NFL Draft Profiles: Interior Offensive Linemen Kansas City May Consider

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November 17, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs guard Jeff Allen (71) blocks during the second quarter against the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The Broncos defeated the Chiefs 27-17. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Four weeks from today we will watching the third day of the NFL draft, at which point the Chiefs may be drafting their future right guard. Today we’ll take a look at the available interior offensive linemen in the 2014 class.

Plenty of internet space has been sent on Kansas City’s need for offensive linemen to replace what they lost to free agency. We’ve discussed in previous posts that the third day of the draft could be where the Chiefs address their need for a guard. History would suggest there should be quality options in the third day of the draft to fill the right guard position. Geoff Schwartz was a seventh round pick, and Green Bay Packers guards Josh Sitton and T.J. Lang were each found in the fourth round.

Three things Kansas City may be looking for in interior offensive linemen.

Athleticism. Andy Reid likes to play the edges and get playmakers in space. This means zone blocking, screens, and sweeps. Whoever plays guard for Reid is going to have to cover a lot of ground quickly.

Slim. Reid seems to favor lighter guards as opposed to bigger, heavier linemen. There is a trend of Reid’s interior linemen being somewhere between 300-310 pounds.

Flexibility. There seems to be a trend of offensive linemen who are acquired who can play multiple positions. Being able to flex between center and guard or guard and tackle could end up being a key in who the Chiefs target.

Who could fill the guard need for the Chiefs? Let’s find out.

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  • Lyle Graversen

    The only guard prospect I really like in this entire draft class is Gabe Jackson and he doesn’t fit the mold you’re describing.

    • jimfromkcj

      Well, finally some one who agrees with me. How could you not want a guy who can come in and solidify the right or left side of your line for 5 years at a price that a cash strapped team can afford. The guy plays in a conference that everyone agrees is the toughest defensive conference in the country and hasn’t allowed a sack in the last two years. He also was a red shirt freshman so he has started for 4 years and hasn’t been seriously hurt. We have addressed the WR and Def line and ILB in free agency. So I think the off line is in need of attention. The interior of the line is vital to a run game, which I see as the strength of the chiefs with two very good RB’s. So let’s give them the best off line we can.

      • Brian Dempsey

        Gabe Jackson is a player that they could trade down & probably draft. If, and I say IF, they could trade down & get an extra pick or two and take a Guard that has the massive size that Jackson has, I’m all for it.

        • jimfromkcj

          Brian, I can’t understand why these fan are so in love with small undersized players. There is a war going on on a football field and the team with the mostest as the old saying goes is going to be the winner most of the time. Even most of the WR’s that are mocked and mentioned are guys who are 6′ and under. We just got rid of McCluster, so why should we be tryin to get another midget. McCluster and the other midgit we took in the second rd was a terrible mistake and has been one reason why we are where we are today.

  • htmn74

    I like Cyril Richardson jus because we need a LG badly. Once upon a time I thought that could be Albert at 7-9 mil a yr.

  • berttheclock

    I really question this “what Reid likes at guard” and how it relates to performance in the NFL.

    In 2011, after Grigson, the top scout for the Eagles, left to become GM of the Colt. Reid was heavily involved with the 2011 NFL draft. Ironically, their first pick was at 23 and Reid and Roseman took the 26 year old Danny Watkins from Baylor. Stood six foot three and weighed in at 310 pounds. He was supposed to start, but, was beaten out by a fellow the Eagles claimed off waivers. After two unsuccessful years in Philly, he was traded to the Dolphins where he is still trying to catch on.

    The second point contains the many comments picked by writers from Reid in how much he likes Jeff Allen.

    I rest my case, Your Honor.

  • berttheclock

    When John Dorsey was with the Packers, he was involved with taking two players who are now the starting guards for the Packers. Both were taken in the 4th round and both played OT in college, with Josh Sitton playing 4 games at guard before being moved to tackle. The two backups were taken last year after Dorsey had moved to the Chiefs. However, both of them were, also, 4th rounders with one of them playing OT in college and the other his years between TE and OT.

    BTW, it appears Dorsey has the far better eye for guards than Reid.

    • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

      Good call bert. The Pack love to take college tackles and move then around. I would look for the Chiefs to follow a similar path.

