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For the past four plus months Chiefs fans have been playing the game called, “Who Do You Take” in the 2014 draft? The answer is… no one knows for sure. There’s just a boatload of questions but there are also plenty of people who will tell you it’s a defensive lineman or a wide receiver or a safety but still, that doesn’t keep everyone from continuing to play, Who Do You Take?

What surprises me a bit is that some people presume to know what direction Andy Reid and John Dorsey are heading… merely by reading the tea leaves of their past drafts. This is one situation in which I believe… the past does not equal the future.

Having watched every draft for as long as I can remember, I can tell you, each and every draft has a life of it’s own. Do you remember the year Herm Edwards reached up and plucked two massive linemen in the first round, Glenn Dorsey and Branden Albert. I believed that day that the franchise was turning a corner. What an incredible feeling. That was the same year the Chiefs chose CB Brandon Flowers in the second and Jamaal Charles in the third. That was special.

Every draft has a life of it’s own.

Do you remember the year the Chiefs took RB Larry Johnson when they needed defensive help?

Do you recall the year before that when the Chiefs took defensive line savior Ryan Sims?

Every draft has a life… and death… of it’s own.

This draft is shaping up to be perhaps the best draft in 20 years… even though there may not be an elite QB in this draft class. Although, Johnny Manziel is as close as it comes in my book.

This draft has talent that has to be ranked against the talent that teams are already carrying on their roster. Can a draft really be carried out in a “best player available” vacuum? Of course teams consider BPA. How many of you believe the Chiefs will be drafting a running back in this draft? Me either. So, how does that happen unless the Chiefs have gone into the draft room with a special ranking for running backs? However, if they see a running back who is light years ahead of Cyrus Gray, their 3rd string RB, and let’s say the Chiefs find this superman of a RB in the 6th round… then yes, there may be a possibility they will pull the trigger on a RB.

If the Chiefs were to consider taking a defensive tackle, wouldn’t you expect them to determine whether or not they already have someone on their roster who can do what that prospect can do? I’d like to believe there’s at least the possibility this is happening in the back rooms at One Arrowhead Plaza. However, let’s assume for a moment that it’s not happening and that the Chiefs are 100% in on BPA. That means the player they are selecting is better than every other player who will be drafted after them. If that’s the case, then it’s a worthless endeavor to track who these two (R & D) have drafted before right? Because… they would never go in with any previous notion of who they will choose. Right? Damn right that’s right! Because if John Dorsey and Andy Reid “say” they are going BPA, then people should respect them enough to believe they do as they say.

Saying that the Chiefs will draft a DL in the first round just because Mr. Dorsey and Mr. Reid have done so with a high frequency in the past takes away from the living breathing entity that the draft is and that both Andy Reid and John Dorsey know and appreciate the draft to be.

Why would they say “BPA” repeatedly? Because there’s no way to mathematically predict who will be there unless you have the first pick in the first round of the draft. So, if fans could actually accept that R&D really don’t “know” who they’ll select at #23… it might actually then be easier to find out who they will be taking.

In other words, any preconceived notions about the Chiefs pick is only going to add to an individuals disappointment in the end.

On Saturday, I gave Chiefs fans “odds” or percentages on what kinds of position players that could be taken first in my post called, “Odds On Ten Positions The Chiefs Could Take In The First Round.” However, the single biggest determiner of who the Chiefs will pick is… who’s available.

Draft Hageman

Above is a draft based upon the idea that the Chiefs should hold out and take the best defensive tackle around no matter who else is available. To follow this guideline the Chiefs must also accept the idea of “not taking” whoever else is still on the board at that point. Below is a list of all the players who were available at the time RaShede Hageman was chosen.

Darft Available after HAGEMAN

Now, there’s no way to tell who the Chiefs might rank first above all other prospects on their big board but, after doing dozens and dozens of drafts like this one, and having the same prospects appear again and again… and appear available… makes it unlikely, at least to me,  that the Chiefs would take a DL first.

Gilbert, Beckham, Mosley, Cooks, Lee, and Pryor… all of these “other possible choices” makes the 2014 draft more predictable than one might imagine… unless you’ve already convinced yourself that the Chiefs must draft a specific position to cure what ails them. And, we all have our opinions about that.

