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Debbie Downer Talks NFL Draft (Part 1)

The Kansas City Chiefs are a little under a month away from making the 23rd overall selection in the 2014 NFL Draft. There are many speculations as to where the Chiefs will go with this pick. The Chiefs have a couple areas of need that they need to think about when they make this pick.

I do not know what is going on in General Manager John Dorsey and Head Coach Andy Reid’s head. However, I do know what Chiefs Kingdom, more specifically what #ChiefsTwitter, is thinking. There are three main opinions that I’ve heard from #ChiefsTwitter that I’d like to address, including my own fourth option. I will also try to weigh in the pros and cons for each option.

Option #1: Take the best available wide receiver.

This is probably my second favorite option. The Kansas City Chiefs so desperately need offensive help at the receiver position. Jamaal Charles, as outstanding as he may be, is a running back and should not be leading the Kansas City Chiefs in receiving. Dwayne Bowe, whose cap hit is probably a large reason why the Chiefs could not sign Washington Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson, showed signs of slowing down as he was a nonfactor in most games outside of the playoff collapse against the Indianapolis Colts.

Todd McShay of Scouts, Inc. has the Chiefs reaching for Cody Latimer, the wide receiver from Indiana, who CBS projects as a fifth round prospect. ESPN’s very own Mel Kiper, Jr. has the Chiefs taking Kelvin Benjamin, the physical specimen of a receiver from the national champion Florida State Seminoles.

I disagree with both McShay and Kiper here. I am a big proponent of a deep threat. I do not consider Donnie Avery to be a deep threat because of his poor ability to hold on to the football. I am currently a big proponent of both Odell Beckham Jr. of Louisiana State University and Brandin Cooks of Oregon State University.

Cooks, especially, really impressed me at the scouting combine. Cooks looked great running the gauntlet, showing excellent hands. He posted a blazing official 40 yard dash time of 4.33 seconds, a solid vertical jump, and excellent 20 and 60 yard shuttle times.

Beckham , Jr. ran a 4.43 second forty yard dash time. What I like about his combine results the most is that he had a great vertical jump at 38.5 inches and was a top performer in both the 20 and 60 yard shuttle runs. This tells me Beckham, Jr. can not only run down long balls and go up and get them, but he can also change directions quickly, which means he will get separation.

Either of these two guys would be an acceptable pick at 23.

Option #2: Take the best available free safety.

This is my least favorite option.

I am a big fan of Sanders Commings and I firmly believe he has the potential to start for the Chiefs at free safety. The only two safeties worth taking in the first round are HaHa Clinton-Dix of Alabama and Calvin Pryor of Louisville.

There is no way Clinton-Dix makes it to the Chiefs at 23, and Walter Cherepinsky of Walterfootball.com has Clinton-Dix off the board at 14 to the Chicago Bears and Calvin Pryor off the board at 17 to the Ravens. This leaves out the only two safeties worth taking in the first round. If the Kansas City Chiefs select a safety not named Haha Clinton-Dix or Calvin Pryor it will not be acceptable. With only two picks in the top 100 the Chiefs cannot afford to reach on anyone.

Option #3: Take the best overall player available.

This is my third favorite option.

I will be displeased if this pick is used on an offensive or defensive lineman. Many people on twitter, whose opinion I have great respect for, believe this is the best option for the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2014 draft. My only issue with this is that the Chiefs have too large of a need at wide receiver to take some sort of lineman or other position that would not result in a player making an immediate impact on this Kansas City Chiefs team in 2014.

With the schedule infinitely harder, the Chiefs need to give Alex Smith a reason to throw the football down the field.

Option #4: Trade down to acquire more picks (preferably a second rounder).

In my opinion, this is what the Chiefs should do.

With this being one of the deepest wide receiver drafts in a while, the Chiefs should try to get their second round pick back. I am not a proponent of moving out of the first round completely, but if there is a team that wants to move back into the first round or a team towards the end of the first round that wants to move up, the Chiefs should try to get a second round pick out of it. If they cannot get a second round pick out of a trade, I would be okay with a third round pick.

In this draft the Chiefs have one first round pick, one third round pick, one fourth round pick, one fifth round pick, and two sixth round picks. The seventh round pick was traded to the Dallas Cowboys along with Edgar Jones.

This draft is extremely important for the Kansas City Chiefs. They need to add difference makers in a draft class that has been regarded as one of the best in a while. It is in my opinion that the Chiefs need to add more picks in an attempt to add more talented players to this roster. You win championships through the draft, not through free agency.


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  • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

    Who is going to trade up and who is that team targeting?

