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Trade Eric Berry?! - A Fan's Response

For those of you who might now know recently it was suggested by the Kansas City’s Star’s Sam Mellinger that the Kansas City Chiefs should trade star safety Eric Berry. For a breakdown of the article written by our very own Ben Nielsen check it our right here.

Now the rational fan in me is thinking the following:

“WHAT are you insane he is one of the best players on the field. Sure the defense struggled towards the end of the last year and in the playoff game not be spoken of, but come on you don’t get rid a of a great player!”

Now that I have calmed down and re-read the main points he focused on it is time to write a response to this story told from a fans perspective.

Now I get it. I get the reasoning behind wanting to trade Berry he made some great points in the article, read the original, it made sense that trading Berry right now could in fact be one the better off season decisions the Chiefs have made to date. However from a different side of the coin it makes no sense at all. Here are my main points as to why this is a bad idea.

1. The Chiefs defense still needs help.

We all know the defense struggled last year towards the end. Injuries had a part of that, so of course when your not getting the great pass rush the secondary it forced to step up. There were some weaknesses exposed during that time. But still you don’t take something that was working and break it up by trading one of the better players on that defense.

2. This draft is deep with talent

I understand the trade value of Berry, but I also look at the draft. This draft is deep with defensive talent. So while they might find a trade partner the fact that the draft is so stocked full, might diminish the trade value of Eric Berry.

3. What are you nuts?!

The third point is simply, are you crazy? You don’t see the Broncos trading Peyton Manning. Now I am not comparing Berry to Manning, I know they are different players and each brings there own talents to the game. I was just stating that it would be crazy to trade Manning, and would be just as crazy to trade Berry.

In conclusion, from a fan’s perspective I don’t think trading Eric Berry would be a good idea. However I also understand the benefit of trading him value-wise.

Time to sound off, Addicts.

If you were to trade Eric Berry, who would you trade with and what would you want for the trade?

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  • Michael Lizalde

    Makes more sense to trade Hali.

    • mnelson52

      Hali is on the wrong side of 30. They would at best get one 6th round pick.

  • Calvin Jones

    Eric Berry is a standup player and true leader for the secondary if you replace him who steps up? You want Eric Berry then tell the Eagles to give me three of their early round draft picks!

  • michael mckee

    You CANT trade hali,flowers or bowe,you CANT!idk why fans dont understand that their contracts combined with age make them untradeable,nobody wants them,so quit saying just trade hali,bowe etc..our D could fill more holes with 10mil more dollars to spend and firing bob sutton.its a great draft full of talent and we are short on picks.berry had 3 picks and 10 passes defensed last yr and was owned by decent TEs.berry is our only tradeable commodity,we can get more than berry is worth,which hes definitely not worth 10 per yr….greg wesley was as good as berry,only in love homers think hes not tradeable.the person that wrote this artcile is part of the problem.root for success chiefs fans,not individual players.

  • michael mckee

    Quit idol worshipping chiefs fans,its why we are going on 50 yrs as losers….

    • Andy

      Idol worshipping does not makes us losers,d poor drafting does.

  • andyred

    Trying to trade away great cornerstone players for hopeful picks? What are we, the browns?

    • Andy

      Or raiders?

      • Michael Shaw

        Or Patriots, or Falcons or Redskins………………….oh wait……………….nevermind.

  • berttheclock

    I am solidly against the trade, but, the first team in the draft who really needs a solid safety is Detroit and they have the 10 slot, plus, the 45th, 76th and 111th in the draft. Now, from the position of Mayhew, their GM, his choice would be between selecting an unproven safety from college and pay him less under the new CBA limits, or trade for a proven, improve his defense immediately and negotiation a financial extension with Berry. So, where would the Chiefs be after that? They would be in a very good drafting position to select at both 10 and 23 and pick up needed draft choices down the line in a deep year, however, this would really put an emphasis on selecting an equally unproven college safety, plus, a backup in case Commings continues to have physical problems.

    This would really be a major roll of the dice for the Chiefs. As Stacy has pointed out on other threads, this trade would come after the other top free agent safeties are gone to other teams, so, would Dorsey be that much of a river boat gambler?

  • tm1946

    Not to sound to negative but doubt we are ready for our Super Bowldynasty run. By getting some possible additional talent, might be the time to move on him. Believe you cannot fall in love with any player, that day is over. They will move for money, so teams must be prepared to jump on way to improve themselves
    That said, I have no problem trading or keeping him, we need an improved roster and naturally more talent, Dorsey will do what he has to.

  • David E. Bell

    Good piece. I will go with what Dorsey and Co present to the coaching staff & the decisions that this entails. Observation: Berry has a cap hit that drops to 8mil+ in 2015. He is young. He will continue to get more and more expensive. No deal so far in renegotiation. I think the tradeoff would be–how many players are obtained in a trade/or draft picks to do a trade. Berry is a top talent and so versatile that keeping him for 2 years makes the defense hum with a new F/S, Owens, Commings, Abdullah, Cooper, etc. I like our young talent. It is what the Chiefs have aimed to do. Last year should be seen as an aberration in that signing F/A’s will be few and far between from here on out. Next draft year, we have 7+4 compensatory. That is huge. In fact, I am watching what the Rams do… it will be very telling indeed. The defense was exposed because we had no pass rush from the down linemen and a FS that couldn’t/wasn’t, etc. We at least have Walker from the front 3. Another starter quality guy or developing talent but it is not from the top guys who will be left like Tuitt, etc. A #1 should be able to contribute in 2013, my opinion and if we are going to develop talent, better to trade down. Better to get as many picks as we can. Building depth builds champions. I think it has to be considered(and probably has been). Berry is a wonderful talent, but costly. So is Flowers, Hali, etc. DJ and Hali are nearing the time when skills diminish. Who doesn’t fit the future of the Chiefs? I think that is the first question to ask. If we are going to spend money, Spend it on Houston and go from there.
    David Bell – Avery, ID