Repeating the drafting process a high number of times can avail you to certain new perspectives and some drafts, like this example below, may also point out the trade-offs. Let’s suppose there are just two ways to go about slicing the draft apple: 1) take a DL early and a WR or CB or FS or TE later… or 2) take a WR or CB or FS or TE in the first and taking a DL later. It’s been said that this draft is so deep that you could get a 3rd round talent in the 5th round. If the Chiefs go DL in the first and pass on an incredible WR, FS, CB or TE talent… they will miss out on taking a super talented player in the first and an equally talented DL later in the draft in another scenario. In other words… the best talents at these skill-positions can bring more value because a position like DL can also be procured later with the same level of ability. Look below to see the very first draft I attempted with a WR or CB or FS or TE in the first… and a DL in the third:

Draft of Eric Ebron

So the trade-off is: DL RaShede Hageman and CB Jaylen Watkins… for TE Eric Ebron and DT Kelcy Quarles. Those who want a DL early would have you believe that Hageman is head and shoulders above Quarles. In 2013, Quarles had 9.5 sacks and 13.5 TFLs. Hageman had 2 sacks and 13 TFLs. Have a look at DT Kelcy Quarles highlights at

By the way, DT Glenn Dorsey, mentioned earlier, had 7 sacks and 12.5 TFLs during his last college season and he won the Outland Trophy (given to the best college interior lineman each season and Aaron Donald is the current recipient).

Most services I’ve come across have ranked TE Eric Ebron in the top 15. How on Earth do you pass on a TE talent that has been compared to the 49er’s Vernon Davis just so you could take a defensive lineman because you had a preconceived notion that a DL would “make sense” at the #23 spot? And Quarles? Some argue that he benefited from playing with Jadeveon Clowney, that Clowney took the double teams and allowed Quarles to run free. Well, isn’t that exactly what you’re asking Quarles to do for the Chiefs after Poe eats all the doubles?

DT Hageman + CB Watkins vs. TE Ebron + DL Quarles? The point is quality defensive linemen can be found later in the draft so that elite level skill position players can be acquired in the first.

I know what some of you may be thinking… “that this was just one isolated and ‘lucky’ mock draft that the generator spit out once.” However, I say nay. Below are several lists of players who were “ALSO AVAILABLE” at #23 during 6 of my many mock drafts.

Drafts L and MDrafts N and O
Drafts P and Q
You may have noticed that the available prospects have a different ranking in each of the mock drafts. This is because there are now 3 different big board options at Fanspeak for mockers to choose from: Fanspeak’s big board, Walter Football’s big board or Optimum Scouting’s big board. The options give the mock drafting system more credence and viability. For me, I always feel I’ve come away learning something about the 2014 draft. Certainly it always confirms that this draft is deep.

There are dozens of reasons that a draft pick can be impossible to predict.

Trades: every draft has a high number of trades.

Players bounding up to the first round or the top ten: I can see QB Derek Carr breaking into the top 22.

How each GM ranks prospects: Bill Belichick almost always surprises me with a pick who’s name I’ve never even heard.

These can also be exactly the reasons each draft has a life of it’s own.

Reviewing the available players in each mock draft above:

Mock L

Firstly, please notice that DT RaShede Hageman is ranked #32 on this list and is the 13th best prospect by the time the 23rd pick rolls around (according to one of the three big boards mentioned above). Justin Gilbert, WR Odell Beckham, Calvin Pryor… I’d rank all of them above Hageman. Now… Louis Nix and Timmy Jernigan? I’m not sure. Furthermore, I’m not sure just how Reid and Dorsey have their big board set. If indeed they do have all of these defensive tackles ranked higher than these mock boards… and there’s a good possibility they do… then the Chiefs just might be looking at picking a 2nd defensive tackle in the last 3 years in the first round. Personally, I see too much talent at other positions for that to happen.

Mock M

This is the same Eric Ebron mock discussed earlier. However, I’d take DE Kony Ely before the defensive inside guys. I love his rushing upside.

Mock N

If Taylor Lewan had somehow dropped to the Chiefs at #23 I’d be jumping for joy. Lewan and Fisher as bookends for the next ten seasons… wow! Still, you’d have to consider Eric Ebron again. Also, I love me some Darqueze Dennard and he could immediately take the Chiefs defensive backfield from bottom half of the league to top half of the league.


