Kansas City Chiefs Draft 2014: Go For Defense

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With the 2014 NFL Draft a mere 9 days away, many fans and even players are wondering who is going to be selected in what is being held as one of the deepest drafts in a long time.

For the Kansas City Chiefs there has been much speculation about not only who are they going to pick but what position are they going to focus on. Do they go with a dynamic wide receiver such as Brandin Cooks or Kelvin Benjamin? Or do they focus on the defensive side of the ball and pick up a difference maker like Minnesota’s Ra’shede Hageman or Notre Dame’s Louis Nix?

Which should they do? Offense, defense, wide receiver, defensive lineman? So many choices and so many could be the wrong one.

For the 2014 Chiefs their first pick in the upcoming draft needs to be…


Now before the haters come out and say that they have a very good defense already, they will not get any disagreement here. I have several points as to why the Chiefs need to think defense first on May 8.

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  • tm1946

    I agree, for what is is worth. That said, what if there is a kid out there that Dorsey/Reid feel would be a HOFer by the end of his career with proper support. Do they pass to go defense or …… There are always “what if”s out there.

  • Todd Worrel

    I think a long term solution for the spot that dunta Robinson and Chris Owens were brought in fill would be the best option. And it buys us time to figure out what to do with the front end of the defense

    • mnelson52

      I think if you draft a player first to play corner, that corner is going to cover one man. If you draft someone first to pressure the QB, that will help defend all receivers.

      • Todd Worrel

        I still see DB. Dorsey will find a hidden gem for the dline

        • mnelson52

          I could see going DB if it’s a good pass rushing linebacker. Like maybe Ford.

        • Michael Shaw

          See that is where I think Vance Walker comes in. With DeVito on side, Poe in the middle and Walker on the other side, I think our defensive line is good. We need Nico to become the starter we drafted him to be. As for the draft, if we cannot get a SOLID FS with #23, then we should use it on the O-line to replace the starting Guards we lost in free agency. I will maintain until draft day that Guard Su’A Filo should be our #23 pick, unless Dix or Pryor fall to us.

          • Todd Worrel

            I’ve got high hopes for walker as well he has great QB pressure #’s against the same schedule we faced last year. It was mainly the back end we got burned on.

          • mnelson52

            Last year Walker had three sacks. Jackson had four and wasn’t even in for obvious passing plays. Looks to me like Walker is a downgrade from Jackson and should be someones backup. He in no way will help our pass rush.

  • redchiefs

    We all saw how the Seahawks beat them, knocking Manning down and making him move around. We saw the Chiefs O gets it’s act together and put up big points. Manning and Rivers can pick apart most defenses if left alone to find targets ( granted Rivers sometimes can’t hit the side of a stationary barn). The D has get to the opponents QB, TACKLE, and play deep coverage. With Berry playing up close the other safeties regularly failed to cover, they consistently got beat deep and we our of position. Sean Smith fails to wrap up when tackling, Without Hali and Houston the pass rush failed completely, When Houston came back the pass rush was still almost invisible.
    My only concern with going D is the 2014 offensive line. It took half a year for that line to gel, we lost our starting and back up RG. I expect (please may I be wrong) that O line will struggle again at the start of the year while they gel into a unit.

    • Michael Shaw

      red, you read my mind (no pun intended)!! We need to solidify those guard spots to make sure we can have a potent offense early on!

  • GDL40

    I agree……somehow….just wish we knew which offense and which defense will show up this season…..why the hell can’t we have the defense of the first 9 weeks and the offense of the last several weeks! ? I know some of it was injury, but it was ridiculous……SO I agree, BOTTOM LINE – our offense is NOT going to outscore Manning….so we HAVE to build a defense that will slow him down!

    • mnelson52

      We basically had the same defense the second half. The problem was facing better O-lines and better QBs the second half. When we got to the better O-lines, our D-line wasn’t able to collapse the pocket anymore. Therefore, The QBs could step up in the pocket to avoid the rush by Hali and Houston.

    • Michael Shaw

      I don’t think we need to try to put up 40+ points per game to beat Manning. I think we need to be able to put together long ass SCORING drives that should keep him on the sideline. I mean if he isn’t on the field, he can’t hurt us!!!!

  • Daniel Mayfield

    If Commings can bring back his speed after the injuries, then him and Abdullah might be good. Those 2 and Berry. Abdullah was “alright” but he missed a full yr. Lewis didn’t have speed or power to cover ground or to make tackles in open fields. So, IMO, I think if they would have a chance to get a Safety with great potential-Pryor is the 1st name that pops up but I know there’s 3 or 4 others-they should draft him.
    A LB with skills like Barr-pass rushing and coverage-that would be another 1.
    A few DEs that would be good-Hageman or Nix.

    1st one I would go for is the Safety or LB. Depends on the stats.

