Sep 15, 2012; Bloomington, IN, USA; Indiana Hoosiers wide receiver Cody Latimer (3) tosses the ball to the referee after catching a pass in the end zone for a touchdown in the second quarter against the Ball State Cardinals at Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-US Presswire

Mock Draft: Wide Receiver Or Bust

It appears it is impossible for any of the major draft prognosticators for the Chiefs to not select a wide receivers. This is the conclusion we must come to after reading Todd McShay’s latest mock draft for ESPN.

Let’s get to this and then discuss his pick. With the 23rd overall selection, McShay projects the Chiefs will select Cody Latimer, a wide receiver from Indiana. Here was his reasoning.

This is the big surprise pick of the first round. He might not go off the board quite this early, but I was blown away by his game when I finally got to study his tape recently. He does a great job of getting off the press, has extremely reliable hands and is a threat after the catch — three things that make him a perfect fit for a West Coast-style offense. He is dealing with a foot injury but his healing is ahead of schedule, and he recently ran in the 4.4-range at 6-foot-2, 215 pounds. FSU’s Kelvin Benjamin is another possibility here if the Chiefs are looking to go in a different direction at receiver.

It should be noted Odell Beckham Jr., Marqise Lee, and Brandin Cooks were already off the board, so this isn’t a case where he skipped on a top receiver to get to Latimer. He did, however, pass on corners Bradley Roby, Justin Gilbert, Kyle Fuller, and Jason Verrett, in addition to passing over Ra’Shede Hageman, Kony Ealy, Stephon Tuitt, and Anthony Barr.

Do the Chiefs need to improve at wide receiver? No question. However, in no way should they pass on high-end talent like Hageman or some of the corners that would be available just so they can reach for wide receiver. How big of a reach would this be? CBS has Latimer projected as a fifth round pick.


We’ll ignore the fact this is also one of the deepest wide receivers classes in recent memory. Should the Chiefs reach for Latimer in the first round with Cooks, Lee, and Beckham Jr. off the board, we should be upset.

Why is there such a massive refusal to draft anything but a wide receiver for the Chiefs in these mocks? It’s starting to get silly.

What do you think, Addicts? Am I missing something here or would this be a terrible pick for the Chiefs?


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  • berttheclock

    Latimer Yes, Benjamin NO. Anyone still wanting Benjamin, I suggest you read a report out by Gil Brandt about Benjamin blowing off an NFL coach for a team drafting in the lower part of the 1st round by telling him he was too tired. This is a receiver who has admitted taking plays off and being lazy. There is, also, the concern he has weight problems. Brandt over at suggests Benjamin might have been following advice from an agent about not wanting to be drafted near the end of the 1st round, but, do fans of the Chiefs still want to roll the dice for this diva?

    That said, I am really starting to lean to building the defensive side and leaving wide outs to the middle rounds even if some may not be in the same class as such as Cooks or Bend it with Beckham. Defense wins championships, not offense. If the Chiefs can pickup such as Latimer or Moncrief in the lower rounds, great, but, build defense first.

  • Allison Bell

    Horrible pick just throw some guy that plays receiver out there for the Chiefs these mocks are ridiculous.

  • jimfromkcj

    There are two ways to build a team, and I think the Chiefs have missed both and as a result they are foundering. Some teams have picked a franchise QB and have tried to build a team around them. For the most part they have not worked out well. Too many QB’s have been shell shocked and have never reached their potential trying to build a team this way. The other way is to build a team from the inside out. It takes more time and patience, but if an owner finds the right people and gives them the ability to do the job right as the Rooneys and a couple of other ownership groups have done you will usually have a team that is almost always in the play off hunt and with some super bowl trophys in the case.

    • Larry Devore

      did you miss last season?

      • jimfromkcj

        Sure I watched every game and it was obvious that that team was not built to do other than to win now and to hell with the future. It filled the seats with fans who wanted to believe that the chiefs were back, but the last 7 games showed how shallow the team was. We are paying the price for those wins and a playoff game now. We don’t have enough cap room to just stay even, let alone improve. I believe we will be fighting hard to come in second in our division unless Denver and San Diego have a rash of injuries.