Mock O

If… if… if for some reason Blake Bortles has fallen… the value would be too much to pass on (no pun intended). Stacy D. Smith pointed out the important value of picking up one of these QBs if they fall to the Chiefs. Beyond Bortles, Jeremiah Attaochu would be Tamba Hali’s eventual replacement and with 12 sacks and 15.5 TFLs in 2013 he’d be one exciting rookie to consider before drafting another DT.

Mock P

3 of the first 5 choices there are DTs so if the Chiefs really want one…. However, LOB Ryan Shazier and his 4.35 speed is too tempting to be true. Plus, are you really going to pass on Odell Beckham? Again?

Mock Q

In years past I’ve gotten attached to a specific player and then I always begin to hope the Chiefs take that player… and I’ve even been known to lobby for that prospect. I think attaching yourself to any player in this draft would not be wise. There are too, too many talented options. It’s enough to know that the Chiefs will come away from this draft with an excellent player. Even if they get to trade down.

Of course, if Johnny Manziel is on the board at #23, the Chiefs HAVE TO draft him. And, I’m pretty sure they will… unless some team who covets him wants to trade up and sell a few draft picks to do it. However, Manziel is a real talent and could be considered a permanent Chief forever if he’s there for the taking.

The point of all of this of course is to share what I have been seeing repeatedly for the past two and a half months (because of my mock draft addiction)… that this draft will give you fantastic options at #23 and that the talent level is so incredibly good at that point, it would be a shame if the Chiefs were boxed into the thinking that they should take any specific position player, including another defensive tackle.

My gut tells me they won’t do that. Well, actually, it’s more than just a feeling. But, it’s sure going to be fun watching it unfold!

What do you say Addict Fans? Any chance the Chiefs get a good player in this draft?

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  • berttheclock

    As a result of the new theme thrown out by Mellinger of trading Berry, I started researching some of the other player trades for picks, but, what I ran across was the tremendous acumen of Bill Walsh as both a talent evaluator and a great trader of both picks and players.

    Walsh would evaluate the draft class and zone in on certain players or areas where he thought there was more depth. For example, in 1985 he found Jerry Rice as being the only player he wanted, but, found out the Cowboys wanted him. So, he traded his 28th and 56th pick away to move up to sixteen and took Rice, one pick ahead of the Cowboys. In 1986, he had the 18th pick, but, decided there was far more value in the lower rounds, so, he began a series of 4 trade downs to pick up a second, 3 thirds and 3 4ths. Then, he traded the second for a 1st in 1987, plus, traded off a backup QB for a 2nd and 3rd and used those to trade with Tampa Bay for Steve Young. He filled his team with those thirds and fourths and Steve Young somehow found his way into starting.

    I have mentioned Trent Baalke many times, but, the best Niners selector other than Walsh was Scott McCloughan who in 2007 drafted the basis for the current Niners team. It was that one draft which paid off extremely well in 5 years.

    So, I have begun to switch my views on player trades for picks and the more I review the needs of the Lions for a proven starting safety, the more I believe trading with the Lions for their 10 slot, plus, additional lower round picks would be the best move possible, with the exception of trading down with the Niners as their new wish list continues to grow with the varied player personnel problems they are facing. Then, let Dorsey’s great evaluation talent go to work and build the Chiefs of the future. Other than that, I have absolutely no thoughts on the subject. But, Mr Morse, how would obtaining the 10 slot, plus, having the 23rd, affect your mock draft? Might broaden a few players, eh? Of course, an excellent safety or CB would have to be found to fill Berry’s spot.

    • berttheclock

      One other interesting point made by Walsh was why he took Montana. He said he thought Montana had the best footwork of any QB since Joe Namath. So, he checked around the league and found few GMs wanted him in the first two rounds. He waited for the 3rd and swooped. But, the point was Walsh had selected him in his mind before the draft began. As far as he was concerned, Joe Montana was the BPA. BTW, he, also, stole Dwight Clark in the 10th round. Funny thing about that is the Chiefs had scouted Clark, but, took Steve Fuller instead and forgot about Clark.

  • berttheclock

    With Ebron, you are gaining an offensive threat downfield, but, throwing out using him to block.

