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We’re a scant 48 hours away from the opening round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Christmas morning has finally come for fans of the greatest professional sport in the world. It’s been a long winter and by now it’s all been discussed. If I have to read another scouting report, I’m going to scream. Let me take a moment to thank the good commissioner for an extra two weeks to overthink and overanalyze the draft (read: sarcasm). Everyone’s had ample opportunity to be an armchair general manager. We’ve all shared our ideas of which players we think John Dorsey should draft. Today, I’m actually going to step into his shoes and give the war room marching orders (not really).

For the purpose of this mock draft, I’m going to use Fanspeak’s On the Clock NFL Mock Draft Simulator. If you’ve never visited the website, I encourage you to do so. It’s a nifty site where you can simulate up to seven rounds of the draft, for any team, using big boards from Fanspeak, Walter Football, DraftTV, or OurLads. I’m going to use Fanspeak’s own player rankings for today’s mock.

If all hearts and minds are clear, let’s begin.

Round 1: Calvin Pryor (S), Louisville


The Kansas City Chiefs are officially on the clock and I’m already faced with a dilemma. You won’t believe who’s still on the board 22 players into the draft. I have the choice between Louis Nix, Brandin Cooks, Calvin Pryor, Odell Beckham, Timmy Jernigan, and Ra’Shede Hageman. If you’ve been following my column over the last month you know Cooks, Beckham, and Pryor are three of the four players on my R1 short list. Wide receiver and safety are the two areas that need the most attention on this football team so let’s trim that group of six down to three.

This trio of players figure to be highly productive starters in the near future. In fact, I’m confident all of them can have an immediate impact in their rookie seasons. This is an impossible decision to make, but historically safeties are safer picks in the top round of the draft. Couple that with a deep wide receiver class and it becomes a no-brainer.

Calvin Pryor is athletic, tenacious, rangy, and has the kind of versatility that Bob Sutton’s coverage schemes demand. He can play either safety position and brings toughness to this defensive unit. Picture him alongside Eric Berry. His presence shores up the holes in the back of the secondary and allows Sutton to consistently call the single-high sets we saw frequently the first half of the 2013 season. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.

With the 23rd pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select…
Calvin Pryor, Safety - Louisville.

Round 3: Trent Murphy (DE/OLB), Stanford


After a full round off, the Kansas City Chiefs are back on the clock. Unfortunately, I’m not as impressed with the board this time around. Of the ten best prospects available, only two of them catch my eye. Trent Murphy, a defensive end out of Stanford, and LSU wide receiver Jarvis Landry. Wide receiver’s the bigger need, but we can’t forget Tamba Hali’s soon to be 31 years old, is approaching the end of his contract, and has a nearly $12 million cap hit in 2015.

Murphy’s too small to play with a hand on the ground in an odd front. I expect him to be moved to outside linebacker in the NFL (where he’s more than capable). The four-year man out of Stanford led the nation in sacks last year (with 15). During his collegiate career he logged 32.5 sacks. He’s instinctive, athletic, and has the kind of motor that would make his veteran mentor proud. Murphy gives the Chiefs an insurance policy in the event of injury and a great option to succeed Hali if he defects after 2015.

Jarvis Landry has all of the intangibles you want in a wide receiver. He’s a reliable route-runner, has good hands, can high point and snatch a ball away from a defender, is a capable and talented blocker, and can contribute to special teams. The biggest knock on Landry is his timed speed. At the NFL Combine, he ran an underwhelming 4.77 in the 40-yard dash. He improved that number to 4.51 at his pro day, but I’m still not sure he has the kind of wheels necessary to be a good complement to Dwayne Bowe. The Chiefs want a quick-twitch receiver opposite of Bowe. He’s a polished prospect, but I think need at wideout will have to wait another round (or two).

With the 87th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select…
Trent Murphy, Defensive End – Stanford

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  • berttheclock

    Love your Trent Murphy pick. He wrestles steers. Rob Rang has compared him to some NFL player whose name escapes me at the moment……….wait, …………….ah, Jared Allen.