  • berttheclock

    One question for fans. Where would the Chiefs be if they did not have Charles? For those who believe the Chiefs would be in dire straits without him, remember, the Chiefs traded Jared Allen and their 187th pick to the Vikings for four picks, one being the first round where the Chiefs picked up Albert, the second (73) was used to select Charles and the other two picks did not work out for Chiefs. However, that 187th given to the Vikings gained them a Pro Bowl center. So, it really came down to a win-win for both teams. Now, one caveat about that trade is it was only one of the very few player trades for picks that have been successful in the NFL.

    • Michael Lizalde

      I’ll agree that we got great value on that trade, however, we went on to lose franchise record 12 the 14 games a season. I would hesitate trading berry if that meant in 4 years we would be right where we left off.

      • berttheclock

        Remember, not all draft picks hit running to help the team. Albert had to learn his new position, while, Charles was held back by a reluctant coaching staff. Todd Haley didn’t even know he existed at first.

  • Stephen Floyd

    Trading Berry is a horrible idea. We are all ready searching for a replacement on one starting safety spot, so getting rid of a 25 year old All-Pro at the other starting spot seems counter-productive. How good is he? Coming out of college Berry was said to be an Ed Reid type of player. He’s asked to play against type and play more towards the LOS. He still makes the pro bowl. What happens if Commings or someone we draft allows Berry to play center field again. We know he’s got the ability and natural talent to be special.

    • Stephen Floyd

      There are four spots that need to be filled. 1) WR2. Beckham Jr is my obvious choice here. If he drops to #23, the card can’t be turned in soon enough. If he’s not, that brings me to 2) Starting FS. If Beckham is gone and you have Pryor or Clinton-Dix on the board… Done.
      3) Starting TE. Fasano made plays at times when he was healthy but Kelce is more athletic and dangerous. When healthy…
      4) starting Offensive Line (except at center). Is there a magician in the house? Tackles should be solid. Fisher will be fine. You can’t buy being an “Athletic Mountain” and he’s gonna be more prepared (cough weight room cough) this coming season. Reid wouldn’t outright name him starter at LT without faith and knowing he’s ready. Really RG is the only question mark. That being said, the 1st rd pick should be a playmaker at WR or Safety. Has. To. Beckham or Lee. Pryor or Clinton-Dix.
      Wild card pick. This isn’t something I think they should do but wouldn’t hate. All though I am sure many of you will but here it goes… 3rd rd. A.J. McCarron. He would be groomed by Andy and Alex and I think he would be a great predecessor to Alex.

      • Michael Shaw

        I like AJ and think he is likely the most NFL ready QB in this draft, but………….we have Alex, Chase and Tyler Bray and I am not convinced yet that Bray isn’t the heir apparent to Alex. He has the same athleticism and a much stronger arm than Alex, so getting a QB is a bad idea to me, but that is why I am not running a team as well, LOL!! GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Stephen Floyd

          I like Bray. I think he has the potential to be a very good starter. You never know though. If McCarron falls to the chiefs in the 3rd rd, I bet they consider it. They’d have to. I do know that Chase isn’t a strong #2 let alone starter. I was hoping that they’d give Bray the start. So even if Andy thinks Bray is the Heir to the Throne… competition isn’t a bad thing.

  • Andy

    Trade Berry for more draft picks. Heck, trade Smith. Dj, Bowe, Flowers, Charles and Reid. That ought to get us plenty of draft picks to build a super bowl contender around our kicker and punter.

  • jimfromkcj

    Nick, it all depends on what you want from the Chiefs. Do you want some players to worship or do you want to win consistently and qualify for a super bowl. As long as you are willing to pay a few favorite players more than they are worth and keep them beyond the time you can trade them, and you want to have them retire as Chief’s, even tho they are a drag on the team and keeping them from acquiring other players because the cap room isn’t there, you will continue to be heart broken when they inevitably fail to live up to expectations. I don’t understand the difference between baseball fans where they understand trading an outstanding pitcher for prospects at positions that they need to improve if they want to win and football fans who seem to fall in love with players and would rather dwell in mediocrity than to trade them and take a chance on getting players who can help you win. Kind of reminds me of the cliché of doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome.

  • Levi Richardson

    Trade Bowe if the price is right

    • Michael Shaw

      And for the reasons you state to trade him is exactly why nobody would give us more than a 5-7 rounder for him which is ludicrous to accept for his perceived talent level. I say perceived because most media outlets were touting his resigning that huge contract as a good thing for the Chiefs last year.

  • CaliChief57

    I don’t understand all the talk about trading any of the players we got. Yeah get value and get younger, but if you think about it, our team isn’t that old and has a good mix of veterans and young up and comers. We were a few players away from winning almost all our games. I think Dorsey is right not to rush to trade or let go of any of our valuable players. The cap goes up next year to extend and sign Alex smith and Houston. I think both Eric Berry and Hali’s cap hit go down next year, and the only person out of sorts is flowers, due to his size, but still rather keep. You keep this team together in their second year, and add a WR, FS, DL, OL in the draft and improve in what was accomplished last year.