  • freshmeat62

    I take 10 different lists, by such listers as Walter, Optimum, CBS, Drafttek, etc. and then average them all out as to where the player placed in each, to create my own list. (Man I need to get a life) By doing this, #23 on my “consolidated big board”, are you ready – Ryan Shazier, OLB, Ohio St.
    87 – Cyril Richardson, G, Baylor
    124 – David Fales, QB, San Jose St.
    163 – Craig Loston, SS, LSU
    193 – Preston Brown, ILB, Louisville
    200 – Ross Cockrell, CB, Duke

    Not all players show on all lists, so I just work w/ what I have to come up w/ this list.

    • berttheclock

      Didn’t you write before that you thought Drafttek did a better job regarding linemen? Funny thing, I just read a review of possible QBs for the Niners at sfgate, and the picture of David Fales was up.

    • ladner morse

      I’ve noticed the same. Why are some lists listing a player while others don;t even show up there. I found one on the Fanspeak list who actually isn’t coming out this year. I guess it happens.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Good work, Mr. Morse!

    I would argue that fans have commonly reduced the “best player available” in such a way that it doesn’t consider positional value, scarcity, or team need. I’m not sure that’s a comprehensive definition though. Logically, it would seem that pure BPA would only serve teams with near complete rosters. I’m not sure that when Dorsey says he’s a BPA adherent that it means he doesn’t also consider holes in the roster.

    You’re right though. Dorsey could completely surprise us all on draft day (Kevin Costner-style).

    • ladner morse

      Costner style? I saw that this last weekend and liked it. I know many are panning it but I’ve often thought running an organization is all about “relationships” and Draft Day highlights the importance of that.

  • CrispySBC

    Laddie … after reading countless mock drafts I’ve got a question that might make for a good article … what are the components that makes a player Best Player Available? I know you’ve got raw football talent, ability to plug and play, positional value, ability to continue to develop and grow as a player, character, football IQ or what about team need. What else am I missing? I think BPA is a term we’ve all been throwing around but do we really understand it? Also, do these various components have more weight in the equation than others? The more you look at that simple term the more you start to understand that there’s a lot more to it than just football talent. If we have a better understanding of the term then we can have a better view, of the draft board, through the eyes of the Chief’s front office.

  • berttheclock

    Perhaps only mediocre GMs just let the draft flow to them and, then, consider long lists of BPAs for the teams. The great GMs select in their own minds ahead of the draft who they believe they really need for the team (BPA at a position who would fit their team) and then, become pro-active in obtaining them. Trade up or trade down and really check around the league to ascertain which GMs might want one of the picks they value and take needed action to head that team off.

    • CrispySBC

      Your right Bert … draft strategy .. if say a Manziel or Bridgewater falls to the Chief’s can we leverage that for more picks? I hope like heck we do. What happens if that happens and they have a player they feel is a Pro Bowl quality player available? Do they trade for more picks or take a Pro Bowl caliber player? These different scenarios make for an interesting draft and drive you crazy in the process.

      • berttheclock

        I brought up Bill Walsh trading up to take Jerry Rice. Walsh thought he fit his West Coast offense better than anyone. In doing due diligence around the league, he found four teams interested in him with the Cowboys sitting the highest at 17. HIgher drafting teams were not, in fact, two wide outs went before him, Al Toon to the Jets at 10 and Eddie Brown to the Bengals at 13. (KC’s taking Ethan Horton at 15 is a completely different matter). So, Walsh traded up with the Pats and moved to 16 and took Rice. The Pats used the two former Niners picks to take a center and a DE. BTW, no wide out taken after Rice did anything of note in the NFL.

  • CRUZdaddy

    First of all Laddie, what the fuck is a chiefs nation??? Second of all they should take Derek Carr if available.

    • berttheclock

      You do know Alex Smith and Trent Green both attended Carr,s Pro Day along with Dilfer. They might have checked out his excellent wide out as well.

      • CRUZdaddy

        I’m just saying they should so he can sit a year because Alex is going to ask for a bigger contract.. Kinda like the 49ers with Kap . there both not worth top money .

  • Tra Tha Chief

    Okay first mistake, you compare a player who solely plays DT and never comes from the edge in Quarles with Someone who played every position on the Defensive Line in Hageman…. Which already puts him levels above Quarles…. Especially for what we would use Hageman for which would be an edge rusher and sometimes, rarely spelling Poe….