    Don’t mean to distract anyone from reading your excellent thread, but, at sfgate, this morning, there is a very interesting article about the Niners missing the boat on many wide out picks. This article pertains to the Chiefs, as well. One reason is Baalke’s suggestion that he traded A J Jenkins to the Chiefs because Jenkins didn’t have the power in his hands to fend off aggressive D-backs. He mention how poorly Jenkins lifted at the combines, something Beckham of LSU shares with him. But, in reading through the article, it was mentioned that Anquan Boldin ran the slowest of 23 wide outs at his combine. They included a very good discussion about the difficulty of moving from college to the pros for wide outs. Another thing mentioned was the fact since 1990, only 20 percent of the wideouts selected in the first two rounds have reached a Pro Bowl, the lowest percentage of any offensive player taken in the draft. Plus, I loved the fact that Charlie Joiner, one of the greatest wide outs in the history of the NFL, was only five eleven and weighed 188 pounds. What was not mentioned is how many taller wide outs have yet to have a SB ring placed on their fingers. Of the top ten wide outs from last season, nine of them were six two or better, but, yet, only the five eleven Percy Harvin has a SB ring.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      I’m really, really intrigued by Murphy. It’s time to start backfilling at the linebacker spot.

    • Jordan

      Percy was lucky to be right place right time. I don’t believe he had the slightest impact on where that team went or what they accomplished. Remember benchwarmers get rings too doesn’t mean they are impact players

      • berttheclock

        Did you happen to see the Super Bowl game? He was not a bench warmer. He had just returned from an injury. Look back at the Seahawks season and you will find he started the season very well for 3 games before his injury. He set the early tempo for the SB game. Watch that first quarter again before you repeat “don’t believe he had the slightest impact”.

  • Kevin Whittaker

    I could only hope that the draft falls this way. Can’t complain a bit about your picks at all. Great job!

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Much appreciated, thanks for reading!

  • ashton hastings

    I love it but pierre will b gone by mid third at the latest

  • Montez K.

    This would be a phenomenal draft…defense is the way to go…I doubt that Pierre Desir will be on the board beyond the 3rd round though. In my opinion he will be gone by the conclusion of the 2nd round. I really think he is a high character guy…(admittedly after watching Draft Academy)..he is already married with two little girls, as a guy with a daughter of my own I know how it can motivate you…I trust Dorsey and Co. to make the right decisions in this years draft…BUT if I could gift wrap any one player to the Chiefs this year? It’s Lindenwood’s Pierre Desir—s-t-u-d.

  • Keaton Tyler Henry

    I don’t think that Pryor or Desire will be available in their respective rounds. Pryor is widely considered to be a top 15 pick and Desire is currently being projected to be taken around the mid to late 2nd round.

  • Calchiefsfan

    You know Stacy, if this is the way the Chiefs draft goes I would be totally ecstatic. Pryor, Desir and Janis are 3 players I would love to see in a Chiefs uniform. The first two would give the Chiefs secondary the boost it needs to take the next step. We would finally have quality play and depth at both safety positions, which was sorely missed the second half of the season. Janis is going to be a stud, imho. There is definitely a need for depth at OLB, hopefully Murphy could provide that. Definitely a home run draft!

  • Brian Dempsey

    Trent Murphy would be a great value pick in round 3.

  • Stan Colbert

    Well, if they trade Berry and Flowers for picks we might have a huge draft while the draft is deep. Next year the draft will not be so deep, making it more difficult for others to keep up with us, for once.

  • Pessimisticchiefsfan

    To address debatable our biggest need, WR, we take a D2 WR in the 5th? I feel like that is too late. I am hoping for cooks in the first round. Get some speed on the outside of our offense!

    I have read a few articles in the past that Sutton felt good about commings at safety with berry. Is that no longer the case?