        • Larry Devore

          Sorry but I have to disagree with you. KC was laying the foundation for the future. They needed a good starting qb.

        • Bdiddy

          Unbelievable…win now, and to hell with the future? They did what they could through free agency to maximize the potential of the talent they inherited, misappropriated such as it was. And you’re pissed…why? Because they won too many games? I can’t subscribe to your implication that they should have phoned in 2013 for a better position in the 2014 draft. And as far as win now…it’s the only way to be in the NFL, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This idea that there is some secret mode that owners go into to “sell seats” at the expense of future success makes no sense. What? They don’t have to sell seats in the future too? You should think things through before getting your panties in a twist…

        • Josh Landers

          We actually got younger with little drop off in talent, if any. Walker has a better skill set for this d than Jackson, Albert was too expensive no matter what our cap looks like, DMC is easily replaceable, mays will probably fare a little better than Jordan, don’t get me started on Kendrick Lewis and dunta Robinson. The only loss that even hurt a little was Schwartz but he can be replaced also. Smith is a baller and I think you’ll see that this year. Plus, we already have bray being groomed right now who played better in the preseason in his rookie year as an udfa than Daniel. Our secondary is gonna be fine. Even if we didn’t pick anyone up, which we will and have, they would be fine. Bowe will either take a paycut after this season, be cut, or be traded, surely. The sky is not falling. We are going to be ok. We should’ve beaten the chargers both games last year and just because the donkeys got all the new, shiny toys, it doesn’t mean they’re any better off than we are. Lakers anyone? Yankees? Just relax. GO CHIEFS!!!

          • jimfromkcj

            Josh, I respectfully disagree with your conclusions. Especially concerning Bowe, he has Dorsey by the short hairs and I doubt he is going to let go. According to over the cap he has 22 and 1/4 million in dead money this coming season. That is money the Chiefs are going to have to pay no matter what. What incentive does he have to take a cut? Would you if you were in his place? How Dorsey could make such a bonehead contract that favors a player so much is beyond comprehension. As for any of the new players, they have to prove themselves on the field and we have an off line that will have to get a whole lot better quickly and I have serious doubts that it is possible to expect 5 guys will all show that improvement at the same time. If 3 out of 5 come along and become average it will be about what you can expect. Right now I wouldn’t want to put any money down that any of them do.

          • Josh Landers

            If we cut him after this year we can open up a few million in cap space. I don’t remember what the exact number is. And almost double the amount if we cut him next year. I can only assume that Dorsey would’ve given him a contract like that knowing that he would have options after a couple of years. I can also assume that we will be taking at least one wr in the draft and picking up several udfa wr’s. As far as taking a paycut, I don’t think this will happen but he could just to stay with the team.

            The o-line is returning 4 players that started at least 7 games last year. I’m not saying there won’t be some things that need to be corrected early but I think by mid season they should be in a decent position. Probably no pro bowlers but they should be serviceable. RG is really the only spot that I’m concerned about. I think r & d will make something happen though.

            Maybe I’m being overly optimistic and maybe I’m a homer but I see good things on the horizon. Honestly, I’m not really worried about it though. We may take a step back record wise but I think were finally moving towards building something that can last.

  • Call 911

    Stop throwing shit against the wall just to see if it will stick!

    The Chiefs need another BIG play WR in the draft this year. If they see them flying off the board they will do whatever they need to move up and get one. We can’t afford to pursue a FA WR acquisition for years to come. Drafting one is paramount!

  • trinity

    Simply because offense is a bigger weakness than defense for the chiefs. I’m not sure it will do much good in terms of championships because Alex Smith is QB, but you guys need playmakers at wide receiver.