    Second Mistake, You compare these two players stats like one of those players weren’t benefiting from having the #1 pick playing 3 feet from him…. Most of the sacks in Quarles film were Coverage Sacks only a couple were him pushing and collapsing the pocket….. Hageman did not have nearly the same amount of talent as Quarles…. SO back to the stat opinion, Quarles had more tackles for loss and sacks than did Clowney in 2013 so is Quarles better? Or even close to being on the same level? NOOOOOO!!!!! and Finally we are NOT asking this player to BENEFIT from playing along side of his compadres but to MAKE HIS TEAMMATES BETTER….. To force teams to decide who to double team, not to say well lets hope Quarles wins his one on one battles….. Instead have the team the chiefs face have to ask themselves who will we sacrifice to take a beat down on this play….. And Hageman brings brute strength and size to wreck havoc on his own, no matter who is playing next to him…. Thats the player we want, not another Glen Dorsey, or Tyson Jackson, who hope to benefit from the talent next to them….. A player who goes and gets his, NO MATTER WHO IS NEXT TO HIM…..

    Also, I have seen ZERO mock drafts Eric Ebron is still available when the chiefs pick. HOWEVER, if this is the case without a doubt I would take Eric Ebron Over Hageman….

    Fourth Mistake, you claim this is a deep draft but failed to mention that it is not a deep draft for DT’s or 3-4 Defensive ends…. There are few we can look at that we can actually put in to start the first day of the draft….. You mention the Walter football mock, and they have Hageman as the #1 3-4 defensive end…. So ask your self if you could get the Chiefs the #1 Defensive End for our Team’s Scheme in the 2014 NFL Draft would you take that at #23. the answer is YES….

    The final Mistake I totally disagree with is drafting Johnny Manziel…. the ONLY reason why the chiefs would do something like this is for Trade Bait…. That’s it…. They have two capable quarterbacks that will help them for the next 5 years…. What are we even talking about here….

    The points I agree with…. I agree with… if Taylor Lewan drops SNATCH HIM UP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE…. That’s my favorite scenario…. I feel our OLINE is our greatest flaw in a scary pass rush division and especially facing the pass rush of the NFC WEST next year…. SO I for one would love that pick and have advocated us to trade up to try to get one of the even better tackles, a similar move in which Washington, and Atlanta did to get them some players that would feel a need for years to come and not have to worry about that position for another decade…. I would not Disagree if the Chiefs take Eric Ebron, Odell Beckman Jr., and MAYBE Blake Bortles who I see as a better fit in our Andy Reid’s Scheme than Manziel….

    But that’s it…. No one is on those available mock list should be taken over Hageman…. Articles have been written about the few dollars we have spent on our LINES, But for some reason we fill the need to continue to invest in position groups we already have Millions more spent on above the league average…. Cornerback or safety we have in house players ready to step up and fill those voids and also signed OWENS…. Wide Out, like I said I’m open to Odell Beckman Jr. but thats it We shouldn’t reach in a deep WR draft probably the deepest position in the draft for one…. The chiefs passed the ball just fine towards the end of the year, the first year BTW under Andy Reid’s system (players getting the system)…. There is only room for growth not decline…. and again we can still fill this need in the 3rd or 4th round…. but we will not fill a starting role on our D line with a 3 or 4th round defensive lineman…. WE KNOW THIS….. So lets stop acting like this is a good idea…. and then we want to act like Vance Walker, someone who has never had more than 3 sacks in the 5 seasons he play is going to come in and be a better pass rush option than Hageman…. Vance walker has play alongside some great players too and hasn’t produce, such as Lamar Houston, Tommy Kelly, John Abraham, and Jamaal Anderson…. Lets not hang our success of our pass rush and winning 1 on 1 match ups on VANCE WALKER who No one game plans for when facing the falcons or the raiders and they certainly won’t do it when facing the Chiefs…. Lets bring in a big body, bruiser, who has a nastiness to him to DOMINATE his opponent and be force to plead his teammates for help with a double team…. lets bring in Ra’shede Hageman!!!! Last but most important we are all on the same side I respect what you writers do, and its all for the same goal….. Go chiefs!!!!

