Merlin's Kansas City Chiefs Mock Draft 2014

Here we are, Addicts, less that two weeks from the NFL Draft. I have always referred to this as Christmas for football teams. This is the time when Chiefs fans get to unwrap their shiny new players given to us by Santas Dorsey and Reid.

My plan is to get a pizza and a bottle (or two or three) of a microbrew and watch the Draft on TV. Of course, I will also be online having fun with the Chiefs fans at Arrowhead Addict. Only the hardest of the hard-core fans are with us on day three.

I long abandoned ESPN with their coverage. Often their coverage of the Chiefs picks would take the following format. Chiefs are on the clock and it’s winding down. It’s a great time to take a commercial break. Upon the return, the pick has been made. ESPN will give that 10-20 seconds of talk, then move to another segment. That usually involved an interview with Jerry “I never met a camera I didn’t like” Jones or a panel discussion about a pick made by one of the ten teams ESPN actually cares about. So long, ESPN, hello NFLN and Mike Mayock. It’s very corporate, but at least Mayock knows what he is talking about.

Now it’s time for me to reveal my one and only mock of Chiefs draft picks. These are my predictions of who the Chiefs are likely to take at each spot. It’s based on what I have learned about what the Chiefs are looking for at different positions. Please, no wagering. Now onto the picks!

Round One, Pick 23, Cody Latimer WR, Indiana

The more I think about this slot, the more I become convinced that he is very likely the pick, assuming he is on the board. Cody is still recovering from a broken bone in his foot, but he has shown he has excellent speed and explosiveness to go along with good blocking ability. He needs to work on his concentration and route running, but those things can be taught. The Chiefs are all over every big-bodied WR in the draft. At 6’2” 215 lbs he had the size the Chiefs are looking for.

Round Three, Pick 87, Terrence Brooks, FS Florida State

Terrence is a hair short for a DB. Dorsey is really looking for DB’s that are 6′ and up. At 5’11” 198 LBS he checks in just below Dorsey’s preference. However, he has the speed and instincts to serve well as the single high safety. Plus, he is a punishing tackler. Nothing wrong with some intimidation on the back-end.

Round Four, Pick 124, Pierre Desir, CB Lindenwood

One thing John Dorsey has made quite clear is his preference for tall, strong corners to play press coverage. While you can get away with being a bit shorter as the slot corner or single-high safety, he really wants his outside corners to be tall, strong, fast with long arms. At 6’1” 198 LBS, he fits the bill. Coming from Division II, Desir will need some development time. However, he has the physical traits Dorsey is looking for. On a larger note, look for the Chiefs to grab one of the following CB prospects: Keith McGill, Stanley Jean-Baptiste, Dontae Johnson, Walt Aikens, or Pierre Desir.

Round Five, Pick 163, Charles Leno, OG/T Boise State

Here we get into another area where the Chiefs have a strong preference. Andy Reid wants versatile lineman who are agile enough to get out on screens. Plus, he and John Dorsey prefer to draft college lineman that played left tackle. Leno started at left tackle. He is very athletic and agile. At 6’4” 298 LBS, he is undersized for tackle in the NFL but can slide over to guard. With some bulking up could still play some tackle. All in all, a good choice for the Chiefs.

Round Six, Pick 193, Jeff Janis, WR Saginaw Valley State

I have written about Jeff Janis before. This is my sleeper pick for the Chiefs. At just under 6’3” 205 LBS, he is another big-bodied WR the Chiefs are trying to collect. He has speed to burn. This is another Division II prospect, but in round six, he is a development prospect with the raw skills to emerge after a year or two.

Round Six, Pick 200, Gator Hoskins, TE, Marshall

Gator is an undersized TE, weighing in at 244 LBS. However, he has some speed and could be a miss-match. He can threaten the seem of the defense and fill in at FB if needed. Leading the nation with 13 touchdown passes as a TE has to count for something. Gator is another versatile weapon to bring into camp.