    • CaliChief57

      The only team I see trading up would be SF. They have too many picks in the mid rounds and I don’t think they’ll be using all those picks, just to end up not using most of the players on game day. They want impact players that could start, so I do see they moving up in all rounds to get players they covet. I’m thinking their looking at cooks, maybe lee because they seem like WR’s that could be starters right away. And or maybe corners like fuller, dennard, or verrett. I think chiefs are in good standing with SF as trade partners because they traded with them in the past and both are from different conferences.

      • Tony Parker

        and if someone that SF really covets falls to 23 then make them pay through the nose for it.

  • berttheclock

    I have no problem with trading down, but, you must have a trading partner who panics and feels on draft day he must move up or he will lose a particular player. However, should the Niners want to move up from 30, the Chiefs would take their 30th, pick up a 3rd (94) and a seventh (242).

    Ah, Mel Kiper, Jr, recommends the lazy, weight problem, work ethic problem Benjamin who just blew off an NFL HC because his agent felt he might take Benjamin at a lower money making slot. Yeah, just what KC really needs, another wide out Diva.

    As for Beckham, did you see the Niners blog at sfgate which made the point about Beckham and A J Jenkins both ranking near the low end of weight lifting at their respective combines? What made this pertinent to the Chiefs is Baalke, the GM for the Niners said after he took Jenkins and brought him to camp, he noticed he was not strong enough in his upper body to gain separation and that was the major factor in trading him to the Chiefs. So, I do hope he will spend a lot of time in the weight room. I wonder if this will affect Beckham in the pros where the defensive backs tend to be far more aggressive on a regular basis, unless Sutton is calling plays for them.

    • Bigtexjayhawk

      I have a scenario. Instead of swapping with the 49ers why dont we shake things up. This is a DEEP draft so here goes. We give our Round 1 pick to the 49ers #23 for their #56,61,94,242 & 243. Even point trade. Impossible??? Probably. We draft a ton of young talent this year and next that could propel us as an AFC powerhouse for years!! Bring it Dorse!!!:))

      • CaliChief57

        I’m with that, trading our first rounder for their two 2nds and many mid round picks. This draft is deep and many prospects that have high grades could be had at middle rounds. We could add impact players and good depth throughout the team. Our six picks are not enough in this draft, so I’m definitely with this. Dorsey is a great scout for talent, as seen with his days in GB, with many more mid round picks I think he could really kill it!!

    • Chuck Burrell

      The niners played it smart and gained picks these last couple of years. I hear so many people acting as if trading their picks away to gain another 1st rounder is a gimme. But logically, that makes no sense. Why would they do that in one of the deepest drafts in the last decade? Bert, I agreed with your first sentence. After that, I think the rest of your post is wishful thinking.

    • Tony Parker

      Sorry Bert, but to give up the 23rd for their 94th and a 7th?????? ? no way in hell would I allow that to happen. you need to stop looking at the points chart for drafting, we want more than that. What kind of a gm would look at the points chart and say, “oh this is fair”. No F’ing way, you need to play hardball and get something of real value like a 2nd or you sit back and watch other teams draft the players you could have taken. your not moving 7 spots without a 2nd rounder.

      • Kisersosay

        He did not state it but I am sure this included swapping first round picks. So we get the 30th, 94th and a 7th which is close to the chart value.

        • Tony Parker

          yes I know the 30th was involved, hence the moving 7 spots in the first. that trade is a slap in the face. SF would love that trade as they give up nothing and gain everything with all their comp picks….think about it. how about a 3rd and a 4th…maybe a 7th after that.

          • Kisersosay

            You are missing something…..they did’t acquire all those picks by being stupid. Just because they have the picks what makes you think they would be that dumb?

      • berttheclock

        If you reread my comment, you will notice I wrote “the Chiefs would take their 30th”, then I added the 94 and 242. GMs do use the points charts and can not just bully their way into adding higher than points. Yes, I would love for the Chiefs to pick up a 2nd, but, unless we throw in one of our own current players, I don’t see how we could do it.

  • Andy

    I am not a pessimist, but a realist. Our team is not close. For a number of reasons, , we do not have enough playmakers, we lost three ol, Cummings, kelce and nico are all untested. Next year bowe, flowers and hali will cost us 26 or so million.
    Yes, I would trade our pick in a minute or We take the best player that is not a rb or qb.

    • Bill

      I’m a bit of a pessimist, but I agree with you. That’s also why I wouldn’t mind them trading Hali or Flowers for some picks. On the bright side, they’ll be in a much better position in 2015 in terms of the number of draft picks and more financial flexibility. Both Hali and Flowers can be cut next year
      without a huge dead money cap hit if it comes to that. My choice would be trade down or BPA including QB. Why not take a QB if one of the top guys slips and no one wants to trade up to take them?