    • berttheclock

      You bring up a valid point in talent surrounding a player. That has been mentioned by others about players coming out of both Alabama and Stanford. Sometimes that talent masks flaws in players.

    • Brian Dempsey

      Well presented and flawlessly logical, Tra Tha Chief. The need for a 3-4 that can attack the QB is bigger than a lot of people think. I’d take Tuitt in a trade down, as well.

      • berttheclock

        Funny thing about views concerning DEs on a 3-4. For years, one read nothing but, DEs were only supposed to be hole pluggers and let the LBs do their thing. Then, along comes the freak of nature in J J Watt and turns that on its head.

        • Brian Dempsey

          Remember the Giants Leonard Marshall? That’s the type of 3-4 DE that the Chiefs need, so I understand fully where Tra Tha Chief is coming from. Poe needs help and the Chiefs need help in generating more inside pressure on opposing QB’s.

          • berttheclock

            I still wonder if the athleticism and power of Poe might fit being moved out to DE with another powerful NT brought in. Imagine being across from both Poe and Houston and trying to figure out along with your TE buddy who was going to take whom?

          • Brian Dempsey

            In that case, you would consider taking Louis Nix, whose got his weight down to 330 lbs, but he can eat up some space.

          • berttheclock

            One other thing is Dorsey had his career extended by being moved to NT with the Niners. Remember, when, he was considered to be too light to play NT for the Chiefs?

          • Brian Dempsey

            Both Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson were not 3-4 DE’s in college. At least Tuitt was, and Hageman has better size and strength than either TJ or Dorsey.

  • Brian Dempsey

    I just noticed Mike Evans from Texas A&M on list ‘O’. Fat chance of him falling to #23, but if he did, the Chiefs would probably take him.

  • Lyle Graversen

    As the official driver of the Ra’Shede Hageman bandwagon, I say: “How dare you sir!?! HOW DARE YOU?!? The only reasonable response to such heresy is pistols at dawn!”

    In all seriousness Laddy, excellent and well thought out piece. I actually agree with you in principle. If someone that KC has rated as a top 10 talent is still there at #23, take him, regardless of position. Time has always shown that teams will regret passing on elite talent just because they didn’t think they had a need at that time. That having been said, my problem with your premiss is how many elite prospects the random simulators are leaving on the board at pick #23. Could it happen? Sure, anything can happen, but to base a draft outlook on a “who knows who will be there” outlook takes all the fun out of it.

    I’d be fine with KC drafting Ebron, Beckham, or Clinton-Dix but I don’t think any of them will be there. If I’m wrong, great we get a great player that can help KC right away. I’ll be happy to be wrong. I don’t think any of those three will be there. So, would I rather have Hageman than Cooks, Ealy, Shazier, etc? Yes, I would. Does that mean that I’m so set on Hageman that I’d be against someone I see as an elite talent falling into their lap? No, I’m open minded, I just see Hageman as a top 20 prospect. Not all agree. I’m fine with that.

    • ladner morse

      Lyle… I’m in doubt… or I should say… in question… too about the number of elite level talents that will actually be there when the 23rd bullet chamber rolls to the top of the drafting gun. I was watching “Path to the Draft” tonight when I got home and they were playing a game called, “If This, Then That” in which they predicted the top five picks in the draft based upon Clowney going first… then predicting who would follow… then based upon Bortles being drafted first… then predicting who would follow in that case………… and the amazing part of the whole process was that although they talked about WR Sammy Watkins, he was not chosen in the top five in any scenario.

      There are a number of changeable and moveable parts in the early going of this draft that will make the Chiefs choice vastly different should any of a number of factors take place.
      * If Derek Carr jumps into the top 20 along with Bortles, Bridgewater, and Manziel… then some elite player will drop.
      * If a “run-on” happens in the top twenty… like a run-on DTs, WRs, CBs or whatever teams perceive will disappear so they go knee-jerk.
      * If someone who a team can’t trade down for (because this draft may be hard to trade in) suddenly pops up into the top 22 who makes everyone go “HUH?.”

      * If any of those or a dozen surprises happens in the top half of the first round……….. then someone amazing… that none of us could imagine….. is going to be there at #23.

      Also, whoever R&D take, including Hageman, I’m going to be thrilled because I have liked every step and change they’ve made so far. The only questions I’ve had… is about why they’ve paid so much money to certain players.