Every time I do this exercise, I look back and critique it. I wish I didn’t wait till round five to grab a OG. However, there are only so many picks. There are always more needs than picks. Fans can cry ‘trade down!’ like it’s easy to do. It is not. With someone like John Dorsey, the phone is always open to talk about trading up or down. It may happen, but don’t count on it. OK Addicts, that’s my shot. Who are you looking for the Chiefs to draft? Do you have any sleeper picks? Feel free to post your mocks in the comments.

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  • berttheclock

    Before I start telling you what an interesting list you have put together, I should mention to those who keep griping how overpaid is Berry and safeties should not be paid that much that they should quickly get out and read the latest coming out of Seattle. The Seahawks have just extended Earl Thomas with a $40 M contract and $27.725 M of that is guaranteed. The contract is for 4 years. Now, should the Chiefs not trade Berry to, say, Detroit, for more picks, then, look for his agent to take a very long and hard look at this new contract.

    That said, your list is excellent, but, could I suggest one change. Instead of the Boise State OG/T, what about taking Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff, the large OT from McGill and move him to guard. He played hurt last year for McGill with a torn labrum. His intelligence really stands out, as he is far along in their medical program and could finish his medical training at KU. A former long snapper for the Chiefs, was from McGill and is finishing his medical training at KU, this year. More and more NFL teams have had Duvernay-Tardiff in for visits, including the Chiefs.

    • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict


      Thanks for the compliments. I am curious if you will post your own mock in the comments. I like Laurent Duverney-Tardiff. I grabbed him in round 6 for one DraftTek mock. He is an intriguing prospect. It is very hard to evaluate someone who played at a Canadian college. It would not shock me to see him as a late round pick or a UDFA signing.

      • berttheclock

        The more I check out our only six picks, “TRADE UP OR DOWN SCREAMS OUT”
        But, to stay with the six.

        @23 – Zack Martin or Kyle Fuller, whomever is available. If both, then Martin.

        @87 – Moncrief, wide out

        @124 – Brock Vereen SS

        @163 – Duvarnay-Tardiff (Brandon Coleman, the Rutgers wide out was my fall back)

        @193 – My surprise of the draft. David Fales, QB from San Jose State (Dorsey trades away Chase Daniels for picks.

        @200 – Kevin Lamphille OT

        • Brian Dempsey

          Bert, I’m still open to Brandin Cooks being the guy at #23, if he’s there.

          • berttheclock

            Man, how I could envision him racing down the field to a “TOUCHDOWN, KANSAS CITY” far more than once.

          • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

            Nothing wrong with Cooks. He could fit well.

        • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

          Martin is a good fit. I am not a huge fan of Fuller, but I can see where you are going there. Moncrief is a good athlete and I can see the Chiefs drafting him. I think Berry will not be moved to FS. Are you thinking he will or are you looking at Vereen as a backup? Are you comfortable with drafting two OT’s?

          • berttheclock

            The more depth the better. But, notice the trade Chase Daniels part for more picks. As I kept looking at the various players available, it made more sense to pick up more picks and have some real underneath for Alex Smith.and not just count on Bray moving up. Unless some version of Jared Allen drops into a lower round, the cream of pass rushers are at the top, but, too high for 23. Chase Daniels has value as he is a tested product for backup and this would be the year to reap that value. Solidifying the O-line, for myself is a priority along with picking up a wide out who can get open and beefing up the secondary. I only wish we could pick up more and higher picks to add more pass rushing. BTW, Vereern has the capacity of playing more than just one safety position. In fact, he has played nickle, corner and safety. He is versatile.

  • jimfromkcj

    Merlin my mock is a little bit different as I don’t try to predict what Dorsey and Reid might do. I look at the Chiefs and figure what I would do and my mock looks like this:
    RD#1 pick 23 Gabe Jackson 6’3″ 336 OG He is a reach according to the big board, but he is the best OG in the draft and I consider the position is the one that improvement will filter down in so many ways.
    RD#3 pick 87 Pierre Desir 6’1″ 198 CB I take him here because I don’t think he will be available later.
    RD#4 pick 124 Lamin Barrow 6’1″ 237 ILB Guy is a tackleing machine and will be a very good starter next to DJ.
    RD#5 pick 163 Erick Ward 6’0″ 205 WR
    RD#6 pick 193 Jeff Janis 6’2″ 205 WR
    RD#6 pick 200 Justin Britt 6’6″ 315 RT
    I would also keep an eye on what Cleveland does with Chris Faulk OT. He was a favorite of mine and he has had injuries that took some time to heal. As they have him listed under Joe Thomas on their site they might put him on the practice squad. If they do I would swoop in and grab him as I think he has a lot of potential.

    • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict


      I am a big o-line/D7 guy, so I can’t get upset about a guard in round one. I would suggest that Su’a-Filo fits the Chiefs better than Jackson, but I like your thought there. Picking a corner in round three is also a smart move. I don’t like going ILB in round 4, given the fact that WR and FS haven’t been addressed. What are your thoughts with those two positions? Are you comfortable with the talen the Chiefs have there? Going WR, WR, OT is not bad and you know I like Janis. Over at DraftTek I don’t even have the Chiefs going RT ever. I think the Chiefs want a LT type player at both OT positions.

      • jimfromkcj

        Merlin, As long as we have Bowe so overpaid, I think we are going to have to go with what we got. Under the cap there is just so much money and over the life of the cap prudent GMs have pretty much decoded how much can be spent at each level and the wide receivers are over the limit. Next ear will decide Dorsey’s fate with the Chiefs. We are in cap hell and with so many players coming off their rookie contracts and Smith having to be given a sizable raise, I see Dorsey between a rock and a hard place. One other thing is still up in the air, and that is Fisher, is he going to be able to play LT any better than he played RT last year. If he has another ear like last year it is hard to know what it would do for his confidence. If they have to move Stevenson over to the left side and he bombs out too, we are in deep crap for sure. That is wh I used that last pick on a RT. Britt was the best at that pick. I really like Faulk, if you go back and find his video clips when he was playing LT, he was a guy who pretty well dominated in run blocking and was also good at pass protection.

        • jimfromkcj

          Also to answer your question on our WR’s, Smith had a great second half and ran up some pretty impressive numbers with the WR’s we have, even if the wins weren’t there. So I wouldn’t be adverse to take a couple of guys at rd 5 and 6, but I don’t see taking any of them higher unless we could make a trade for a high 2nd rd pick. I really like Matthews, But the bottom line is that not having a 2nd rd pick screws the whole draft and mocks up.

  • KCMikeG



    124 – OT JAMES HURST – UNC




    How about a couple of UDRFA steals – WKY OLB Xavier Boyd & ILB Andrew Jackson! I’ll take them both!

    • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

      Nice Mike. Beckham is a very viable choice in round 1. I am a bit confused with the Dixon pick. He is more of a SS than a FS. Are you thinking of moving Berry to FS? Hurst is a nice LT prospect coming off an injury. Carrethers is a wide-body that could back up Poe and play in goal line situations. I prospect like Long could be a steal, since he is coming off a bad injury and surgery. However, I am not sure if he has the agility to fit the Chiefs scheme. I am not a fan of Bromley’s. I dont’ think he is strong enough to anchor and is not a good pass rusher. It’s round six, so you have to accept some flaws. I am curious what you are thinking with the CB position. Are you feeling the Chiefs are set there? Nicely done Mike!

      • KCMikeG

        Thanks Merlin! Every year I lock in on our 1st round pick that I want to ultimately be disappointed. Trying not to do that this year but just don’t see how we could pass on Beckham if by some miracle he is still there at #23. You’re right on the mark on why I picked Dixon. I want Berry moved back to centerfield like his rookie year. Long is a long shot coming off his 2nd knee injury but if healthy could push for a spot at RG or even swing tackle as he is versatile and nasty. I think Hurst will be a beast. I think making moves to make us stronger and deeper at DL will be the key to success. Carrethers (331#) sounds like everything we could ask for -

        Agree with your weakness points on Bromley and see him as a work in progress but here is what got me “Quick first step to win with initial burst to force the issue. Strong momentum to attack gaps, creating holding calls. Controls the line of scrimmage with upper body strength and handles blockers well at the point, not easily redirected. Good pursuit speed to chase down ball carriers from behind. Takes well to coaching with strong preparation habits. Versatile experience lining up just about everywhere on the defensive line at Syracuse, even played on some special teams coverages. Three-year starter including a productive senior season, becoming the first Syracuse interior lineman to have double-digit sacks since 1987.”