  • jimfromkcj

    I look at these requirements and it reminds me of an old saying: Jack of all trades and master of none. I would rather have a guy playing for me who is the top guy in the NFL at his position than a guy who can play all of the positions, but with a few flaws at all positions. And that is what you get when a guy plays multiple positions. And here is a question that keeps coming to my mind and maybe someone has an answer for it. But according to most posters on the Chief’s blogs we have a great coach, a great GM, and all this talent and 6 pro bowlers and spending gobs of money and we stank up the place when we played any team that was good. Now how can that be? It makes no sense to me.

    • Stan Colbert

      Interesting. I thought the only two games we looked overmatched in was Denver #1 and Indy #1. Denver #2 we actually had a 14 pt. lead and we lost to SD twice by 3 pts. The playoff game was so devasting because we had a 90% chance of winning. I thought we competed fairly well.

      • jimfromkcj

        Stan, we lost and that is what counts. with all the advantages that everyone is touting about the chiefs we should have won by large margins. As for the chargers, they were not all that good last year and the broncos were playing without their best off lineman, Clady, and their best defensive player Miller. the Colts were playing with an almost completely revamped lineup. So I would say we stank losing all of those games. Mellenger of the star suggests we trade Berry, I say we should trade all of the overpaid players we have for draft picks as soon as possible. we don’t seem to be able to win with them, so it’s time to try to win without them. Take away their bloated salaries and spread it around for some real impact players. I see only Smith, Johnson, Houston, Charles, Davis and Swartz playing up to their compensation last season. The rest were only showing up occasionally.

        • Stan Colbert

          Perception is reality, I guess. A year ago, I was hoping we could win 8 games. I think Berry is one of the best SS in the league. Rather than trade such players I would try to accumulate others. A month ago people were upset because Dorsey wasn’t overpaying players in FA. If we trade our best players for picks, don’t we become a developmental team for the Elways of the league?

          • jimfromkcj

            Stan, I too predicted 8 and 8, and if we had played some of those first 8 games against 1st string QB’s we might have been 8 and 8. We had a real string of luck last year, we didn’t have many injuries and we played some teams that had them. If Smith had went down and we had to rely on Chase, who knows what the record would have been. But, if we are ever going to win consistently, we have to get the cap situation under control. There is a general consensus to how each position is valuable to the team and how much should be paid for each position. Teicher has an interesting article comparing to how much the chiefs are paying for each group of players and it is obvious that we are grossly overpaying players who aren’t performing at their pay level. You can see that article by going to Kansas City Chief’s blog ESPN.

          • Stan Colbert

            I certainly agree some positions were overpaid last year! I really am concerned about salarys over next two years! I just don’t see how trading or cutting talented performers for could be taalented performers is the answer.

          • jimfromkcj

            Stan, many of us see that we haven’t been able to win with what we have, so it is time to regroup and try another path to the Super Bowl. Too many are still wanting us to use the Steelers or the Patriots as a model. but I prefer the 49ers and Sea Hawks as a better model.

          • Stan Colbert

            I don’t pay that much attn. to what other teams are doing, although do not recall any team trading pro bowlers because they didn’t win Super Bowl. Dorsey has said building through draft is best. He has had one year and I think he might know what he is doing.

          • jimfromkcj

            Stan, I think building through the draft and best player available is gratuitous at best and pure horse manure usually. You can usually pick up 2 and possibly 3 starters in each draft. that would mean you would have a complete turnover every 8 years or so. As the average life span of all players in the NFL is 5 years, you see how silly it is to say you are going to build your team through the draft. You might try to get the prepondrence of your players that way, but actually you will have to use all means available to build a team. As for the BPA, it could mean several different things, how about the BPA at a position of great need. Are you going to get a place kicker if you are the Raiders with multiple holes to fill and one of the best kickers on your team. I don’t think so. So those are two things I don’t put any credence too.

          • Stan Colbert

            So, how did Seattle build their team?

  • jimfromkcj

    guys, while looking at the 2010 draft I decided to look at the difference between the Bronco’s draft in comparison to ours and the results kinda validated what I was thinking for some time. The just did a better job of picking talent then we did. RD#1 we chose Berry FS with pick 5, Bronks chose D. Thomas WR with 22, Rd#2 we chose McCluter RB at 4, and Arenas CB at 17. Bronks chose Beadles OG at 13, Rd#3 we chose Asamoah OG at 4 and Moeaki TE at 29, Bronks chose Walton OC a 16 and Decker WR at 23. Allthough only one player each are still with the teams all of the players who the Bronks chose were starters and only 2 of the chiefs were starters. I don’t count Moeaki as a starter as he was injured about half the time. but I haven’t looked any of the other drafts, but the idea that Elway and the bronks are not running a great franchise is just pure HS.