      • tm1946

        Says a lot, we like having Dorsey and Reid, like their plan, and are willing to lose Berry and Hali if necessary to free up money. It appears the team is not ready for that fantasy “run” yet but other fans are not starting to boil any oil for those who believe the Chiefs are not ready for the run.

  • CrispySBC

    I disagree with your point about taking an O-line guy …. which do you prefer … the chicken or the egg? Without a solid O-line AS is scrambling for his life or taking quick passes. You have to build the O-line so you can pass or even run. We’ve lost 3 starters (kind of ok) off the O-line so we’ve got to build it with BPA … which imo is Zack Martin. He’s a OT/OG so he can take over Stephenson’s spot or move to RG if Rickshaw can’t get the job done. With as deep a class as this is in WR’s I think we can get a talented WR, in the 3rd round, and still build the team. If there’s someone they think can play LT, in the 3rd rnd., then we take a WR in the 1st. Heck, I could see the Chief’s taking a TE, the kid from Iowa, in the 3rd and picking a WR in the 4th. Isn’t Cooks projected going in the 4th or 5th rnd. Reality is we need someone who can play the tackle position, both sides of the line, to replace Albert.

    • Tony Parker

      I hear you on that but with the if the first pick was wasted on OL, it would be a shame. guards can be gotten in rounds 3-4, we need a difference maker with our first pick……period. It should be spent to shore up the defense. Either DL with a great pass rusher or secondary.

      • CrispySBC

        A guard in a pinch … my point was we’re taking a tackle with the first. That is worth a first.

        • Tony Parker

          ahh, no its not. what tackle at 23 would be starting this year or next? None. we need impact now with the first. depth at later rounds.

  • Tony Parker

    I strongly disagree with comment that you wouldn’t take an OL or DL with the first pick. no we shouldn’t take an OL but a great pass rushing threat such as Tuiit could be the difference maker, get after the QB with anyone you can and it will make our secondary look better cause god know they are going to need serious help in the secondary.

  • CrispySBC

    Can the Chief’s have any worse timing? First pick last year and the draft is weak. This year we’re short a 2nd rnd. pick and the draft is strong. I will say the more mock’s I see the crazier people are getting. Anyone who thinks we’re going to trade away picks the year is smoking some killer bud.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I’d love if it the Chiefs traded down, but ONLY if Clinton-Dix, Pryor, Cooks, and Beckham are all off the board. If one of them is there, I take one of them and shrug my shoulders about not having a second round pick.

  • Stan Colbert

    I love Cooks & Beckham but also think WR could be found in third rd. I think a high draft prospect will fall as more WR have moved up. For instance Mosley seems to be falling. Martin is often noches to Miami, Maybe the CB from Ok State. Wouldn’t be surprised if one of these, or a trade back to team wanting one of these.

  • e_racer

    One look at the Chiefs’ poor draft selections in the past will convince you they need to just get the best player available. Reaching for a perfect fit often causes blind spots. That is how you draft Jon Baldwin with your #1 pick.

    The Chiefs need to get the best guy in the draft. If they get 2 or 3 guys who stick on this team more than a few years, then they will have had a successful draft compared to what we have witnessed in the past.

    Currently, I like the wide receivers as a group in this draft. I believe it is the strongest part of the draft. Clearly, Walkins is the front runner. I am not as sold on Evans as everyone else. However, just as Watkins, Evans will probably not be in the mix for the Chiefs. The next three receivers are very good, but not nearly as bullet proof as Walkins as a selection.

    Chip Kelly coached against Marqise Lee and called him one of the best wide receivers he has ever seen. He has reportedly had three visits with Lee as a coach for the Eagles. The Eagles will probably take Lee. I have him as the second best receiver in the draft, and if not for an injury prone season… he might have eclipsed Watkins. To get Marqise Lee, the Chiefs will either have to hope Philly goes another way, or move up in the draft to select him. If the Eagles decline on drafting Lee, could it mean they have concerns over Lee’s ability to stay healthy in the NFL? That is the biggest issue for me.

    Cooks and Beckham are intriguing for me, but they are not as finished as Lee. Cooks has blistering speed. Beckham is a more gifted route runner, and is quicker. Cooks has pure speed, but Beckham has better athletic ability. I would take Odell Beckham, and be very happy with the selection.

    The problem is the Chiefs select #23, and all these guys could be gone by then. However, that means another guy gets overlooked, and drops below where most people assumed.

    Who do you pick? Someone will fall to the Chiefs. Get the best player available. The Chiefs need to start making their draft picks work.