    • Travis Crouch

      So I guess being the most winning an the last three years is becouse the team around him the chiefs who was the worst team before he got there and when 49ers got a good coach he started winning witch has has till had a better season the kap has but lets just listen to what everyone else says about him and not watch or even go look at the stats just becouse he don’t get 400 yards a game don’t make a bad qb

      • trinity

        You’re absolutely right Travis, it’s the team around him. Win or lose, rarely will it have much to do with Alex Smith. It’s about the defense and that run game. Lol I’ve explained this before. Alex is a game manager/caretaker. The famous captain checkdown lol. He’s not bad, he’s just average. There is worse, but there is a hell of a lot better too. It won’t result in a superbowl, but improving at wide receiver is a drastic need for you guys.

        • Josh Landers

          Just average? Did you watch the second half of the season when Reid loosened up the reins a bit? Did you watch the playoff game where he threw for 400 yards and 4 td’s? Captain checkdown indeed…

          • trinity

            You guys point to that one playoff loss because it was the best game of his average career. Lol I suppose the 8 years of mediocrity leading into that game is completely thrown out the window huh? Lol that’s laughable.

          • Daniel Mayfield

            Average or higher then most QB….what can he do with only 1 high equipled WR? Yes, KC has 1 of the greatest RBs and a pretty good backup. But how does that help with passing to a WR? When you only have 1 good playmaker, like Bowe, and we know he’s not great but he can get it done…the defenders are gonna double up on him.
            Avery isn’t to good with catching, but when he can he can make some plays.
            ESPN is talking about Jenkins being a guy to improve and to be the #2. They didn’t say much though.
            Who knows? Maybe Avery will get his hands better and Jenkins will get in the game more. Don’t forget about Hemingway, don’t know what we’ll see out of him.
            But I think they need a WR. Maybe not in the 1st round. If Latimer is available in the 3th round, or a WR with higher skills(mostly hands and speed, not about getting tired, that can easily be fixed) then go for the best 1.

  • Anthony Poole

    I’m not sure it’s imperative to draft a WR in the first round. With the type of offense we run, a good, sure handed WR should still be available in the 3rd or 4th rounds. It would be unwise to pass on a game changing CB, FS or DE. we also must address the OL, but could perhaps have a workable pick up in the mid to later rounds as well. Ideally, a trade down with an extra 3rd & 7th round sounds better and better.

  • Bdiddy

    Complete idiocy…it’s as if these pundits believe we are so desperate in the WR department that we wouldn’t even CONSIDER another need.I think R&D understand talent evaluation enough to know best available is the way to go at #23 (if we even pick there) and maybe even round three also. I could see Hageman, Ealy or Tuitt, but it really depends on how comfortable they may already be with Vance Walker. I don’t see Barr falling to 23, that’s just ridiculous. Personally, if we could get at least one more top 100 pick by trading down, I would be all for that.

  • CrispySBC

    I’m not one of the people who think the Chief’s go WR in the 1st. If Ha Ha and Pryor are gone then they go Zack Martin OG/OT… fits a need and is BPA. Not a sexy pick but he’s mean, nasty and got game.

  • Lyle Graversen

    There is buzz that Latimer is going to go in the late first/early second so this isn’t completely ridiculous. That having been said, if Beckham, Lee, and Cooks are all off the board then the better value with the pick is to take one of those other players listed at other positions and then take a WR in the 3rd.

  • Josh Landers

    Draft analysts are full of crap most of the time. Examples: jamaal Charles, Tom Brady, Alfred Morris, Keenan Allen, Jamarcus Russell, Jon Baldwin, dontari Poe…the list goes on and on with people that were hyped and failed and people that weren’t and succeeded. Of Dorsey and co have lattimer graded as the best pick at 23 then I’m all for it. We obviously need wr help. If they have another position or player graded out as the best pick for 23 then I’m all for it. Draft analysts should have no impact at all on which player is selected where and by whom. That is up to scouting departments of teams. I trust r & d to do what’s right for this team. GO CHIEFS!!!

  • tm1946

    Seems to me McShay “fell in love” with a game film. Deadly way to pick a kid. One workout or pro day or one game, just is not enough this day and age.
    Am expecting about 100 mock drafts, every one will have to justify why this kid or that is the perfect fit. I want Andy’s guy, whoever it is or plays what position.