future. Just makes no sense

    • Patrick Allen

      Actually it might. If Flowers doesn’t really fit the scheme and can’t play within it then he is nothing more than a very expensive liability. Trading him will garner the Chiefs cap relief and also enable them to pursue a player more suited to playing the style of defense they intend to play. The fact of the matter is, many of the players on the team were drafted by the previous regime or regimes to play in a totally different scheme. If the Chiefs can get a second round pick this year for Flowers, which is what they paid for him and they can get a younger, cheaper replacement, that is a win now and in the future.

      • Chuck Burrell

        I don’t think one year is a big enough of a sample for the chiefs to write Flowers off as a player that is unable to fit in their system. He has never been able to cover wrs like dez Bryant and demarius thomas, but he’s able to shutdown smaller wrs like desean Jackson and Ty Hilton. The problem is that the Chiefs have too much guaranteed money tied up into Flowers until after this year. From a business standpoint, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to part ways with flowers right now. The same exact argument can be made for Bowe. His play in Reid’s system hasn’t really matched what his pay warrants, but it is structured so that most of the guaranteed money will be paid over the next two years, leaving it possible the Chiefs to part from the contract early if his play continues to decline during that time.
        That said, I believe the chiefs have the pieces in place to contend in the playoffs for the second straight year if they have a good draft. But I also believe that in order to contend again the chiefs will need the presence of good veteran players, like Flowers. Getting younger and cheaper is definitely the trend in the NFL. But with trading Flowers youre not really getting cheaper when considering his cap number. You’re only becoming less experienced and more of a wildcard.

        • Ty

          Finally someone who makes sense and isn’t all wrapped up in this draft, thank you

  • jesse

    Sure a nickel is important but why pay top dollar for one? We can always draft one of these bigger corners that will be cheaper. Like jean baptiste

    • berttheclock

      How much is top dollar? Do you know the salaries of the top two nickles in the NFL?

      • jesse

        Nope no idea lol all I’m saying is he isn’t a great scheme fit and we could trade him for picks that would better fit our system.

        • berttheclock

          Actually, the top two nickles are Walter Thurmond from the Seahawks who just signed with the Giants for a one year deal of $3 M with a one Mill signing bonus and $2 M guaranteed. The other top nickle has a one year deal with the Broncos. Chris Harris, Jr has signed a one year $2,187 M, no guaranteed deal with them due to coming off an injury.

  • berttheclock

    Biggest problem in trading Flowers is his current salary. He has already taken one reworking of his salary and has been given guaranteed signing bonuses in lieu of a base salary. His base is $5,250 M with a signing bonus of $2M, a high roster bonus and a workout bonus. Not many teams are going to accept his salary.

  • Jeremy Bueso

    Trade Flowers is a good thing, he was a very productive corner but injuries and salary cost has devalued him…

  • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

    I wish I wrote an article months ago on this topic. Oh wait, I did. http://arrowheadaddict.com/2014/01/21/kansas-city-chiefs-trade-brandon-flowers/

    Unlike the Chiefs drafting a QB in round 1, trading Flowers makes too much sense.

    • berttheclock

      Did you happen to catch my trade Berry to the Lions for the 10 slot which would open the Chiefs to Mike Evans?

      • freshmeat62

        As much as I like Evans, I like Berry more. Losing Berry would create a pretty big hole in the D. Don’t think I’d make that one.

      • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

        No, but why would you do that? If I had a Mike Evans who hadn’t played a down yet in the NFL, I would trade him for Berry any day of the week,

        • berttheclock

          My reasoning is we would get the 10th slot of the Lions, plus, whatever Dorsey can talk Mayhew out of in any of the lower rounds. So, the Chiefs would gain the 10th which is closer to the Blue Chips, still have the 23rd which can used for trade downs, plus additional lower picks in a deep draft.

          • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict


            But you are trading a young elite safety that is very versatile. In fact, I think Berry is what makes the defense go. All this to take a chance on Matthews? I would take the young, elite proven commodity over a nice unproven talent like Evans.

  • freshmeat62

    Unlike the rumors of trading Berry, and taking a QB in the 1st rd, this one I can almost believe. Sometimes Flowers looked good covering the slot, and other times he was beat bad. I wonder how much of a diff it made to him, not having that sideline to help him. I’m also curious of how much diff it made to the secondary, not having that failsafe FS to help. Most times Lewis was nowhere to be found.

  • berttheclock

    These last days before the draft remind me of the passage of Matthew 24:6 which reads, “Ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars, but, be not afraid……………….”

  • Andy

    Can’t have it both ways, either trade to get a starter or the draft is corner back deep.

  • sidibeke

    The problem with drafting a starter for more picks is that you have to use one of those picks to replace him, in this case, probably our #23 or a a 2nd round pick if we get that as part of the trade. I suppose if the price is right, but someone has to be willing to overpay for him in picks.

  • Roger Mihalko

    NO FRAKING Way on trading Flowers ( or berry for that matter), solid talents, solid players, needed to much for this Defense.

    My proposal…..

    Andy Reid took on Mike Vic and the issues he had, and it worked out well. This Tanard Jackson who is a Safety of size and speed and experience we kind of need, is available now thanks to the redskins letting him go. Yes he has had his substance issues in the past (one of our wideouts has had the same issue couple times) but this is a pretty solid opportunity to get a proven free safety, at probably league minimum for one year who can be a great addition. Just have to let him know to just say no!!

    We could still draft a safety, and be safety fat come training camp. Jackson starts with Berry, Abdullah and Commings backup those guys, and you have a rookie stud safety learning in the wings if Jackson tanks, gets high and suspended again or other. Either way is a win win, in my book.

    • Ty

      Seems like a low risk high reward, I like

  • Stan Colbert

    Wouldn’t be surprised. Signed that cb from Cleveland, talent available at #23 for cb. Think depends on the picks in return. Same with Berry. If they trade Berry probably means not planning on Super Bowl this year.

  • Josh Landers


  • Rob Ross

    If we can get more picks in this deep draft class. We should do it. We can afford to sacrifice Flowers for the right deal.