  • ladner morse

    I agree… D is the key. Besides… if you’re someone who would rather have the Chiefs go with a WR first… remember, WRs, even very good one’s, can be had in the 3rd and 4th rounds.

    Nice piece Nick. Loved it!

    • mnelson52

      Also, I think if you go WR first, you must be thinking we need to beat them in a shootout. Or to put it another way, beat them at their own game. I don’t think you beat QBs like Manning and Rivers in shootouts. I think you pressure them and cause turnovers to beat QBs like that and we play almost all the top QBs this year and some of them twice. We face about 8 QBs this year that will pick us apart if not pressured. Oh wait we proved that last year. We averaged 32.75 points per game over our last 8 games. That should win most games, but we only won 2 of them. That tells me it’s defense. I see where some say we have a good defense but we don’t. We have good pieces that we need to add to.

  • Stan Colbert

    Would love to see a significant upgrade over Bailey at D-line, an inside LB who can stay on the field on pass downs and a Safety to play center field. Is that Walker/Mayes/Commings? No doubt O-line & WR are necessary. Would love to see more physical attitude, as well.

  • Alucard

    I say wr to put presser on the opponents passing game.when we go 14-0 in the first quarter with long and slow drives.then we can put presser on the qb.worked very well for k-state in 2011 should worked for the chiefs

    • tm1946

      Might consider it this way. Will a WR let the Chiefs match up against denver? While a better pass rush do more to let the Chiefs stay in a game against denver. We have to get past denver and Manning before we can do much else.

      • Alucard

        the best way to beat Manning is to keep him off the field

  • chief4ever

    Unfortunately, my top four choices (Beckham Jr., Cooks. Clinton-Dix and Pryor) will be gone at 23. Sounds trite – but this year we should pick the best player available – one of these will be.

    Kony Ealy -DE

    C J Mosley – ILB
    We can pick up Dakota Dozier in the third round.

    • Michael Shaw

      Mosley will be LONG gone before #23, sorry to say!!

      • chief4ever

        Probably right, but if my four favorites are taken, someone has to fall….hopefully it will be Ealy or Mosley……I feel we really need to go defense early in draft if possible unless Beckham Jr or Cooks is still there.

    • KCMikeG

      I like Ealy too. Don’t seem to hear him mentioned much but I heard on a talk radio show today that some are saying he is the reason Sams had the year he did.

      • chief4ever

        I agree about Sams…good player but Ealy kept OL off him….Like Ealy cause he can line up DE and / or OLB depending on the situation….I feel we really need to go defense early in draft if possible.

  • freshmeat62

    “Haters”?!?! Who’s a “hater”? Just because they disagree w/ you? B— S—!!!

  • Trevor Gooding

    We draft a defensive lineman with the best pass rushing skills available at the pick in the first round. We must get after the Quarterbacks in our division this year if we want to come out on top. Our second most concern is at the free safety spot, We don’t know if Commings can play in the NFL yet at this point but there has to be some reason that we kept him all last year. We draft a free safety in the third round that is a good in coverage and can for the love of god tackle someone. There is enough depth in the later rounds to get a good receiver but I think we are fine with the guys we have now to put up points, we did so at the end of the year very well and if Bowe comes into camp in shape with a good mindset I think he returns to his 2010 form. I also think Jenkins will step up into a larger role. Theres enough depth in for receivers in the draft that we could draft one in the later rounds and still get good talent. If we are unsure of our O Line we can also get a good guard in the late rounds just in case.

    • KCMikeG

      Amen on the tackling! You’re right about our offensive production as the year went on. With Kelce and Fasano back and Bowe continuing where he left off we will be good. Draft defense!

  • andyred

    Last I checked, defense wins championships. I think we should go defense, then fix the o line, then reciever. The defense is what killed us last year in the end. Then get good o line depth. People forget, we were putting up 35+ points the final few games. I think another year together will make them better. Just because its a sexy pick to get a WR first round doesnt mean its the right one

  • preston riley

    I agree they should go defense – pass rusher or some speed to D-backfield.

    I think the O is going to be good. they lost 2 TEs at start of last season so all they worked on during mini & training camp in terms of TEs pretty much had to be shelved. I think Niles looked good. there is of course Charles and Bowe. And I have a feeling AJ is going to be good. Something went wrong for him in SF. I get the feeling he was the victim of the Baalke – Harbaugh friction that supposedly doesn’t exist.

    AJ was first player I really heard Harbaugh criticize – and he did that before the season ever started He never does that publicly – especially not to a kid who hadn’t even played a down yet. that’s just not something he does. Something just wasn’t right. i think AJ will be real good under Andy Reid.

  • iowaskcchiefsfan

    I think Allen Bailey and Mike Catapano can press Mike DeVito for playing time and both have demonstrated pass rush ability. Teaming them up with Poe and Walker should give the Chiefs a better inside pressure.. Draft James Gayle in the 4th as a backup pass rushing OLB.