        My thoughts on CB are that Flowers played in a new position and was never 100% after missing the entire camp/preseason. If healthy and another year in Sutton’s system will quiet the grumblings about his 2013. With Commings providing actual coverage over the top I think Cooper takes more steps forward at corner. Commings’ better safety play, Abdullah’s 2nd year back/in system will improve his play, the addition of Dixon and moving Berry back will benefit Smith who has huge incentives in his contract. I also like Parker’s potential. Wrapping up where I started – getting better at DL in turn makes coverage better.

  • Chris Foosman

    Wonder why ESPN isn’t running with “Merlin’s Mock Draft?” Oh wait, it’s a guy in the basement named Merlin.

  • tm1946

    Why not, it is as good and well researched as any. The first two might even play with regularity. By third year all could be starters.

  • Randall Miller

    Merlin….nicely done and love the TE from Marshall ( we MUST pick up another TE in draft) I would address the abyss at RG in 3rd round.

  • Michael Shaw

    Cool a Merlin siting!!! Good post Merling, but unfortunately I have to disagree on #23. If we end up getting a WR with that pick, I would rather we got Cooks or Beckham than Latimer. If, and I know it is an unknown, but if his foot does not heal right, then we are stuck with another Moeaki type guy, except we used a 1st pick to get him to be on the IR list most of his career. No, if we go WR at all at #23, I would rather not get one that has already had a major injury or multiple injuries in college. I would much rather we solidified our O-line and get Su’A filo than a WR. I know the draft is deeper at WR and can settle taking one in round 3 or 4 then to take one at #23 overall. I believe unless you can get Watkins, Evans, Lee, Beckham, Benjamin, Cooks or TE Ebron at #23, then I say go with a beast of a RG in Su’A Filo. He has more upside. And just so I am clear, I don’t think Benjamin or Beckham fit our scheme and I don’t think Cooks will be available when we pick at #23. I personally think Brooks will be available at our pick in the 4th round, so I say get the best WR in the 3rd round, maybe Moncrief will be available or even Jared Abbrederis from Wisconsin? Abbrederis is said to possibly be the best route runner in this years draft, which would work well for a slot guy in my opinion!!????

  • iowaskcchiefsfan

    If Beckham and Cooks are gone I’d take a different WR, who is shooting up the ranking; Donte Moncrief, WR, 6’2″, 226 lbs., He is big, fast, agile, good leaper, and excellent hands.
    3rd Rnd.-Antonio Richardson, OT/OG, 6’6″, 327 lbs., He could challenge Donald Stephenson for ORT, looser slides to ORG.
    4th Rnd.-James Gayle, Rush/ROLB, 6’4″, 260 lbs., Natural pass-rush talent, learn behind Tamba.
    5th Rnd.-Antone Exum, FS/CB, 6’0″, 220 lbs., 4.57-40d. 2011- 89 tackles, 10 passes broken-up, 2 forced fumbles, and 1 Int. at FS. 2012-15 passes defended and 5 Int. at CB. Had a nightmare 2013 with injuries. Be back-up for Sanders Commings at FS.
    6th Rnd.-Ryan Carrethers-NT, 6’1″, 330 lbs., Bull-rush pass rush with swim and spin move. Good 2gap run-stopper. Former college wrestler, knowledge of leverage. Understudy for Dontari Poe.
    6th Rnd.-Colt Lyerla, TE, 6’5″, 250 lbs., Top 4 TE’s skill set. Red Flags, including drug bust. Andy is good with 2nd chances and troubled players. Give him tough contract with incentives and behavior restrictions in the contract. With Fasano, Kelce, and McGrath. High risk-High reward.
    UDFA-Aaron Colvin, CB, 6’0″, 190 lbs., Tore ACL at Senior Bowl, Sign League min. Have rehab at K.C. attend meeting.